Hello everyone! Last week we began the story of malygos in
which we talked about the creation of the aspects, the creation of the demon soul and
the blue losing a whole bunch of his flight to Deathwing’s betrayel. Driven mad with grief, no longer the kindhearted
jokester, locked away in his frozen realm of the Nexus that once shined with colors
and magic. He wasn’t the only one either, the betrayel
lead to the weakened aspects largely retreating from the world. In the millenia that followed we saw Nozdormu
occupying himself with the ancient task of safeguarding the past, present and future,
rarely emerging from the whirling timeways. Ysera spent much of her time in the emerald
dream, monitoring the health of azeroth’s wilds. Alexstrasza, did intervene in the activities
of the world’s mortal races, but only rarely. She also kept watch for any sign of deathwing. After the war of the ancients, he had disappeared
and settled into a deep slumber. The dragon soul had been too much for even
the corrupted dragon aspect to wield in battle, and the artifact’s power had nearly destroyed
him. His body could not take it so metal plates
were attached to his spine to keep his fiery body from tearing apart. Deathwing needed time to recover from his
wounds and regain his strength. During his long slumber, the other dragonflights
hunted his corrupted children to the brink of extintion. Time was not kind to the aspects and their
realms became volnerable to those with bad intentions like the emerald nightmare and
the infinite dragonflight. Where as Deathwing caused Malygos to issolate
himself, he would also be the reason for his return. Many years passed until the Dark Portal opened
up and the first Horde invasion of Azeroth could begin. The incredible amount of magic that was used
to open the Dark Portal finally roused Deathwing. He watched with fascination as Stormwind and
the Horde fought, and he became convinced that the orcs might be the means by which
he could restore his wounded black dragonflight to its full glory. Deathwing knew that more than just the other
dragon aspects would oppose him if he ever came out of hiding; many of the mortal races
would as well. If the Horde could break Azeroth’s kingdoms
– eliminating some of the strongest cultures in the world – it would allow Deathwing
to devote his full attention to fending off his fellow Aspects. The old gods that still whispered to him agreed
with his plans and urged him to take small steps to aid the orcs. Disguised as a human he worked his way into
lordaeron’s society and made sure that no aid was send to Stormwind, that the idea of
an alien invading force was just a lie to cover up the growing problems with human rebels. He disguised himself as a Blackrock orc and
worked his way into orc society, figuring out how the orcs lived and who to get into
good favor with. The Horde was a mighty force to be certain,
but a unified azeroth would oppose the already weakened army not to mention that the dragon
aspects were still out there. If they became aware of the threat the horde
posed, the orcs would not stand a chance. Yet the dragon soul was still out there and
while the enchantments placed upon it prevented any dragons from wielding it, that didn’t
stop Deathwing from using the orcs. He bombarded Zuluhed of the dragonmaw with
vivid dreams of his clan taming and riding strange, powerful winged creatures. He guided them to the redridge mountains where
deep beneath the land, the dragon soul was hidden. Its guardian, the red dragon Orastrasz, was
killed by the dragonmaw too which Zuluhed ordered their great warlock, Nekros Skullcrusher,
to recover the artifact. He sensed faint fel energies on it – a remnant
of its use in the war of the ancients – and he renamed it the demon soul. Alexstraza sensed the breaking of the artifact’s
wards and flew out to investigate. They expected some foolish mortal to have
stolen the artifact, vastly underestimating deathwing’s schemes. Dreams and visions were send to Nekros, teaching
him how to use the artifact. Most importantly how to use it to submit and
enslave the queen of the dragons. Within Grim Batol they forced her to mate. If she refused, they smashed dragon eggs right
infront of her, smearing yoke on her face. She isnt called the lifebinder for nothing. Seeing her children used as a tools of war
broke her heart, but so did the loss of life. They had no chance against the power of the
demon soul and for several years the dragonmaw held the red dragonflight hostage. Despite this great advantage, they still lost
the war against the Alliance of Lordaeron and so did Deathwing’s plans of wiping out
the opposition. Not all was lost though, Alexstraza was still
in the hands of the Dragonmaw something that her consort Korialstrasz could not appreciate. He could not free her by himself so he pleaded
with the other aspects to help him. Perhaps they would listen to him if he brought
the terror to their very sanctums. In the frozen lair of the blue, he spoke with
the mad Malygos, informed him of deathwing’s plans and showed him an image of the demon
soul. Only an illusion, yet it still put such fear
in the heart of malygos that it took him more than a minute to force his gaze upon it. Finding out that deathwing was still alive
and the demon soul back in use angered the blue yet did not push him immediatly into
action. He would consider Korialstrasz’ requests,
but made no promises. The red would go on and ask Nozdormu and Ysera
as well, nearly killing himself in the process, all for the sake of saving his beloved queen. The aspects were wary of the powers from the
demon soul. Confronting it as well as Deathwing in their
weakened state was not a choice easily made. Soon it became clear that deathwing planned
to steal some of the red dragonflights unhatched eggs for himself, use them to revitalize the
black dragonflight and Korialstrasz nearly fell to despair. It would be mortals, not dragons, that gave
him hope again. The mage Rhonin found out that the dragonmaw
clan still had a lot of power even after their war and he was determined to break that strength. Korialstrasz took on the form of the high
elf mage Krasus and promised the human all the aid he could muster to free the red dragonflight. Rhonin then rallied a small group of friends
– incuding the high elf ranger vereesa windrunner and the dwarf gryphon rider falstad wildhammer
– and rushed to grim batol to free the dragons. When they arrived, the battle was already
under way. The moment the dragonmaw had left grim batol,
deathwing attacked and slaughtered countless orcs. He had no desire to keep them or the adult
dragons alive since only the eggs were of use to him. Unfortunately for deathwing, his brazen assault
had unintended consequences. As the battle unfolded, alexstrasza broke
free of her chains. Before nekros could kill her with the demon
soul, she devoured him whole, taking vengeance for the horrors inflicted upon her. Then she turned her wrath upon deathwing. And she was not alone. Ysera, nozdormu and malygos answered Korialstrasz’
call and soon joined her in the fight against deathwing. As the five dragon aspects grappled in the
sky, rhonin and his mortal allies focused their attention on the orcs and the demon
soul. The mage discovered a flaw in the ancient
artifact. It was invulnerable to nearly everything found
in the world, except to Deathwing himself. With a scale from the black dragon,he cut
into the demon souls hardened gold exterior like a knife through butter. He then guided the escaping powers back to
where they belonged. After millenia the aspect were at full power
once again. “Can you feel it? Can you feel it”? Malygos babbled. “I am me again! What a glorious thing.” Deathwing now found himself under attack by
four elemental forces the likes of which he had never faced. No longer did he fight mere shadows of his
rivals, but a quartet, each his equal – and he no match for all together. Malygos brought the very clouds on him, clouds
with suffocating holds around the black dragons jaws and nostrils. Nozdormu turned time forward for deathwing
alone sapping his adversary of his strength by forcing deathwing to suffer weeks, months,
then years without rest. His defenses already crippled by these assaults,
ysera had no trouble invading his mind, turning the armored behemoth’s thoughts to his worst
nightmares. Against any otherattack, even the nightmares
of ysera, deathwing could summon some defense, but against alexstrazas he had no weapon upon
which to draw. She attacked him with pain, but her pain. She dealt not with agony as he knew it, but
with that of a loving mother who suffered with each child torn from her, with each child
turned into something terrible. With each child who perished. “You will go through all i have gone through
dark one. Let us see if you fare any better than i did.” But deathwing had no experience in such suffering. It tore at him where the pain of vicious talons
or ripping teeth could not, for it tore at him in his very being. The most terrible of dragons screamed as none
had ever heard a dragon scream before. That, perhaps, was all that saved him. So startled were the others by it that they
faltered in their own spells. Able at last to rip free, deathwing turned
and fled, flying fast and furious. His entire body shook and he continued to
scream even as he swiftly dwindled from sight. Deathwing was on the run, wounded and defeated,
but not stay away forever. The aspects did get their powers back and
returned to watching over their domains, went back to the sacred charge bestowed upon them
by the titans. The sudden return of their strength was physically
and mentally exhausing for all of them. Malygos regained a sliver of clarity, but
not enough to completely break him out of his lethargy. It did change him though. For the first time in ages, Malygos began
roaming the nexus, surveying the state of his lair and his followers. The aspect became a bit more active again,
enough so to send out the blue dragon Kalecgos to investigate what was going on with the
Sunwell. Sanity still eluded him. Deathwing was the reason for his madness and,
accidently, the reason for restoring it. After the Horde was defeated by the Alliance
of Lordaeron, they returned for a second invasion not to conquer the planet but to gather powerful
artifacts. Deathwing decided to use the orcs again, offer
his aid with their quest….for a price. They took his black dragons eggs through the
dark portal and stored them on Draenor. A new world to conquer was too tasty to pass
up on, a world that we now know as outland. Those powerful artifacts were gathered to
create more portals to different worlds. The intervention of the Alliance, stepping
through the dark portals themselves and taking the battle to the orcs caused the Horde’s
plans to fail. Instead many rifts across the already corrupted
world opened up transforming it into the broken planet as we see it today. This transformation, this explosion, infused
the black dragon eggs with energies turning them into Nether Dragons. Powerful yet childish, they had no true leader
which made them susceptible to outside influences ready to abuse them. Like the renegade death knight Ragnok Bloodreaver
who took control of the nether dragons in an attempt to become lord of outland. His plans failed of course, but the abuse
the netherdragon suggered deeply concerned the blue dragon Tyrygosa. She was concerned that they would die from
the injuries they’d suffered while fighting under ragnoks command. So it was that she decided to transport many
of the nether dragons to the nexus, hoping that its energies would reinvigorate the wounded
creatures. What tyrygosa never considered was wheter
the blue dragons would be safe from their new guests. The nether dragons bathed in the arcane energies
of the nexus. The magic was unlike anything they had ever
experienced. They wanted it all, seeing it as a way to
make themselves stronger so that no one would control them as ragnok had. The nether dragons launched a surprised attack
against the blues to seize the nexus for themselves. The battle that unfolded drew the attention
of malygos. Normaly he ignored what was happening in the
outside world, relying on his servant to investigate anomalies and keep watch over azeroth, yet
he would not ignore an attack on his own lair. Hes lashed out at the nether dragons, absorbing
nearly all of them into his being. Unexpectedly, the energies of the incorporeal
creatures swept away the haze of suffering and regret that had clouded his mind. The nether dragons attack convinced malygos
that he needed to embrace his sacred duty of safeguarding arcane magic on azeroth once
again. The blue dragon aspect had regained his sanity. A great thing for him, but not so much for
the world of Azeroth. He assesssed the state of magical affairs
on the world and he was not pleased by what he saw. In his eyes, the foolish actions of mortal
magi had led to war and chaos. A plan was formed to reestablish his dominance
over magic. He would sever the link between mortals and
the latent arcane energy coursing through azeroth. This went against the blessing placed upon
him by the titans. Magic must be regulated, managed and controlled. But it must also be appreciated and valued
and not hoarded. Such is the contradiction you must deal with. May you be dutiful…and joyous both. No joy was to be found here as Malygos commanded
his followers to scour azeroth for every magical ley line and redirect its energy towards the
Nexus. As they did the dragon aspect took the gathered
torrents of power and channeled them into the twisting nether. In short, malygos intended to siphon from
every source of arcane power on azeroth and dispose of the energy where no mage could
reach, thereby erasing arcane magic from the world. The magi quickly noticed that something was
amiss. The natural paths of arcane power that they
had grown accustomed to using were disappearing, and they could sense them being redirected
to northrend. A few powerful magi of the kirin tor set out
to investigate. When they arrived at the nexus, they were
confronted by malygos himself. The blue dragon aspect hid nothing from them. He told them exactly what he was trying to
do, and exactly why he was trying to do it. The use of the arcane had put the burning
legions eye on azeroth – repeatedly – and now the armies of the horde and the alliance
were abusing those energies to settle their faction disputes. He showed the magi the damage that had already
been done to azeroth and he demanded that they join his cause. Some high ranking magi were swayed by his
argument, and they pledged themselves to the blue dragonflight, becoming mage hunters and
they dedicated themselves to erasing all resistance to the blue dragonflights new purpose. Others were horrified and attempted to escape. None succeedded. They were killed to stop word from getting
back to the kirin tor. Yet this duty that was given to Malygos was
not just for the sake of Magic or the population on the planet. They had never told him, but deep inside Azeroth
was a slumbering world soul that might one day awaken and become the most powerful titan
ever seen. Malygos’ campaign had upset the equilibrium
of the world, sparking natural disasters from northrend to the southern tips of kalimdor
and the eastern kingdoms. Unles something was done, these disasters
would spiral out of control and cause irreparable harm to azeroth’s world soul. Heroes were needed, not just against this
threat but also the Lich King waking up and the old god Yogg-Saron stirring in Ulduar. After the fall of Naxxramas, the kirin tor
finally uncovered what was happening at the nexus,. Archmage rhonin, now leader of the kirin tor
was shocked to learn that some of their own had defected to the blue dragonflights cause. The danger posed by malygos was so great that
the magi of dalaran did something unprecendeted: Once they completed the reconstruction of
their city, you might remember it being destroyed by Archimonde, they pooled their power and
teleported their entire city to the skies above northrend. From their new vantage point, the kirin tor
launched an offensive to stop maylgos campaign, but progress was slow. The blue dragon aspect and his servants were
too strong for even the great magi of dalaran to cotnend with. In time, the kirin tor has no other choice
but to call upon the alliance and the horde to aid them. The idea of diverting resources from the war
against the lich king did not sit well with garrosh hellscream or bolvar fordragon, but
both agreed that it was neccesasary. Members of the factions set out to probe the
blue dragonflights defenses around the nexus. They were joined by representatives of the
other dragonflights, who had also grown wary of malygos. The mortals and dragons attempted to contact
the aspect of magic and convince him to end his destructive crusade, but their efforts
were met with open hostilitty. In the game we see several quests play out
surrounding the nexus and the dungeons inside. For example there’s the red dragon Keristrasza
who we save from an arcane prison. When she refused to bend to malygos’ will,
he bound her to the prison then shattered it and scattered the pieces. Now liberated, she has a plan to draw the
aspect of magic out of his lair. All we need is a bit of bait. The dead body of his guardian and consort
Saragosa will do. Keristrasza suffered greatly as the hands
of Saragosa during her captivity, now her time to die has come. The corpse is dropped on the ground and put
to the flame. Malygos is taunted to come out of hiding which
he does and he’s not too happy with what we’ve done. With his consort dead he will need a new one,
Keristrasza will do as she’s frozen in place and taken into the nexus. Whether the tortures inflicted on Keristrasza
were revenge for the death of Saragosa or a misguided attempt to turn her into an ally
is known only to Malygos. Regardless of his intent, her allies have
heard her cries of anguish and disturbing whispers of her diminishing mind. “Finish it! Finish it! Kill me, or I swear by the Dragonqueen you’ll
never see daylight again!” As this conflict intensified, the dragon aspect
alexstraza and ambassadors from the other dragonlights met to discuss malygos’ fate. Even some of the blue dragons were not down
with what their leader was doing and joined the gathering. Malygos had already killed too many innocents,
and his siphoning of azeroths ley lines had upset the balance of the world. The death and destruction were bound only
to worsen over time. So…with heavy hearts, the dragons reached
an agreement that would become known as the wyrmrest accord. For the good of azeroth, they would join the
side of mortals and make war on malygos. Reaching this decision was not easy on any
of them, but especially for alexstrasza. She saw malygos as a brother. And as a guardian of life, she abhorred the
bloodshed that was to come. Yet if she did nothing, she knew the numbers
of lives lost would be unimaginable. Next point of assault was the Ocoulus, floating
magical rings blasting the gathered magical energies into the twisting nether. Previous assault teams have already been captured
so we need to save them from Drakos the Interrogator. Those who have broken Malygos’ law may find
thmeselves under the claws of Drakos. After securing Keristrasza in the NExus, Drakos
returned to the Oculus to collect his newer prisonerers, other drakes who ran afoul of
Malygos. He makes no claims of rehabilitiation and
he uses no metaphors. His prisoners are here to be punished, and
there is no escape, except with our aid. On their backs we get to fly through everbodys
favorite dungeons, clearing the rings and clearing the way until only the guardian stands
before us. The time has come to face Eregos. He is cunning and strong. One of Malygos’ most trusted minions, he draws
strength from the energies he is charged with defending – sipping from the well of the great
aspect himself. This shall not be easy….but with the full
powers of our drakes, the guardian goes down That leaves us with only the eye of eternity
left, but before we go there, we’ll need a special key. Malygos is using a powerful device known as
the Focusing Iris to pull the arcane magic from the ley lines into the nexus. If we can tap into it, we should be able to
draw his attention away from the ley lines and towards fighting us, but only the most
ancient members of the blue dragonflight possess such a key. As luck would have it, our adventures into
Naxxramas has us face one of these ancient blues. Sapphiron resurrected by Arthas himself. On his body we find the key to the focusing
iris. Alexstraza imbus us with a portion of her
power, allowing us to access the focusing iris and finally draw Malygos’ ire! “Malygos drawn voiceclip.” The aspect of magic is no easy prey and does
not stand alone, but we can use his own powers against him eventually forcing him to destroy
the very platform that we stand on. “Platform destroyed rp” Thankfully we do not stand alone either. The red dragonflight saves us from immediate
death and together we push on despite malygos tapping into the arcane energies they harvested. Together, for the sake of Azeroth, we end
the aspect of magic. “End RP” This is a very sad day, not only for dragonkind,
but for all of the living creatures of Azeroth. We have lost one of our most thoughtful, intelligent
and ancient friends. Magic is now without its guardian. Let us hope that this was a wise decision
in the coming years, A storm is still brewing on the horizon and now we are without one
of our most powerful defenders. Alexstraza felt no relief or joy in ending
the life of her ancient friend, only a deep sorrow. With malygos dead, the blue dragonflights campaign was put to an end. Members of the kirin tor would spend years
reversing the damage done to azeroths ley lines, eventually restoring them to their
former power. With the threat of Malygos out of the way,
horde and alliance turned their gaze on the lich king again leading to the events of the
Wrathgate. Yet for Malygos, his time had come. A very tragic tale of betrayel from his best
friend to spending millenia lingering in madness. With his mind clear he thought he was doing
what was best for the world, but the world disagreed. The blues are without a leader, without their
aspect but would not remain so. Once again their story would be tied to Deathwing
breaking out of the world during the cataclysm, but this brings us to the end of the story
of Malygos. Thank you so very much for watching everyone! Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like
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