so hello guys here i have another classic its known as the rising card magic now most of you would have guessed it a card will be selected and it will rise out of the deck i’m using the box version there’s one version where you can use it just you can do the effect just from the deck of cards but i’m doing the box one so let’s go and let’s go ahead and pick a card right now let’s say that one you know and you can have the spectator to sign it examine it and when they return it you can show them nothing suspicious is done and then you put it somewhere in the middle of the deck just like that and you clearly push it in it goes in now you know some have that hole in them in their card box and they just push it out from that it’s not that one now i’m going to place it in you can clearly see and now watch it will rise up now just beautiful man is very beautiful elegant and this can be done surrounded beautiful and the best part right now you can give the box the deck and the card itself for examination this can be handled by the spectator too and you know some have that mechanics in the box this is not the case they have the whole box prepared with some mechanics in them this is not that one and there’s another one where you apply two rubber bands in between two cards and its streched out and it brings out the selected card because you place the selected card in between them well that’s it