long-term viewers of this channel know that one of my favorite formats possibly my overall favorite format is modern and modern is in a really good place right now well it’s not ideal it is a really good play environment decks are balanced as always you can play the sort of decks that you love and usually do very well with them and recently I discovered a new deck that I have just been playing endless lean on stuff I can’t get enough of it it’s so much fun and it’s this deck right here modern fairies so of course when there’s a deck that I love to play I do a tech on it or at least a guide to show people the basic outline of that deck and at the end of the video I showed the total cost of the deck which in the case of modern fairies is approximately nine hundred thirty-five dollars well surprise surprise a lot of viewers reacted very strongly to this outraged and aghast that I would even suggest a modern deck in this price range but I guess those people don’t play modern because most modern decks are within that range in fact if you wanted to play the most popular deck in modern right now that would cost you just under fifteen hundred dollars so my $935 deck tech didn’t seem that outrageous to me sure there’s budget builds like burn and merfolk at just under six hundred dollars each but there’s also much more popular builds like abzan at 1600 which also happens to be what you’d pay if you wanted to judge your opponents out Bant Eldrazi is another $900 deck Crixus control will cost you $1,300 and yes you can put affinity together for $750 dredge is a nice budget build at 500 but even ad nauseam or a budget eldrazi Tron build or elves will cost you over $600 same goes for blue-white control so in regards to all the shock and outrage that I would even suggest a deck at this price range I say actually that is what decks in modern costs is it really different than their games I decided to take a look around the shelves at my local game store and the question that entered my mind is how much how much could I buy at my local game store instead of this modern deck in this case I’ll use the nine hundred thirty five dollar price tag of fairies remember there’s lots of decks well above a thousand dollars and maybe a few for a few hundred dollars less but we’ll go buy my fairies deck what could I pick up instead of this deck well there’s one of my favorite board games of all times Lords of Waterdeep now this of course costs $40 and I guess that’s a lot for a board game but you get a lot of play out of it I really recommend Lords of Waterdeep for anyone that has not yet played it and is looking for a new board game what else would I be able to buy to add up to that $935 price tag Dominion is another favorite they’re about $35 each so I suppose we could get a few here’s the base set and then of course there are the expansions to add more cards and options intrigue is a lot of fun I wasn’t a big fan of dark ages I know some people enjoy the slower format but I didn’t it’s hard to go wrong with the red dragon in series this is such a great game to play with friends when they come over you should pick up as many of them as you can and only about $30 each is really not that bad alright i’m splurging here because this is the Ticket to Ride Anniversary Collection it’s $100 there we go don’t say that you don’t bling out your board games because I love Ticket to Ride the anniversary edition has these cast iron tins and specially sculpted trains it’s just beautiful I could get the cheap version of it but I really really love the game so much that I wanted to get the special anniversary collector’s edition for $100 if you’re not interested in casual games like Ticket to Ride then you can check out the incredible complexity of millennium blades I cannot figure this game out it’s three hours of setup and the instruction manual reads like NASA’s rocket code but it’s definitely for those of you that like intense game it is a little classically as well let’s add some more Dominion games to bring the price total up we’ve got some minigames more contingent game so hinterlands so much fun there we go Dominion Dominion Dominion getting it up there you can’t beat the classics Settlers of Catan come on even mom and dad can learn to play that it’s a lot of fun Settlers of Catan if you have not played eclipse I cannot recommend this game enough it is costly it costs one and a half ancestral visions but I think it’s really worth it you’re going to get so much gameplay out of eclipse I can’t believe I didn’t recommend forbidden desert and forbidden islands yes these are not that expensive they’re group collaborative games really good I think I need to start a thing in the front there we’re running out of room oh and you know another good one boss monster get them both they’re fabulous warriors we’re getting close to the cost of one modern deck here how have I not mentioned seven Wonders yet this is for anyone that’s a big fan of draft if you like drafting but you don’t like paying the cost just pick up a box of seven Wonders and you can play it as much as you want with your friends all night long and you don’t have to keep buying booster packs okay we’re still not quite there but I think that if I throw in two more Dominion sets and then oh I know Arboretum this is a really good one it’s for anyone who enjoys math strategy puzzles a very mathematical it’s a little over my head some games but if you really like good math puzzles couldn’t recommend Arboretum more great game great games so here is the question do you think it’s at all reasonable that all of this that you see in front of you costs essentially the same as my needing to play modern fairies or half of abzan or jund and modern or just a few hundred dollars more than affinity I guess I can take off the Eclipse and Ticket to Ride collector’s edition and what you’d see in front of you be what affinity costs is this reasonable or are we in the midst of some modern madness blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah you’ve heard me raise the issue of needed reprints in the cost of Magic the Gathering both specifically in modern and just in general before but I’d like to make what I feel are some key points on the issue as it stands today point one masters sets have not helped enough if they had this would not be a problem we’ve now had not one not two but three three modern master sets as well as an eternal master set and whether or not you want to argue that prices would be much worse without them it seems very unlikely that you can argue that the cost to play modern as it is today is reasonable and I’m not even going to point to the still outrageous prices on cards such as Karn pre-printed in a master set being over $60 each Lilliana of the veil still being $75 each and on and on though the prices of building mana base are outrageous just the persisting cost of gobbling guide keeping mana red burn something that is not a budget build even in modern no I actually want to point to the card path to exile which the lowest you can buy a play set of 4 is $30 now this was printed as an uncommon in modern masters 3 overall the card has seen nine nine different reprinting ‘s throughout various supplemental products and of course master sets in modern masters 3 it was reprinted as an uncommon and it’s still $30 for a play set of this and it’s only played in modern legacy and vintage are not interested in it so I want to hold that up as the most compelling evidence that what Wizards has been doing in terms of reprinting cards is simply not enough maybe it would be more but an uncommon reprinted nine times to still be $30 a play set that means that the current strategy is not working question why do master sets cost ten dollars a pack as far as the MSRP is concerned four dollars is the price of booster pack why is print run always limited imagine if print run was a normal print run the sort that you’d see for a block set and if every summer there was a master set that was the summer set everyone could draft from it at the same price they could draft any other set but we could be getting a lot more of those needed reprints into the system that’s just one idea point to the premise that reprints can’t be done in block sets is false the constant and possibly only historical example that is offered against including needed reprints and block sets is the printing of thoughts seized during tharros block which helped mono black packrat decks run out of control and affected standard in a negative way but to dismiss the incredibly complex and multiform issue of reprints and block sets with a singular example is insufficient and quite frankly near meaningless this was one instance with one specific environment the tools for mono black were already overpowered namely that packrat itself was a card and maybe it shouldn’t have been but that deck would have existed with or without thought C’s did thought C’s push it into ludicrously overpowered territory probably but this is not a proof of why reprints can never be in a block set it’s proof of why you need to be very mindful of which reprints you put in which block set what standard like what reprints are going to be over powerful and which ones might really have no impact at all maybe we should print the ones that aren’t going to have the big impact and I have news for you needed reprints in block sets will sell packs but it will also put eyeballs on standard this is how supporting modern helps for a healthy standard and vice versa it helps standard players see that there’s other formats for their cards to be viable in after they rotate so that there’s not so much frustration about standard rotation in other words we’re creating a great and thriving and diverse MTG ecosystem point number three supplemental product needs to be utilized as the place for reprints people are actually pretty angry at me for being critical on the mind versus my dual deck for not containing ancestral vision as a reprint even though that card has been reprinted in a dual deck in the past and actually fit with the mechanics and theme of the premium card featured in that set but never mind in the many comments that there were they mostly expressed fatigue with the fact that I expect a twenty five dollar supplemental product to have cards of such value this mentality of 25 dollars supplemental products don’t contain anything of value it just needs to change the premise that supplemental product is only for fun and for those dumb new players who can’t handle a real deck it’s an arbitrary designation meant to excuse the absence of what it should contain in fact supplemental product is the ideal place for many of these reprints that can’t find a home elsewhere many argue that putting needed reprints and supplemental product will cause it to sell out so heavily that no one will be able to find it on shelves the players and investors will just buy all the dual decks if that ancestral visions is in it and then the innocent Timmy’s and Tammy’s and Billy’s and bobbies and whatnot won’t be able to play here’s what you do print more they’re selling and you’re presumably making a profit off of those sales so if people are buying them off the shelves shut up and take our money discontinuing clash packs and event decks because Wizards of the coast finally made good ones and they sold off the shelves isn’t the answer printing more of them is the last point I want to make is this modern is important it is a competitive format that does not rotate it is a format where you can play the decks you love keep your cards forever and learn those decks and those cards like a finely tuned machine for fun and victory watching modern gameplay is some of the most enjoyable magic gameplay for viewers top eights are almost always diverse often with seven or even eight different decks pros may hate having to play modern but we players love watching it and the views overwhelmingly back this up and Wizards of the coast obviously thinks modern is important because we’ve had those three masters set specifically designed and even named after the format that’s a pretty big investment and yes commitment on their part to the format which is all the more reason why this modern madness of cost must be solved frontier is not going to replace modern legacy is never going to see the reserved list revoked we cannot start over from scratch modern is the format that is vital to the long-term success and player retention in this game I’m not saying that my solutions are these solutions but the problems and simple absurdity of them is still real even if my ideas on fixing them are incorrect or simply can’t be done that doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist something needs to happen thousand-dollar decks as the norm has to come to an end and what has been done to remedy this simply has not been enough and this program was made possible thanks to a sponsorship from card Kingdom as well as the patreon support of viewers such as you so thank you [Music] member you [Music]