No…no no no no no. This is a full scale invasion. We need a plan bigger than just assassinating the Queen. We need, we need, we need…. We need… Margo? Margo? Kidnapping. Hostages leverage don’t ask questions. Go! What the fuck? Go, go! TIMBER! Oh, Jesus. Dammit! How would you guys feel about robbing a bank? Oh my god, yes. Okay bitches, let’s do this. Penny’s dead? Was he not already? Just bang. I’m a super villain. Now! Now talk. I got this! Just be the goddamn Penny! What does that even mean? Seriously man? Taylor Swift? What? I am not singing Taylor Swift in my head. No, no no no no no no. Drink, now. Nice dream, loser. Why do you ruin everything in my life? I am wearing your vest. Sounds awesome. It is, Todd. It is awesome. Why don’t you two just…fuck? You’re thinking about banging yourself, aren’t you? No? Oh, shit! Yeah, pass. I like air. Vaginas: the leading cause of death in men. If you would just shut up for two seconds, this sex dream would pass the Bechdel test, Quentin. Congratulations, son. You just had sex. But that stuff’s illegal. I’m fucking with you. I’m in. Who here’s actually robbed a bank? I’m in too. Bravo. I heard the word illegal. Don’t eat that. Nah, don’t eat that, please. You’re eating a dude! Huh. Hi…. Avada Kedavra! Google it. Go team! Totally hilarious. Woah. How do I put this? Penny fucked up. You did not just say that, white boy! Margo, did you roofie me? Is that vodka? Gay porn? Okay, I found the castle, we can– Oh, cool! Birds have computer accounts? Don’t worry about it. Disobey what, father? Jesus fuck! Hi Todd. Hi dad! Eliot. Turned Todd into a pig. And we ate him. No killing Todd! My friend’s cat was sick and… …exploded. Uh, I can explain. Explain this, you dick! You know, like they do. Oh look, Margo’s here. GUARDS! Oh shit, Margo’s gonna kill me. That is fucking rude. I guess I always thought someday we were gonna bang. Weddings are so boring Penny would rather astrally project into a dungeon. Get your head out of your twat and throw the damn globe. You racist motherfucker. Tell them I’m fine. I’m just, I’m running out air. Well, way to mix the message. Don’t be stupid. They’re men. At castle. Getting married. I know! You hate me! Well, hello there, little plot development. Oh, hey Penny. WAIT! Man, if I die while he’s balling himself limp, I will haunt the shit out of his ass.