so there are some pretty big changes
having a YouTube starting January 1st and it could really affect Magic the
Gathering gaming content channels with cappas new updates with YouTube they’ve
pretty much take it out of YouTube’s hands and now they’re going to be
flagging people’s content to be more adult friendly because kids data was
being collected which is illegal and they find YouTube I think over a hundred
million dollars I’m I don’t know the exact specific number but essentially
YouTube gave them the right to go and start flagging people’s content that
doesn’t comply with the new rules so what are the new rules so if you have a
channel you’ve probably realized that there is two settings now when you
upload a video and your settings which says no this is not made for kids or yes
this was made for kids what’s the what’s the cost of this well if you click that
it’s made for kids comments will disappear so you won’t have any actual
social media engagement you also lose 90% of your revenue your notification
bail will go away so people won’t be notified of your new upload and you will
effectively could also get charged if you miss label your video up to 42,000
dollars so these are pretty big risks and a lot of people are panicking on
YouTube and I’m a little bit surprised I’m not trying to like raise the alarm
here and I’ll raise the alarm that’s a magic gathering card I’m not trying to
incite like hysteria I don’t know if at Asgard – maybe it is but really it is a
big issue here like a lot of Pokemon box opening channels pokemon card related
channels a lot of the youtubers are already talking about it action figure
review channels some of which I’ve been a fan of for years like char Thomas
prime he’s talking about it and it is something that needs to be addressed and
I’m just in at the amount of people that are talking
there’s like barely anyone talking about it in the magic gathering community and
this is effectively going to change a lot of people’s ad revenue I’m not even
making money on YouTube I’m even like worried because five mislabel a video
you know there could be a penalty involved and I mean some of the openings
that I’ve had from thrift store fines habit Magic the Gathering cards but also
pokemon cards and yugioh cards I mean how does YouTube how do they look at
what is you know kid-friendly what appeals to kids is Pokemon obviously I
guess is clearly more appealing to kids but I mean don’t kids play Magic
Gathering – isn’t that almost just as you know kid-friendly child-friendly so
they’re gonna have to use their AI system which has been proven to be
completely inept and they’re gonna use that to flag videos that they’d aim that
they see as child friendly and they’ll be demonetised and further action could
be taken if the video is exploiting kids in a way or if it’s one of those creepy
like Spider Man Elsa videos which actually was one of the reasons what’s
third all of this so if you’re making that just gathering content where you
want to become a magic gathering youtuber you gotta maybe even rethink
about what three think what you’re gonna do or find a call to action to
potentially open up another viable option like patreon or Kickstarter
GoFundMe and yeah so if you’re planning on making money for a gaming channel
nowadays it’s not really feasible so these changes will affect managed
together channels the only ones that I don’t think it will change much at all
really are like MTG finance channels because that is not geared towards kids
I mean if you’re talking finance and investing that’s not really something a
13 year old is thinking of so unless they’re like Warren Buffett so I mean
these are things you have to think about and I’m gonna rethink what I’m doing on
my channel from now on and maybe you will do less openings or just
I don’t know I’m gonna have to find a way to make sure that what I’m doing is
not strictly directed towards kids because I don’t think that the content
that I’m making on my channel is directed towards kids so anyways fuck
that noise