Big brother how are things progressing for evening’s conference? The whole of Furfuri nagar is talking about the evening’s conference and your new invented Camera. We heard that all the top scientists are coming to see your Camera. Big brother, show us also what is so important about it. Please show us. No, Dr.Jhatka do not tell him anything or else he will take the Camera and do something wrong. No, Motu there is nothing so important in the Camera. Big brother, show us also what is so important about it. Please show us. No, not now. See it in the evening with everyone at the conference. This is the secret, what is important about the Camera. Big brother you are keeping it secret from us also, you cannot show us also. What the benefit of this type of friendship is? Let’s go Patlu. Sorry, brother. World Museum Day!! Nice angle, nice photo!! What a Big Dragon! How Dangerous! We are lucky that it is not alive or else the dragon would have destroyed the whole of Furfuri Nagar. You are right Motu, it throws out flames and can fly as well. This dragon has come alive. This Dragon is alive, run!! Where did this come from? It was in the form of a statue just now inside, how come it is alive Motu I doubt it is all because of Dr. Jhatka’s Camera. But how come it became alive on clicking the picture? First run from here, then think about it. May be this is the secret of his camera. Help!! In a few moments everyone will see how a non-living thing comes alive just by the click of my camera. So get ready everyone to witness my new invention. Now it will be alive. Nothing is happening, but why? Dragon!! Run!! In my twenty year’s experience I am seeing a live Dragon. Swear on my patients, where did the Dragon come from? Big brother sorry, I had taken your Camera and when I clicked the picture of this Dragon. the Dragon came alive. Dr Jhatka this is not the time to fight, now tell us how to turn the Dragon into a statue again. Otherwise it will destroy the entire Furfuri Nagar. When you click its picture again it will turn into a statue. But while taking the picture the Dragon should be still otherwise it won’t turn into a statue. This is all because of Big brother, if you would have told us the secret about this Camera. I would never have taken it and if I had taken it also, I would not have clicked at the Dragon. Patlu help, big brother stop. Dr Jhatka, quarreling will not solve our problem. We have to think of a way to click the picture of the Dragon. And how to keep him calm and steady at one place. I have seen in one movie that we can control the Dragon by tying up a Bridle around the neck. We have to put a bridle around the Dragon’s neck, not any Horse. Who will bell the Cat? Where did this Cat come from? At this moment we need to control only the Dragon. Motu, this is a phrase. All this has happened because of me, I will put the reins on the Dragon. Otherwise the dragon will destroy all of Furfuri nagar. Come, let’s go. Swear on my patients, he is saying “let’s go” as if the Dragon has given you an invitation to put a rein on him. We will have to plan how to do this work. Idea!! Flying car. I think the Dragon has left Furfurinagar. It is good that he has left, but still we need to find him otherwise the Dragon will destroy other places. Oh my lord! It seems he is here to rein us instead. Patlu, I’ll do it. Patlu, somehow try and fly the car above the Dragon. Oh my lord!! Mummy, help!! Motu has to rein the dragon why did were we made to fall on the dragon’s back? No matters what, I will not let go off you. Good boy, very good. Long live, Motu Patlu!!!!!