I am Thor Odinson, but you might know me as: The Strongest Avenger Yeah, did we install the off switch? Let me try this What Are you filming this? *grunting hacksmith noises* This video has been sponsored by blue apron check out my link in the description below and the first 100 people to sign up will get three free meals with their first blue apron order, pretty sweet deal. As you know we’re building a whole bunch of different Thor’s hammers right now to emulate all of Thor’s abilities so far We’ve done a capacitor hammer. We’ve caught lightning with a hammer
We even jumpstart a car with Thor’s hammer and now we’re building an electromagnetic Thor’s hammer that only the worthy can pick up. Now before you start typing a comment saying how we’re just copying Sufficiently advanced we know he’s already made one, and a really good one at that. But innovation is all about using ideas in new and different ways that’s literally the definition of innovation plus, I had the idea for this years ago. No really. I had that idea like like five years ago when I was working in Athena. Anyway, Alan’s hammer used a fingerprint scanner to determine if you’re worthy enough to pick up Thor’s hammer. Our’s, well it determines your worthiness a different way plus ours is so strong I can even hang off of it That’s because we’re using the electromagnets from our Captain America shield project. We got extras. Anyways. Let’s get building Check out maker.io to see the complete circuit diagram and learn how to unlock the power of Thor. Big thank you to Digi-Key for providing some of the parts used in this build. All right, let’s see how strong this is. *grunting hacksmith noises* This mortal form has grown weak, I need sustenance Let’s see what the cooling box has in store I think something’s missing now if you’re like me and you spent all your time making cool projects and blowing stuff up you don’t usually have time to go grocery shopping or meal planning. You end up eating a lot of junk food and junk food’s both expensive, and not really good for you. But if you subscribe to Blue Apron you get everything you need to create chef designed recipes at home. They locally source farm-fresh ingredients and deliver them to your door in a refrigerated box. So they won’t go bad if you’re not at home and the best part is they’re perfectly portioned so that means no more food waste. I know that’s a huge problem for me because whenever I do go grocery shopping I end up buying a ton of food and only eating a bit of it. Plus if you sign up using my link below the first hundred people to use that link will get their first three meals with their first Blue Apron order for free They ship to most of the US and meals start $8.99 per serving, and if you’re wondering why it’s called Blue Apron And that’s because chefs in training all around the world use blue aprons. It’s a symbol of lifelong learning and cooking. Anyway, now that I have sustenance let’s see what this hammer can do. All right, so I got Tanner Z. here from Cineplex And we’re gonna see if he’s worthy to pick up Thor’s hammer, Chris here who’s probably my strongest Friend okay, and he’s gonna help try out some of our Thor’s Hammer’s. Now, I’ve got three hammers here Okay, one of them is a real one and two are replicas so I think What can I say yeah? This one? Well that you pick up it’s for the middle one first. This one’s quite heavy Okay So this one’s actually filled with lead. Weighs about 75 pounds. But that’s also just a replica Man that’s epic! Tanner: So one of these is the real hammer. James: So either you’re worthy, you’ve already picked one out. Tanner: Did you already pick this one out? James: Which is quite light. Why don’t you try and pick that one up? Chris: It’s not as easy as it looks Tanner: I thought I saw you pick this up James: Okay, so I guess you’re not worthy. Tanner: Well this this isn’t very fun anymore Chris: Holy Tanner: Okay, what’s your workout program? How did you do it? James: It was actually an electromagnet. What you might not have seen was when I first picked it up we had the key installed the keys installed Pick it up. Tanner: That’s amazing! Okay Tanner: So this is not this is a pointless thing. Did you do it Chris: so straight up and… Tanner: I feel like Chris Evans Yeah, no basically I feel like every avenger ever Wait didn’t vision lift the hammer? Yeah, it’s not going anywhere. What’s in there. How did you… Chris: All right, so what’s the trick there James? James: How do you think it works? Chris: I think there’s like a special little key or something that you’re pressing that I can’t see. I know it has to be there James: So… it kind of requires a gentle touch. Chris: I still can’t pick it up. Tanner: Yeah, we did yeah. James: So it’ll actually take about 240 kilograms of force upwards to break the magnetic field. So there’s a chance like if we took the stage and got some guy can like deadlift five hundred pounds he might be able to do it. But I don’t want to do that because I feel like if your body’s in tension with your 500 pounds, and then suddenly it’s nothing Something else is gonna happen. That’s true So we’ve got the switch here, and this is also just how we turn it off when we store it. That’s off. Also the charging port. That will click on to the wall. You want to see how it’s actually done? Yes see anything in my hands? Tanner: Anything? James: What do I have that you don’t? Tanner: A ring? Oh, is it the ring? James: It’s something that both Ian, and I have that you don’t. Chris: An engineering ring? sneaky sneaky Okay, well see if you can pick up this eighty pound one James. So if you short between this plate of metal in this part Tanner: Yeah, I see how it is that’s very cool It’s all about the ring huh or this magic key Yeah, thanks a lot god of thunder Here’s a work out. One-handed I don’t think it’s just the way it’s weighted. Now the best part about making a Thor’s electromagnet hammer that only the worthy can pick up, is taking it out into the public So the unworthy can try picking it up so a few weekends ago. We actually went to Makerween at Kitchener City Hall where we brought a whole bunch of our projects so our fans who come out and see them and See if they were worthy to pick up Thor’s hammer I’ve got something for this Well I hope you guys enjoyed that video we had a lot of fun doing it and we’re almost done with our Thor’s hammer builds The last one is the heaviest Thor’s hammer We’re gonna try and make the heaviest Thor’s hammer in existence And then we’re gonna destroy stuff with it and a big thank you to Blue Apron for sponsoring this video if you guys want to show your support for this channel check out that link in the description below. Thanks for watching and make sure you’re subscribed.