Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Dorothy who lived with her Uncle Henry and Auntie Em in Kansas. Their house was very small. They lived together in a cottage in the country side. Dorothy loved to run and play in the fields with her dog Koko. One day, as she was playing outside, the sky darkened and a storm began to brew. In a panic, her aunt and uncle started closing the windows while calling out to Dorothy. Dorothy quick, to the shelter! Hurry! A tornado is approaching! Dorothy and Koko ran home but just before they reached the shelter, the tornado started spinning and spinning the little cottage and blew it away from its foundations. Koko and Dorothy were whirling with the house. Dorothy held on to her little dog tightly waiting for the tornado to end. Don’t be scared, Koko. It’ll be over soon! Finally, the house landed somewhere with a big thud. After the storm when everything had calmed down, Dorothy and Koko got out of the house. They couldn’t believe their eyes. They were in a totally different place. Everywhere was filled with sparkling and colorful flowers. Suddenly, several tiny fairies rushed out from among the flowers and greeted them. In front of them all was the fairy queen. Welcome Dorothy! I’m the Good Fairy of the North. I’ve come here with my protective fairies to congratulate you. Hello, Queen of the fairies. I’m very pleased to meet you, but I don’t understand why you are congratulating me. With the great tornado that brought your house here with you, you blew the Wicked Witch of the West far far away. You saved the country from a huge danger. Ohhh…..Really? Thank you very much, Madam! At least there was a benefit to my house blowing away. Look here Dorothy; these are the shoes that the Wicked Witch of the West has always wanted. She had just gotten a hold of them, but she must have dropped them as she flew away. Wear these shoes right away, you will need them in the future. Not understanding why, Dorothy took off her shoes and wore the new pair right away. My dear fairy, how will I return home? Can you help me please? I’m sorry but only the The Wizard of Oz can help you, Dorothy. You must go to the city where he lives. For this, you must follow this path that you see and go straight past the forest. Once you arrive to the city, you will see the palace before you. Goodbye! Suddenly, all the fairies lit up brightly and flew away. Dorothy and Koko started walking down the path that the fairies had mentioned. Not before long, they arrived at a field. It was a golden field of wheat. Suddenly they heard a sound. Hey, beautiful girl, please help me! Dorothy turned and looked behind her: there was a scarecrow standing and waiting there. He was tied to a post trying to free himself. Upon seeing the talking scarecrow, Dorothy ran right up to him surprised. Please save me from this post, I want to be free. If only I had a brain, maybe I would find a way to escape. We’re going to the The Wizard of Oz to ask him to help us get home. If you join me and Koko, maybe you can ask him for a brain. That’s a wonderful idea! Of course, I’d love to. Go on then, save me from this post so we can continue on our way. Dorothy saved the scarecrow from the post at once. Now the three of them started their journey together. Finally, they arrived at the forest. Propped up against a tree by the side of the road, they saw a tin man. He was busy oiling his screws and was whistling away. Hello, little girl and friends. Where are you headed? Dorothy told him everything that had happened. Let me come with you. Maybe he’ll give me a heart. Why not? Of course, you can come! Together they walked a long way. It was getting very dark. It became pitch black. Dorothy noticed a pair of glowing eyes behind a tree. Hey! Who are you? Come out. Be careful, Dorothy. What are you doing? What if it’s a monster? Its not, don’t worry. Hey you, come out, I said! All of a sudden, a lion slowly came out from behind the tree. He was trembling with fear. He was very fearful. Hello! Please don’t hurt me. I’m a very good lion and I’m very scared. I have no self-confidence at all. Dorothy was very sad to see the lion like this. They took him with them to see The Wizard of Oz. I hope you’ll be able to find what you are looking for there as well, Mr. Lion. A few hours later they reached the city and asked for directions to the palace of The Wizard of Oz. Once they walked past the city gates, they realized that they had arrived somewhere incredibly beautiful. The city was surrounded with bright lights and wonderful flowers. Birds happily chirping could be heard everywhere. Together, they approached the guards of the palace. We have come to see The Wizard of Oz. Can you please let him know? Suddenly, the doors of the palace opened and with the guards they appeared before the Wizard. The Wizard of Oz was a lovely old man sitting on a magnificent throne in a very fancy outfit. Why do you want to see me? Dorothy explained everything that had happened. The old wizard was a kind-hearted man. He was very sad for the little girl. Actually, I can grant all of your wishes. However, the Wicked Witch of the West holds a wand; this wand is magical and incredibly powerful. It breaks all the spells that I cast. First, you must get this wand back. You should of sent your soldiers, maybe you could have gotten it back. She knows my soldiers very well. She sends them back from half way when she sees them approaching. Since she doesn’t know us, we should try our luck and maybe we will succeed. You are very brave Dorothy. There’s nothing else I can do other than wish you luck. I’ll await your good news. That night the The Wizard of Oz invited them to stay as his guests in the palace. The next morning, the 4 friends set off together. As they approached the castle, the Wicked Witch of the West was shocked at what she saw. Who are they? A scarecrow, a tin man, a lion king. And a very beautiful girl. Hmmm. Because she didn’t know who they were and why they were coming to her castle, she sent four of her witch soldiers to capture them immediately. Soldiers, arrest those who are approaching and lock them in the dungeon at once. Let’s see why they are visiting me! The Four witches flew down, captured the four friends and locked them in the dungeon. Nooooo! What are they going to do to us? They’re going to cut us and eat us for sure! Mommyyyyy! Why have they locked up us here? Frightened, they waited as the Wicked Witch of the West approached them. Are you Dorothy? You will come with me to the tower. You’ll explain to me what it is you want. The witch held on tightly to her magical wand. Suddenly, she noticed Dorothy’s shoes. These were the shoes that she had always wanted but had accidently dropped while being blowed away by the tornado. She needed to take these shoes from Dorothy, one way or another. With the shoes, her magical powers would grow stronger. When they reached the top of the tower, they started to talk. Tell me Dorothy, that’s your name, isn’t it? Why have you come to my castle? I want to return to my home in Kansas. That’s why I’ve come to you. They said only you could make this happen. Of course, though I have one condition. You must give me those shoes. No I can’t. I need them. Even though Dorothy did not know what the shoes were good for, she remembered what the fairy had said. This answer angered the Wicked Witch of the West and she realized she would not be able to take the shoes just by talking. So, you’re not giving them to me, are you? I know how to take them! Come here you! They ran in circles through the tower as Dorothy was being chased. Since the shoes were magical, the witch couldn’t catch Dorothy not even using magic. The Wicked Witch of the West started to get dizzy from all the running around. Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell from the very top of the tower. Arghhhhhh!!!! When she fell to the ground, she turned into a huge black rock. Just before she fell, she dropped her magical wand. Dorothy took the wand immediately and headed to the dungeon to free her friends. Dorothy, you’re here at last! We were worried sick! Where’s the witch? Yes, where’s the witch? There not going to eat us, are they? Forget the witch for now; we need to take this wand to the Wizard of Oz right away. In no time, they escaped from the castle and headed right to the palace of The Wizard. As the Wizard of Oz held the magical wand in his hands, a smile formed on his face. Finally, all evil has come to an end. This is because of you Dorothy! Now, let’s come to everyone’s wishes. With the magical wand the wizard granted the tin man a heart, the scarecrow a brain, and the lion courage. Everyone was filled with joy. The lion kept on roaring away. Now, time for you Dorothy. Come next to me. Listen to me well. When you tap the shoes that you are wearing on the ground three times, all of your wishes will come true. You can finally go home and be reunited with your family. The friends, who realized that they would now be parting from one another, hugged each other. Dorothy, because of you I have a brain and can think. Look, if it weren’t for you, I’d still be stuck on that post in the field. Yes, Dorothy and now I have a heart. I love you! And because of you, I am now a brave lion. Now let others be afraid of me! I’m so glad to have met you all; you were great road companions. Thank you so much. Time to go! Come on Koko, are you ready to go back home? Dorothy took Koko in her arms and tapped her feet three times. She suddenly found herself at home. Uncle Henry and Auntie Em hugged her tightly. She told them everything that had taken place. But now she was home. She could play with Koko in the fields once again.