Quinten cold water q Quinton I’m Eliot Ness me too yes Elliot knows do much but just borrow Eliot for a second Eliot [Music] someone good and true love sorry do you see polite and poking around like a pro I know it sounds dumb us we believe we know it because we live this who gets to cut proof of concept 50 years against proof of concept like that basically just met each other I bond fast time is an illusion what happen you think it’s real [Music] did it work I find Quinton and I don’t say magic is real but I do seduce you so lift your spirits that life intends us [Music] did you just solve the mosaic can do this with a friend solve it together on this quest I’ve lived a whole life he just comes peaches you promised but just another that’s nothing and that’s definitely not your God when we have a choice arrest me Love Wins sacrifice perpetrators you know it’s good to have a chef like you see your team had stoner to monster I know but it’s a monster with his face and eyes I’ve never get out of here Q know that when I’m braver it’s cuz I landed from you [Laughter]