Hi boys and girls and welcome back to
warZone. and ahh I just like to say I got in a little bit of trouble the other day… the other weekend on the first episode of warZone. I said a few things and I did a few things that I shouldn’t have done and I offended a couple
of people out there. Oh well I’m over it. But a couple of people did ring up
and they complained. Now I like it when you ring up it it brings me endless
amusement because it doesn’t matter. Your complaints gonna make
absolutely no difference so bad luck buddy. But they’ve asked me to try and please everybody and maybe make it a little more watered-down a little
more parent-friendly and maybe not upset people.
That kind of vibe. Well I think if you like
warZone as it was… you know kind of unpredictable anything can happen and will
happen kind of crazy wild… well call us up on the request line and let us know or if you want to see a more watered-down parent-friendly
version of warZone kind of like McDonald’s or Street Noise or dog shit I don’t know call up on the request line and let us know. Because ahh if you want it then we’ll dish it up to you. But before you rush to the phones before you rush there and start
dialing away I want to present you with both sides of the coin. I want to show you
what it would be like to live in a parent-friendly world with parent-friendly warZone and to bring you this nightmare I brought this special piece
of equipment in and this piece of equipment would happen to be the Magic Mirror here. Now this Magic Mirror will show you what can be or what can never be and what was never meant to be which personally I think is parent-friendly
warZone. But ahh I think you should if you like what you see call us up if you don’t like what you see call us up and we’ll see what response we get and we’ll act accordingly but here we go we’re gonna check out parent-friendly warZone. Check it out. No way! Look at me! Look at these clothes! How did they do it? It’s like kind of parent-friendly or something. I look like I should be on Video Smash Hits. I can’t even swear! I think we should actually see
how this would work and if you like it well call the request line. Hello people welcome to the show! We’re giving our show a new look
and from now on will be called
Heavy Metal Machine. But coming up right now we have a talented young Australian artist by the name of Juno Roxas with a lovely little song
called Almost Summer. Rock on Juno!