I want to thank Skillshare for sponsoring
this video. When you look at someone you consider successful
in business or life in general, what do you see? You might see they have an awesome job, a
big fancy house and exotic cars, great relationships with other people, etc. And it makes you kinda jealous, doesn’t it? You want all those things they have, and you
want to be just like them. Well, you haven’t seen everything they have
done to reach their success. There are actually a lot of things that are
unseen to the average observer. You could say that their success is kind of
like an iceberg. When you look at an iceberg, you can see the
top of it coming out of the water. But what you don’t see is that bigger chunk
that’s hidden under the water. The same can be said about someone who is
successful. When you look at them, you just see the top
of the iceberg. You see their money, fame and other achievements. But of course the iceberg doesn’t consist
just of the top. If you dive in and check what’s under the
surface, you’ll be surprised at what you find. Behind every success there’s struggle, persistence,
hard work, planning, goal setting, dedication, discipline, sacrifice and don’t forget about
failure and disappointment. Those are just some of the things that are
hidden to the naked eye. But they are the foundation on which the top
of the iceberg is built. Without the foundation which supports the
top, there would be no success. The iceberg illusion can be seen in pretty
much every field. From athletes to musicians to entrepreneurs. No matter where you look, there is always
much more going on behind the scenes, compared to what you see from the outside. Look at Hollywood actors for example. Do you think they just landed their big fancy
roles right away? No, they did small roles first when they weren’t
famous and nobody knew who they were. And the money they were making was minimal. Some didn’t even get paid. But eventually they got to where they are
today. Sadly, the majority of people only see the
glamorous outcome that successful people achieved throughout their career and life. Foundation on which that success is built
on, is not really considered. So don’t be blinded by the top of the iceberg. It’s nothing more than a deceptive distraction. Everyone wants to get to the top, but nobody
wants to dive under the water and work on the foundation to support the top. So if you’re not willing to put in as much
effort as necessary, you will inevitably fail. That’s why you should focus on the process
and not on the results. Process is what gets you results, not the
other way around. That being said, slow progress does not equal
failure. It’s progress, no matter how slow it is. Living the life of your dreams isn’t going
to happen overnight. It won’t happen over the couple of days or
weeks. It’s going to take months, years, possibly
even decades of intense focus, dedicated work and persistent effort. That’s why you must learn to embrace the process. Success doesn’t come to those who believe
they are deserving of it, it comes to those who work for it. Next time you’re looking at a successful person,
remember that you’re looking at the end result, not the process that went into it. So before you say you want to be just like
that them, ask yourself: are you actually willing to put in all the effort they did? Or are you just craving the results that came
after all the hard work? If you’re willing to embrace the process and
slowly build up your iceberg, the top will eventually start to appear. You will reach your desired success. Another thing that’s also hidden under the
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