Hello, I am scientist Mr. Z speaking, I have made a laptop, whatever you type in that, it will come true. If you type for a million dollar then million dollar will come to you. Haha!! Now I will rule this world, I shall be the king of this world. Ok number one, do as you been told, In big car there may be something to rob. Ok boss. Driver check him, if he is alright. Hello brother, are you alright? Are you hurt? I am fine, thank you, you applied the break in time, hey what is that? Motu has picked up something from your car. What? Driver, quickly look out for my laptop. No!! I will not leave him!! Hey stop, listen, who is this Motu? Where does he stay? Over there do you see that house, ok I take your leave. Oh! There is no money in this bag, no problem this laptop will fetch me good amount. We robbed and Motu will be caught by them, we will enjoy and Motu will be put in the jail by them. Let us fully trap Motu in it. Are you Motu? Yes I am, tell me what can I do for you? Where is my laptop? Which laptop? I don’t know anything about laptop, leave me. We will leave you, we will put you in the hungry tiger’s cage. If you don’t tell us where is the laptop. I told you I don’t know anything about the laptop, leave me!!! Patlu!! Where are you? Help!! Driver, go inside and search for the laptop. What is this happening? Boss, got the laptop bag but the laptop is missing. Oh! That means you have hide the laptop somewhere. We don’t know anything about any laptop, go away or else I will call the police. If you don’t know then, how did this bag come into the house? I am taking your friend along with me. If you don’t get the laptop your friend will be dead, if you inform the police then also I will kill your friend. We don’t know anything about any laptop and my friend is not a thief. This is my address and a walkie talkie for you to talk to your friend and check how we are talking care of him. Until and unless you get the laptop, we will give your friend a good service. Scientist Mr. Z, black fort, blue mountain. Oh! He is a scientist. His laptop has been robbed which might be very important, but who must have robbed, apart from John? I can’t call Chingam also, why they don’t want to go to the police? What is there in that laptop? Ok, let me start with John. Whatever you type in this laptop will be fulfilled, ok let’s try. Its true! Whatever you type in it, gets fulfilled, wow! Haha!! Boss, order for a cup of tea and some snacks, let us party. Three cups of tea in which milk should be more and some snacks. Now I understood, why that scientist is dying to have that laptop and why he doesn’t want to go to the police. The police will give such laptop to the government Hey Patlu stop, this is cheating. You are robbing a thief, I will not leave you. Robbing is my job, catch!! Not me, catch Patlu. Let hands and legs be cuffed ofJohn and his goons. Hey Patlu, you robbed us and now cuffed us, that laptop belongs to me. Really? You got a habit of saying other’s goods yours. This laptop belongs to that car person. I will take care of you. Whole life is there to take care of me. Now you rest over here for a while. If you want, I will type here one hungry tiger for your service. No!! Don’t do it!! John, stay here and relax. I am going. Boss, why did you order only tea and 100 rupees? You should have asked for millions. I was out of my mind. Help!! Patlu, come fast they have tied me behind the car and dragging me. Don’t worry I am coming along with Chingam sir. Stop! Chingam sir. Where are you taking me and why are you taking me? Tell me something, this is not a public transport. I will explain everything, first you take me to the fort behind blue mountain, quickly. Let there be wheels under Motu. Long live!! Now if they pull also, no problem, but Patlu how did this happen? Hey Motu, this is happening because of that Mr. Z’s laptop. You type anything and it happens. Untie Motu’s hand. What are you doing Patlu? Trying to save you, don’t worry, we are very near. Chingam sir is also with me. Patlu!! I have been caught again, his men have caught me again. Chingam sir, hold on tight, going to increase the speed. Increase the speed of the jeep. Your friend has not come yet. You are dead now, this is a remote control rocket. You tell him to get my laptop quickly. If he comes, I will release you or else you will go to meet the sun. Hey brother scientist, wait for some time, now it is day time, Sun will be too hot. If you want to send me to the sun then send me in the night. Please do something. Patlu!! They have tied me with the rocket and flew me, its going to the sun. Disappear the rocket. Help!! Patlu return the rocket. You are saving me or killing me? Reappear the rocket. Hey, what is this happening? Patlu call it back. Think something good and type. You are confusing me, some time you are telling this and some time that. So you brought my laptop. The name is Chingam, its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impossible. I will not leave you, swear on the law. Sir, are you hurt? Let me think, I am thinking in IPC section I should arrest this scientist for kidnapping Motu. Or for making such laptop, or not allowing the inspector to do his duty. Sir, you are great, you are India’s hope. Sir you are great but born little late. Let this laptop disappear, and no one should get this. You are a good man but I am not a good man. Now I will kill everybody and rule the world. No!!!!!