Hey, this is James from the photography insider info blog. So I want to share this optical illusion with you. It has some really useful learning for photographers. It comes from a TED Talk; brilliant TED Talk by a guy called Beau Lotto. And he talks about color and how human beings can be really very bad at perceiving colors accurately. Now as photographers that’s really useful to us so I thought I’d share this with you. What we are looking at with this optical illusion is this brown square here… …and this yellow square here. Now I hope you’re the same as me … I see that as brown and that as yellow. And what Beau Lotto shows in this TED Talk is that, in actual fact, those two colors are identical. Now I didn’t believe that either when he first showed it and he does prove it in the video but I just wanted to go a little bit deeper in to this to be absolutely convinced that these colors at the same colors because, to me, that color is different to that color. So the way I’m going to show you is this. First of all I’ve got a mask here on my layers. So if I just show you that mask. I’ve got a black mask which obscures the cube. And if we zoom in to that we’ll see that I’ve got some transparency there and I’ve lined up so that it only shows the two colored sqaures that we’re interested in. So let me bring the optical illusion back… I about to overlay the black layer… and just … take a look … They are the same color! Let me remove it… They are different … yellow and brown … brown and brown So I just thought that was astounding. But I wanted just to be absolutely sure that I was right so I loaded this picture in to Photoshop I’m going to come over here and grab the Color Sampler Tool and if I take a color sample on an 11 by 11 average grid… I’m gonna take a color sample from there and I’m gonna come down here and I’m gonna take a color sample from there Now let’s go over to the sample area now and see the number. So: Sample #1 145, 89, 31 RGB Sample #2 145, 89, 31 RGB! Those are exactly the same color! But … if you look at them … they’re different! Yellow and brown. I would really encourage you to watch the whole of Beau Lotto’s video. It’s really clever. There are link … actually if you click there That will take you to the video. I’ve also written a little bit about how this affects photographers and how it’s really important for us that we set up our color work stations properly to avoid getting color casts on the photographs that we produce. So take a look at that. I hope you’re having a good day and click on some more videos! Have a look. I’ve produced some more and you might find them interesting. Thanks for your time. Bye!