In the borders between Erathia and Eofol,
lies a narrow strip of a beautiful land called Amadar. This narrow kingdom, had won its independence
many years before the Restoration Wars, only to finally lose it right before the very end. Almost all known factions had a claim to this
beautiful land. Bracada was often pushing its borders due
North and Amadar was often pillaged by the Necromancers of the Desolate Lands. In the North, AvLee’s elves had claims over
the Faerie Lands by blood ties. Since conflict would be inevitable, all nations
decided to leave Amadar be. No faction dared to provoke the other ones
by planning a full invasion. The Bracadian King, Gavin Magnus, was the
first to change that. When the Elemental Lords planned to separate
all the elements, thus destroying the entire world, Conflux towns sprung up out of nowhere
and the Elemental armies were mustering there. The Immortal Hero, Tarnum, with the aid of
the Bracadian king, spent 30 long years of fighting the Elemental Lords in the Elemental
Planes, until he defeated them and destroyed the Conflux towns. During those years, the Bracadian crown almost
went bankrupt. Supporting this escapade emptied the King’s
treasuries. When the Immortal hero returned, King Gavin
Magnus thought he would be repaid for all these expenses, when Tarnum would share all of his knowledge and power over the Elements with him. He was wrong and Tarnum made sure that the
powers of the Elemental Lords would remain secret. To cover his loses, the King invaded fair
Amadar and brought destruction upon the land. Some of the Wizards thought this was cruel and unjust, but none would stand against the mighty King’s will. None, except one. Though a Bracadian herself, a Wizard named
Emilia couldn’t stand by and watch the atrocities of the Bracadian King. Her studies over the forces of Nature have
rendered her a Pacifist and a Naturalist. She tried persuading her colleagues to stop
this war and leave Amadar alone. It was not long before she was declared a
traitor to the Bracadian Crown and was banned from its provinces. With nowhere else to turn she sought refuge
in Amadar itself. Emilia found the ruins of the old Conflux
towns in Amadar and repurposed them in order to win the war against Gavin Magnus. After many battles, she emerged victorious
and became Amadar’s first Queen. And indeed, piece by piece Amadar was getting
its independence from the rest rivaling factions. Many years later, during the reign of Queen
Emilia the Third, Tarnum helped the new nation defeat the Elves in the North, ending any
claims that AvLee had over Amadar. The only thing that stood on Amadar’s way
was the Necromancers of the Desolate Lands. Tarnum had a vision from the Ancestors, a
dream of a great Tree burning. He went searching for that Tree with the aid
of two of Amadar’s Wardens he had befriended over the last years. Tarnum soon found out that the Necromancers
of the Desolate Lands were planning on burning down the World Tree, the wellspring of all
life. Not only that, but the undead were also joined
by a group of barbarians calling themselves the Followers of Vorr, the one responsible
for all this destruction. This tribe was led by a barbarian named King
Targor, who patterned himself on the mythical Barbarian Tyrant who destroyed the Wizard-Kings
of Bracaduun. Tarnum, who was that Barbarian Tyrant, managed
to capture Targor and with the aid of the Pendant of Total Recall, he showed Targor
his memories, and all the pain and suffering his rule as the Barbarian King brought to
the world and himself. After viewing Tarnum’s memories, and discovering
where his actions had taken him, King Targor realized the foolishness of trying to copy
the Barbarian Tyrant. He left to tell Vorr that they wouldn’t worship
him anymore, but didn’t return. Vorr left the World Tree, but even without
their leader, the Necromancers still attempted to destroy it. Tarnum went forth and defeated them, thus
saving the World Tree. Once the World Tree was saved, Tarnum followed
Vorr in order to kill him and end this threat once and for all. In the meantime Amadar recovered from the
wounds inflicted by the Necromancers and was now a fully free and independent nation at
last. Centuries past, and the Elemental Lords were
long forgotten. However, when Lucifer Kreegan set out to burn
down the world with the Armageddon’s Blade, the Elemental Lords returned, this time not
to destroy but to preserve. The Queen of Amadar reluctantly agreed to
allow them to use her Haven towns once again, and thus the Conflux reemerged. The Armageddon Wars brought destruction upon
Amadar and its Queen. And while the end result was favorable for
Erathia and AvLee, Amadar was scorched by the Kreegans’ attack, as it was the first
target they hit in their attempt to cross into Erathia through Moss Valley. Amadar’s Queen died in that offensive and
her kingdom died with her. A few years later, when the Reckoning happened,
a descendant of the the first Queen of Amadar, was rescued by an Angel and managed to escape
into Axeoth. That girl was no other than Emilia Nighthaven,
who later became Queen of the great Arcan. Even though Amadar was no more, its legacy
went on with the great deeds of this fair Queen.