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make it stop I got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore are you a good witch
or a bad witch I’m not a witch at all we’d better give you the ruby slippers wha it’s easy to go to Oz all you have
to do is follow that yellow brick road I’m gonna go see the Wizard of Oz he’s
supposed to be able to help send me home what do you think maybe he could get me
a brain too I was thinking he going to see the Wizard on account of I don’t have a heart oh no the Wicked Witch of the West you guilt my sister and now I’ll get you my
pretty and your little dog too first things first hand over those ruby
slippers better do as she says Dorothy but Glinda the Good Witch said to keep
them and I the Wicked Witch is saying to turn them over now hmm they won’t come
off I got to do everything myself ow you’ve bewitched the shoes I swear I
have it wait watch are you sure about the shoes
you had those shoes over I’m even willing to trade ooh those are pretty
nice no these shoes surely have a lot of
power and you’ll do nothing good with them fine have it your way
there’s other ways to get those shoes I’ll get you my pretty and your little
dog too man she’s really got something against this dog wait we haven’t dog
with us too Wow people come and go awfully fast in
this place what do you think we should do next Dorothy we should just keep
following the yellow brick road whoa what’s this place I don’t know how about you Tin Woodsman I remember this there are a lot of wild
animals you know lions and tigers and bears oh my
Dorothy look whoa it’s a little lion little why I oughta
don’t worry Dorothy will protect you I’d like to see him fight through my tin
that looks like aluminum foil I’m gonna unwrap you like a burrito
hey buddy why don’t you pick on someone your own size Oh scarecrow I’m so scared
well why don’t you let us pass this isn’t your forest I’m the king of the
forest and you must have pay my rules look we don’t want any trouble we just
want to go to Emerald City well what was that the burrito said something about
Emerald City we’re gonna see The Wizard of Oz he’s gonna help me get home oh
wait a minute what is that thing what you mean Toto why you’re not afraid of a
little doggy are you me the king of the forest afraid of that thing of course
not now you three just be on your way afraid Toto toto yeah Toto you get back
here okay okay deep breaths everybody deep breaths
boy he sure is afraid isn’t he before no I’m not cowardly I just have
an abundance of caution well maybe the wizard can help you find
your courage that’s a good idea Dorothy maybe he could he’s gonna help me get my brain yeah he’s gonna give me a heart yeah well maybe I will join you three
you look like you could use a hand anyway of course you can join us and
Toto will promise to be nice to you won’t you Toto well then I guess we’re off to see the
Wizard I’m going to get courage I’m going to get courage we’re going to see
the Wizard and I’m going to get courage but the Wicked Witch was hatching an
evil plan back in her lair the ruby slippers will not come off of her while
she is alive so I will enchant a field of poppies poppies poppies
your highness there are no more poppies left in that field
what okay change of plans I’ll enchant a single rose oh look a single rose it
sure is a pretty rose I just want to go and see what it smells like
don’t when Dorothy smelled the rose she fell fast asleep Dorothy Dorothy Dorothy wake up wake up Oh somebody help us gosh yeah maybe I could do something and so the lion
tickled Dorothy’s face with his whiskers come on get up come on is that what
happened that Rose must have been enchanted because when you smelled it
you just fell right asleep okay now come on Toto yeah and our new
friend a lion help wake you up well it’s no big deal really either done the same
for me Thank You lion I feel much better now
let’s go to Emerald City look it’s the gateway to Emerald City oh boy you
really don’t have a brain do you hold who goes there
whoa talking tree weren’t you supposed to come in before the Tin Man scene
never mind that what business brings you here today
Oh we’d like to go into Emerald City please oh no the city’s closed so come back next week next month maybe later goodbye But we came so far you
have to let us in gee mister I just need to get my brain she just wants to go
home and these guys have other issues yeah I need a high and I need courage
and my appearance keeps changing for no apparent reason please mister if you
don’t let us and I’ll cry okay well that was really annoying and uh you guys
actually framed me a little bit so um go ahead Emerald City
I guess look I think the Wizards over there come on who dares to disturb Oz the great and terrible we’re sorry the great and terrible Oz but I really need you
to help me get home and I sure could use a brain and I think he needs a heart
he needs courage you giant edge you dare to make a request of me? what do you offer in return oh um offer in return well I don’t have
any money I mean I guess I have these ruby slippers that everyone seems to
want but nobody can seem to get them off my feet
Ah Ruby flippers they belong to the Wicked Witch of the East she isn’t around
anymore Dorothy’s house fell on her squished her flat anyone powerful enough
to slay the Wicked Witch of the East could also slay the wicked witch of the West I think my which slaying days are over I really didn’t have anything against them
besides them being wicked and all Silence if you want your wish to be granted
then you must return with the Wicked Witch of the West broom stick
yeah I don’t see her just handing out over to us what’s a broomstick if you
want your wishes to be granted then you must do what I say be gone oh no will
Dorothy be able to get the broomstick belonging to the Wicked Witch of the
West will Toto whimper uncontrollably will the
Scarecrow be of any use whatsoever will the Tin Man get a heart and possibly a
better outfit will anyone be able to explain why the Cowardly Lion keeps
changing his appearance you can get answers to all these questions next week
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