I’ll scream, I swear I will. It’s delicious. Who’s there? Mervyn. Don’t let them get me. He sells fishes for a living. Calm down, Clyde. It’s going to be a vegetable soup. Apricot soufflé. Something will turn up. The whole production was absolutely fabulous. It appealed to all generations. It was just adorable. I really liked the show. I think it was really awesome. It’s an absolutely brilliant show. Such good fun. A great cast. A perfect antidote to everything that’s going on. The cast play all the parts, do all the singing, play all the instruments, all the dancing and everything and very, very funny I really like the way there was only 3 characters. I liked the way they played different roles and they did it really well. I thought it was really funny and I really enjoyed it. The puppetry enhanced everything. But the magnetism between the three characters and the way they intertwined with their roles. It was just awesome. For all the family. Wonderful. Everyone’s gotta see it. This has just been the most magic show and wonderful break from all what’s going on Out there in the world outside. We really need a bit of magic. And I wish we had a magic fishbone at the moment. You should definitely come along and see it. It’s brilliant I thought it was really funny. It was really funny. It was really funny. I loved all of them. So there.