The Magic Fish In the forest lived a family of foxes, all
hungry hunters. Catching birds in the winters and moles in
the summers. There was not an animal they could not catch. The best hunters they were with out a match. Tracking their preys from west to east. Hungry they hunted birds and beasts One day father fox caught a strange looking
fish. “Hmm.. not what I wished, but you’ll make
a dish.” “Dude! Don’t eat me. I’m a magic fish. Just shake shake shake and take a wish.” Father fox studied the fish he caught. And thought, a magic fish? why not? Shake, shake, shake, a yummy duckling I take! The magic fish puked and hurled
A duckling into the world. Woah woah woah. A magic fish… to make a wish? Never again will we hunt for our next dish! Father fox hurried back to his family’s
den Mother fox looked at the fish and said That’s
not a Hen. Look everyone. a magic fish to make a wish. Never again will we hunt for our next dish! Shake shake shake, a chicken i take! ARRRRGGGGG The magic fish puked and hurled
A chicken into the world. “Eeewww!” The children screamed, “That fish just puked!” “OH Hush! A wonderful hen,” Mother fox rebuked. “Is that’s safe to eat?” “Will it taste like fish or meat?” Yes yes my children. Tonight we feast
No longer will we hunt from west to east. yay! For days the magic fished puke and hurled
Rabbits, goats and lizards into the world. And into fox’s mouth went sparrows, grasshoppers rats. All Summer they devoured, turtles, dogs and
cats. They chomped on beatles, snakes, monkeys even
a plyatpus! By Fall they had a special palate for octopus. They gobbled every creature from snails to
whales. They chewed and munched on shells and tails. By Winter they had digested every kind of
meat. And they could no longer decide what to eat…. Please. Let’s just savor a chicken. But we still haven’t tasted a kitten. Yes we did, it had a flavor like a cat. I much rather fancy a bat or is that like
a rat? Father fox held up the magic fish, how about
magic fish and chips. Uh. guys. I don’t think thats— Shake shake shake, magic fish I take. Instead of a puke there was fluke. ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!
Actually it was more of a nuke. (explosion) There are some things that can not be explained. Like why a magic fish explodes? Who or what is to blame? Or like why bits of fox meat rained in the
forest that day. But none of the other animals complained. It tasted okay. Dude, don’t just leave. For more stories from E. B. Adams Just tap tap tap the subscribe button.