Marshall: And that’s gonna do it! You have your champion, Thoralf Severin! He looks over at his cheering section and he’s your champion! Thoralf: Magic was always bound to people for me, like
the friends I’m playing with. Magic without the people that you play with, for me, is
not the same game. I was in school, and around me people were playing a lot, but people dropped
it after half a year or something, and then I had nobody to play with. But I wanted to
play more! So I went to a game store, and they had Friday Nights, right? Then, the goal
was to win a Friday Night. And it took me quite a long time, and eventually you did
that, then there’s the next goal, ok what can we do after that? When you play Magic,
you dream like, one time I want to do this. I want to play a Pro Tour, maybe top 8 a Pro
Tour, win something, play Worlds and… spoiler alert: become World Whampion. Don’t quote
me on that. [Laughs] Winning Worlds is tough. More likely you don’t than you do, but my
only goal is that at the end of the tournament, I feel like I’m happy with what I did, and
whatever happens was just bound to happen anyway. My name is Toffel, and I will be the next
World Champion.