A great while ago, when the world was full of wonders, a poor fisherman who lost his boat in the middle of the sea due to a storm, reached shore swimming. When he returned home to his wife, Honey, I lost the only boat that I had. Oh What are we going to do for the living? Don’t worry sweetheart. You can anytime build a new boat out of a tree trunk. That’s a brilliant idea. I’ll go to the forest, right away. The very night, the fisherman went in search for a tree, and also got lost in the woods. Ah! There is a house at the distant. I shall seek the help of the dwellers. The fisherman went to the house and
knocked its door. And, there came an old couple. What can I do for you, young man? I couldn’t find my way out of the woods. Can I please stay in your house till the sun comes up? Sure, please come in. Sometime later, Sir, have you got anything for me to eat? I’m starving. Rest here young man, we will be back in a while, with dinner. Thanks for your kindness. The old couple left the place and entered a room, but the fisherman was eager to find out what they were preparing for the night. So, he peeped into the room where the couple entered. On seeing the couple vanish, What did they just do? These hats must have some magical
powers. The fisherman wore one of the hats and ordered the hat to follow the
couple. Where am I? Ah! Deliciousness, deliciousness, everywhere!!! The fisherman found the old couple,
stealing the food. Ah, now I know what you do. Young man you shouldn’t be here. You don’t tell me what to do. I’m going the stay here and eat all the food. Okay, it’s time for us to flee. The old couple vanished, and the fisherman began to feed on
everything that came to his sight. What a wonderful dinner! and there came in soldiers, You’re the culprit who is stealing food every day. I’ll take you to the king. Majesty, he is the culprit who we were looking. Argh! Set him on fire! NOW!!! Do you have any last wish! Think something! HAH!!! An idea! I want to wear my cap, for one last time. It means a lot to me. The cap? That’s it. Soldier put that on his head. So did the soldier, and as soon as he wore the cap, GO HOME! GO HOME! The fisherman vanished, and reappeared in front of his home, still tied to the tree trunk. Sweetheart I’m glad that you’re back with a trunk. But, why have you tied yourself to it? Honey, that’s called fate. Kids, what have you learned from the
story? Despite the fisherman got himself in trouble, he was able to save his life, by thinking wisely at the right time. So, kids, thinking wisely at the right time will always help you.