– Did it happen? – Fifty years. – It happened. – Okay, so they should
be coming from there. I’ll stand here.
He’ll come to me. And then you drench him. – It was sort of beautiful. – It really was. – I know this sounds dumb… but us.
We– You know, think about it. Like, we–we work. And we know it ’cause
we’ve lived it. Who gets that kind
of proof of concept? – We were just injected with a half-century of emotion, so I get that maybe
you’re not thinking clearly. – No, I’m just saying,
what if we… gave it a shot? I mean, would that
be that crazy? Why the fuck not?
I… – I know you and you… aren’t… – What’s the matter?
– Don’t be naive. It matters. Q, come on. I love you, but… you have to know
that that’s not me and that’s definitely not you, not when…
not when we have a choice. – Okay. I… Okay. Sorry, I… – What the hell
is wrong with you?