Dracon the Wizard is the last recorded Dragon
Slayer of Antagarich, a distinction of great honor that only the elite of heroes would
ever dream of. Still, even though his mission was met with great success, it didn’t fill the emptiness in his heart. Dracon was the son of a famous Bracadan dragon
slayer. In fact, Dracon’s mother was Bracada’s most
famous female dragon slayer and after retiring, she started to train the next generation of
dragon slayers, preparing them for the life ahead of them. As soon as Dracon came of age, he enrolled
in Celeste’s ivory towers to study elemental magic. By age 14, he had mastered the Elemental disciplines
and departed Bracada out of boredom, seeking to further expand his knowledge of Sorcery
by learning from the grandmaster teachers of Antagarich. For eight years, he roamed the continent,
giving rise to many rumors regarding his exploits (one of which claimed he served alongside
Gelu for two years in the Forest Guard). He also revived and passed on old methods
of mystical training, recreating the wizardly discipline of the enchanters (who earlier
practiced in the days of the War of the Elements). As his fame grew, Dracon’s ambition swelled
with it. Having become a grandmaster of the elements,
Dracon returned home to the Bracada Highlands to seek training as a dragon slayer under
his mother. Before Dracon was even born, his mother had
attended a Festival of Life. Inspired by the events she saw there, she
took some red crystals and created a golem-like dragon creature – the Crystal Dragon. For Dracon’s final test, she set a group of
Crystal Dragons loose in a valley, telling her son that if he managed to slay them all
with the troops she had given him, he was ready to be a dragon slayer. After doing so, Dracon was proclaimed a full-fledged
slayer. Seeking to use his skills to further both
his thirst for recognition and aid the Bracadan people, Dracon hunted down broods of Faerie Dragons (led by Erik the leprechaun) at the southwest coast, and a horde of rust dragons
at the Krewlish border who were terrorizing the inhabitants of the town of Ochre. Rust Dragons are known to hunt Gorgons, and
live and feed in sulfur mines. With this appetite, Rust Dragons spew a concentrated
acid which is capable of eating through the strongest armor, and melt down entire armies. On the other hand, Faerie Dragons are deceptively
cute, but in truth, are mischievous tricksters. Little is known about these notorious troublemakers. What is known is found more in storybooks
than magical tomes. They are said to be invisible, adept spell
casters and enchanted with Magic Mirror. Dracon’s escapades revealed all these rumors
to be true. With both tasks accomplished, Dracon considered
himself capable of pursuing the greatest distinction possible – slaying the Azure Dragons. Native to Vori, the Azure Dragons typically
dwelled in the frozen peaks of their homeland and the Bracada Highlands. Feared by the Green and Gold Dragons, they
were extraordinarily elusive and did not nest for long in any one region. The Azures were sentient, proud and protective,
and occasionally joined forces with powerful heroes. Judging from their complexion and geographical
location, they may have been related to the Blue Dragons. Scaling the highest cliffs in the country,
Dracon and his enchanters tracked and hunted down a massive pack of Azure Dragons at a
plateau brimming with energy. His path was blocked by hordes of various types of Dragons, who were guarding the nest with their lives. Routing and slaying the nest in its entirety,
Dracon nevertheless failed to revel in his accomplishment. It all came to nothing, as Dracon was driven
by his blind ambition of becoming a Dragon Slayer, rather than a higher purpose or meaning. In his own words: “My victory is hollow. I do not understand why. I have accomplished what only the elite dream. In my private moments, I have felt this beast
would be the key to unlock a long sought personal contentment. I was wrong. My disatisfaction stirs and I wonder, what
is next.”