Wizards warehouse is a food pantry that
is partnered with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada and we supply a
nutritional resources to students who need it. The Food Bank of Northern Nevada
provides food pantries throughout Northern Nevada such as ours with a lot
of donated food that they get from grocers and what they do is that we
would go to a distribution site ours is a church parking lot. We have multiple
food pantries other than ours that the Food Bank will come and deliver the food
that we order. We will take it to the Meadowood campus and the Dandini campus
and stock up the shelves there. We really felt like being able to provide adequate
food or an opportunity for students to access food was an important piece to
students being successful in the classroom and in life. A recent study by
the Wisconsin hope lab found that two-thirds of community college students
are food insecure which means that they don’t have enough adequate, safe,
nutritious food to really get them through, you know, the day. People who are
hungry have less capacity to really deal with life and to learn and and all
of that kind of stuff. Some people have to to live out of their car. Some people just have to be jumping around back and forth living at other people’s houses
on their couches and not really even having a place to keep food. They’re not
even they’re just having to move around constantly. We don’t require any proof of
income or I.D. which is common in a lot of food pantries. So rather than that we ask
them just to fill out an intake form for Wizard’s Warehouse and that really is
just to keep track of how many people were helping and how many people we
actually provide resources to. We are very thankful to the Food Bank of
Northern Nevada to joining with us in this endeavor and we’re very excited to
be able to provide this resource to our campus community.