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at it again and welcome to yet another episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Lore: the series that
doesn’t focus on the card game itself – but the stories behind them. Bby taking a
close look we can see the details of not only the descriptions but also the
artwork, stats, effects, and other works considered canon by Konami. Today we’re
focusing on the Warrior of Zera, a seemingly inconspicuous 4-star
vanilla monster. But don’t be fooled, he has his fair
share of adventures. So let’s dive into this story that’s not at first what it
seems; Of angels and devils, Of fairies and fiends. Warrior of Zera is a 4-
star earth warrior sporting mediocre stats. His description reads: “A wandering
warrior who seeks the sanctuary where he can gain the power of the Archlords. To
escape the temptation of evil fiends, he fights solo day by day. So a few
things to start off: the sanctuary he’s seeking is none other than the
“Sanctuary in the Sky” as we will soon see. It’s a heavenlike utopia that is home
to many fairies. His name, Zera is actually Hebrew for “seed”. It can also
potentially mean “beginnings” according to some sources, which is very fitting
because this card gives birth to that of many different stories. As we
move on, just keep his name in mind. As mentioned Zera flies completely solo so that no fiends could give him any evil ideas. But it seems that our boy is
lacking some serious self-control. Because what’s the first thing that he
goes out and does…? You might have guessed it, he teams up with a fiend. Realizing
how long it would take to get the power that he wanted from the sanctuary, Zera
decided to take a little shortcut. He willingly accepts a dark offer as seen
in Zera Ritual. He knew there would be consequences, but at this point he didn’t
care. So, teaming up with a fiend of similar strength to him, they combine to
form a terrifying monster. Who was this fiend that he met? Well, you might
remember this guy from as early as Starter Deck Kaiba. Ryu-Kishin Powered
was once a gargoyle like creature with a somewhat humanoid form, and probably like
someone in your crew, he was a part-time clown. Ryu-Kishin Powered’s description
states that his dragon-like form and increased strength can be attributed to
the powers of darkness. He tells warrior of Zera, who was also on a
quest for power, that if he gives in to the darkness just like he did, he too can
become more powerful. Warrior of Zera accepts the deal and Zera the Mant was
born. If you look a little closely, this new creature has the same body structure
and pose as Ryu-Kishin Powered but with the color and details of Zera’s sword.
Also note that even though rituals technically don’t need these exact two
monsters, their levels perfectly sum up to Zera the Mant’s.
So Zera ended up getting the power that he wanted, but at the cost of becoming a
mindless monster, losing his humanity. Most sadly he broke his own rule to
never team up or be tempted by a fiend. Well, is that really the end for Warrior
of Zera? Yes, actually… Except you see, that’s not the only road he can take.
Similar to another lore we recently covered, Zera’s story involves multiple
possibilities and alternate endings based on the choices he makes. With that
said, there may yet be hope for our wandering warrior. So here’s another alternate ending if
you will: In this path, Zera doesn’t immediately fall prey to the allure of
darkness. Rather, he makes a real effort to find the Sanctuary in the Sky. so as
he’s wandering and avoiding the temptation of Ryu-Kishin Powered, he sees a civilized place far off in the distance, thinking it could be the
sanctuary. But when he gets there and the clouds turned dark, he realizes that this
isn’t it. The place he stumbled upon is not actually the sanctuary, but
“Pandemonium”. Zera was looking for the Archlords, but he found the Archfiends
instead. “You’re looking to gain the power of the Archlords?” they asked him. “Why go all the way there when you’re already here?” “We can give you as much power as they can,” is what they said to him. Zera thinks about their offer for a while, and
ultimately, for the sake of convenience, he accepts and so he becomes an archfiend himself. The archfiends are happy that they successfully recruited another
warrior that seems to have some potential in him, and Zera fully seized
the opportunity. Quickly raising in rank and strength, he
becomes a general of archfiends and eventually receives the power that he
was promised, making a name for himself amongst all of pandemonium. Mazera DeVille, he called himself. Ma meaning evil, Zera, and DeVille, a
wordplay on devil. This ending is a small step up from becoming a frothing
monster, but the problem still stands: That Zera sacrificed his morals for a
shortcut to power. But hold on to your seats, there are more alternate
endings. (alternate endings, yuhh) *echoes* So in this alternate path, Zera
diligently journeys towards the sky. He keeps his tradition of fighting solo and
doesn’t give in to any temptations. Finally it all pays off when he
successfully reaches the sanctuary in the sky, and becomes known as Zeradias,
the herald of heaven. Zeradias and sanctuary are parallel to archfiend
general and pandemonium – same stats and similar effects. So when the time is
right, Zeradias is promoted to an archlord: Archlord Zerato, where he finally
receives the power that he was looking for. Finally, a happy ending right? He
accomplished his goal, he got to the sanctuary, and he got his powers. Well
see, here’s the thang Skip. Despite resisting temptation all up to
this point, Zerato became corrupted by the power of the archlords and uses it
not to help the sanctuary, but to betray it. “I already have the power I wanted,” he
thought. “I don’t need to serve the sanctuary anymore,” so he goes from Archlord Zerato to Darklord Zerato. The Shining sanctuary in the sky is seen
in archlord’s background but ominously in Darklord Zerato’s background the
sanctuary seems to have fallen into ruins by Zerato’s hand. This is by any
accounts a tragedy – that although Zera stayed true to his morals until the very
end, although he resisted ryu-kishin powered, and the allure of the archfiends,
he still managed to slip up in the end. Is there truly no good ending for
Warrior of Zera? It’s a recurring theme in Yugioh lore, a
couple of other stories we’ve covered in videos share a similar idea. Almost every
time when someone is greedy for power they’re corrupted in the process of
getting it, or after they’ve already gotten it. From the very start power was
what Zera was after – it was his ulterior driving motive. So maybe he was doomed
for corruption from the get-go. But maybe this is also the key to Zera’s story and
his final ending. The sanctuary alternate ending actually has two branches: as we
already discussed, the first branch is when Zera gets the power of the archlords but it corrupts him in the end. In the second branch he decides he doesn’t
need the power of the Archlords. Rewind to when warrior of Zera finds a sanctuary
and becomes Zeradias. This is when he realizes that perhaps the power of the
archlords isn’t everything. He keenly realizes that although the power of the
archlords is available to him, it might be best not to take it, because if he did
take it, he could become prideful or worse yet, he could totally lose himself.
After all ,when you get too strong too quickly, that’s often when you get
corrupt. But that’s not the only thing. you see, Zeradias ended up enjoying his
role as a herald, which is basically another word for a messenger. Zeradias
had a deep epiphany he noticed that when all his adventures were about becoming
more powerful, he’d never feel satisfied. After getting more power, he still wanted
more power. But working as a herald for the sanctuary was different: it wasn’t as
thrilling, but it was peaceful, and he found it more fulfilling than any power
that he could have. So he decided let’s stay on this path, screw the power of the
archlords, after all, he still is slowly getting stronger, just not as fast as he
would have liked. But sure enough, as time passes, doing the work of justice allows
Zeradias to transcend, becoming the Angel of Zera,
where he becomes as powerful as he wanted to be, but learns a valuable
lesson: that power doesn’t matter if you lose who you are. Eternally serving the
sanctuary, this is Zera’s most dignified and
fulfilling alternate ending. So are there 4 alternate universes for each
of Zera’s paths or was there ultimately one that came true out of all the
possibilities? That, I don’t know. Well, what I can tell you is this: All of
warrior of Zera’s final forms have the same stat line: 2800 ATK, 2300 DEF.
Meaning in the end, barring effects, each ending basically had him reach the
same power level that he desired at the start. What made the difference was how
he got there. See, we all have goals: sometimes power, wealth, fame, or success.
None of these things are inherently bad, but what can mess things up is the way
we choose to achieve these things. If instead of being dedicated and doing
good, honest work, we choose to take shortcuts, make deals with the wrong
crowd, and let go of our own morals to achieve our goals faster, then in the end,
what we lose may be greater than what we gain. Now I can’t tell you which path to
take. Like Zera, that choice is yours. I can
only hope that whatever path you choose is one that you do not regret.
Throughout all the episodes so far I found that these backstories are usually
based off other existing stories. For example you’ve got Shien and Oda
Nobunaga Outstanding Dog Marron and Hachiko. But
if you’re wondering what Warrior of Zera is based off of, it draws heavy parallels to
Matthew thirteen, an ancient story about a farmer who planted seeds, and there are
four different outcomes, three bad outcomes where the seed fails, and one
good outcome where the seed became all that it was meant to be and much more. A
lot like Zera, which, remember, his name translates to “seed” and he has four
different endings: three bad and one good. Anyways if you enjoyed the video I would
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