holy Wow first try
what’s up everybody welcome back to the channel Austin Mills in the building
what up guys you know I realized the other day what’s that
we’ve done a lot of videos together like from like a year two ago yeah we have
and one of the videos we did in this same gym was a world record it was he
was one of the first guests on world record Wednesdays back in the day way
then you finally have your YouTube channel going so if you haven’t yet make
sure you check out Austin’s a YouTube channel in the description all that but
anyway today we’re doing a trickshot challenge and we’ve never done one like
this before it’s gonna be fun you guys are enjoy it I think we’re ready to go guys it hidden arias the trickshot cop
is here welcome back I’m here real real cop a lot of people have said he’s not a
real cop is one of those viewed videos ever but he’s a real police officer even
though right now you look a little custom like the clothes will customize
the answer shop it yeah even got the but he is a real police officer so he’s
gonna join in on the challenge today here’s how the video is gonna work ok so
there’s going to be six spots on the court one two three four five and six
and then there are six shots you can choose from to do so there’s a regular
shot behind the back bounce shot under the leg and hook shucked so for each
shot you can choose one of those methods of shooting but once you’ve used it you
can’t use it again exactly and the first two the first two rounds are worth one
point the second two rounds or a two point in the last two or three points
whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins if it doesn’t make
sense he’ll catch on here we go broccoli
reserves you goes first great Rock Paper Scissors shoot okay Austin you are first what are you
okay hey Austin what are you going with first shot number one behind the back
Wow behind the back okay Oh first attempt what are you doing oh man
looking behind the back – oh no you you’ve actually already lost this round
– no it’s now to me I think I might go hey Austin is awarded one point because
he got round one in the fewest attempts okay now what II didn’t you lost your
behind the back I’m gonna go hook chop hook shot from the free throw whoa two
three oh boy four five attempts how about snow it’s behind
the back okay now you didn’t mind the back oh boy
oh boy tricks a cop oh my god – that’s tough this is where the strategy comes
in like do I want to do regular to get a guaranteed shot or do I want to just get
one of my hard ones out of the way I’m doing bounce okay arias gets one point
sorry the trick shot cop gets one point so it’s one two one two zero
donut don’t don’t you say donuts around him okay Austin three-pointer bounce
now you’re going balance okay that was really close that was really
close oh I hid this in our game of Mike you did oh what’s that
I can’t count this time Oh the8 what are we with that 10 to 10
what are you going with chicka-boom you’re also doing bounce
yes because after that further away it’s gonna be a headache that’s true what oh all right
so forth what’s it gonna be I don’t know I don’t know how I got the position as
third because I lost but I am I think I’m at an advantage because I get to see
what you guys are doing I’m gonna go I’m gonna go under the lake all right so
close but okay so that’s two points for me one point one point I’m gonna go
between the leg on this you’re going between the legs okay between the leg
okay Oh Oh fluff what is that oh no how you
feeling right now okay sure leave a comment right now who do you
think is gonna win this challenge we’re halfway through comment Josh Austin or
trickshot cop that was nice six dress that’s deep you’re going regular okay
you better clutch up here you look backwards between the legs there
whew okay maybe I should joke Oh Oh No
what’s going on what it’s a tie for the time oh no I just
what’s it gonna be Josh hook backwards and regular last beat six direct beat
six I wish I’d practice my hook shot right make a regular shot I have a
guaranteed two points let’s see five three aren t you I wouldn’t push it yeah
I’m gonna go I’m gonna make a regular shot oh I’m going regular you’re not
gonna make it that’s the trick shot cop thought oh
there’s one looks like your inner arm is a little tight there three down got two
left I’m not gonna say how many you have left but you got two
oh all right so the score is I’ve got four one one one ladies what are you in
half court you got you guys both the money he needs to clutch up two shots
left backwards and forwards I don’t know what I’m gonna do here so call let me go
regular here Austin is pretty good at half-court shots oh not good enough
though oh wow two to four half nobody’s under the leg go here under the
leg under the leg what does that leave you for laughs backwards okay hooker backwards so you guys both have
backwards for last right yeah let’s just go let’s do it backwards where it’s
backwards where’s backwards for the finale firstly my auto shop I think I’ll
just take the points on this one that was cream right I did it I did it I did
the cream better okay so four points you have I have now you have more how many
was that was three you or no tie though okay it’s all tied up so it all is based
on the lash but also if you if he gets it he’ll be tied that’ll be tied four
four four oh wow Austin Mills final turn four potential three points which would
mean a guaranteed victory holy cow first try really I mean I meant to do
that okay if you guys both get this first try I will be so impressed but
this is your one attempt to stay alive oh my god you’ve got to be kidding me wait what what the heck just had like
this should have been a world record Wednesdays for like most consecutive three in a row he would be insane sweet
if I make it I definitely win right yes no we still would still need to find
yeah yeah if you make it we all die so we gotta do it again
I guess outside either way there’s still there’s still a chance I could because
if arias beat you in a tiebreaker interesting we’ll figure it out we’ll
see what happens right here you’re confusing me I know it was online but it
was an airball okay I’ve come up for a tiebreaker with him we’re gonna go to
the three-point line and then both of you guys get to assign the other person
the method with how we’re gonna shoot a three-pointer I want you to do behind
the back all right you do bounce all right okay
bounce first behind the back a classic battle austin is up first
oh my gosh looks like the trickshot cop chose wisely Wow Oh Austin you might be done for he’s
gonna take you to jail for this amount of attempts good insult Josh Wow bro
you’ve been trying at this point let’s try get up there you did choose wisely
oh wow I’ve never seen often struggle this long with a shot oh seven shot 17
what was the final score yeah okay so that was that was 15 15 attempts
bounced three-pointer bounced reporter bola okay so what that means
hey trick shot cop was awarded three points so I have for now
so you have four which means you have four and I also have for the video that
never ends okay we’ve decided on the classic
halftime NBA show challenge where you’re me timed to make a layup free throw a
three-pointer and passport shot yep is it same order I go first yeah you go
first Oh first I think Austin definitely an
honorable time you okay Austin has a little bit of a advance he’s a shooter
he’s not really you know trick shooter but also probably the best shooter of
the three of us so we need him to have a mess up or two three two one bein oh
yeah he made his layups folks miss a free-throw please yeah don’t help them Oh cocky time
tickin link is being casual with it – trying to get that look away for no
extra points he just looks like an idiot at this point oh man no no celebration for that one
Austin how do you feel you’ll see okay I can’t breathe
okay so two ten was the time to beat trick shot copy are you ready ready
three two one go thanks this free throw makes its three-pointer so far doing the
same exact shooting percentage as often Mills let’s see if you can knock out
this half-court shot Oh ten seconds ten seconds in the half
court shot oh four three two one oh no trick shot cop call your call your
emergency friends I need help where’s about writing yo what do you
already have to say for yourself I was on time yeah tiring yeah I thought I had
first shot all right okay so hey everyone I’m in this video – its before
hell now it’s up to me I got a beat – ten ready your mark oh that’s a free
throw not sofrito oh my gosh she’s gonna get
stuck on the free-throw he’s already at 40 seconds F court no
pressure no pressure one long rebound and he’s right there
with us no pressure stop
oh and he banked it in minute 24 Josh those are people too and that stays vide
everyone that was a double tiebreaker to end it pretty a pretty intense but
hopeful you guys enjoyed it give a thumbs up if you did drop a comment I do
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bye bad boys bad boys what you’re gonna do
what you gonna do when they come for you