Huh, so these are clear, but also matte? Dragon Shield mattes that are transparent very interest- oh, hello! You know, my very first ‘Tolarian Winds’ was a call to grow the garden that is Pauper: the best budget the best budget format in Magic: the Gathering Pauper is a format I have covered extensively over the years, see my playlist. It has fantastic gameplay. Legacy cards without a reserve list! There are no commons on the reserve list, so nothing that is played in Pauper can’t be reprinted. We lack only the willpower of Wizards of Coast for those reprints, but Pauper offers power, and gameplay, and diversity, and brewing, and best of all; the top-tier decks! The finished, final, top-tier decks can be 10 to 40 dollars. Cheap and affordable. That’s Pauper! The problem is that aside from the extremely popular ‘Magic Online’ Pauper leagues, the format has been largely ignored and its garden untended by Wizards of the Coast, but! The start of 2018 will indeed be a time of growth, and development, for this fabulous format, as I am thrilled to see that Pauper comes to paper, as well as competitive Magic: the Gathering events. YES! Blah blah blah-blah blah blah blah.
Blah blah blah blah blah-blah blah blah. About two weeks ago I “innocently” tweeted out a question, asking ‘what it would take for Channel Fireball or StarCity Games to hold one, just one, just once! A Pauper GP or Open. I think it would be awesome, and “think of it this way” I said to both Channel Fireball and StarCity Games: Do a big Pauper tournament, sell a lot of paper cards that are just sitting in your warehouse, hey, speak the language of money to these companies. Some pro is going to come up with a new deck or 3 now that they have incentive to play competitively in Pauper. Well guess what? More cards get sold. Those prices rise? Well then Wizards of the Coast needs to reprint them in set, and more packs get sold. But first, one of these two places needs to do a major competitive Pauper event and… they’re going to get a lot of eyeballs on that coverage. So the response to these two tweets was exceptional. The online Twitter community seemed beyond excited for the idea, and within less than 12 hours, 12 hours! Not only had THE one and only, wow, Cedric Phillips of StarCity Games tweeted out a poll asking if there really would be interest in a Pauper open. Uh, yeah, with 5608 voters saying overwhelmingly; yes! But, Channel Fireball, not to be outdone, even went so far as to announce that Pauper was coming to all January GPS in the form of double-up events. This is incredible! Now, for the first time, you can play Pauper in paper at a GP! This will be at all 4 January GPS which are; GP Santa Clara, GP Indy, GP Houston. and GP London. It’s not a Pauper GP, just yet, but it is major Pauper events at a GP.
Because these are not just random, fire on demand side events, but Super Sunday double-up events. Scheduled and would double the typical prizes If these do well, maybe we’re gonna see that Pauper GP. Just once, just imagine sitting down to watch the best, most competitive players in Magic do things with this amazing format. Well, at the very least if these do well, maybe the Sunday double-up events in Pauper will become a recurring theme. I hope that if you are in, or near Santa Clara, California Houston, Texas Indianapolis or London, England, that you’ll put a paper Pauper deck together. Hey, top-tier decks are only about 30 to 40 bucks, and they never rotate, and come play some Pauper. Maybe you’ll even get teamed up against me, The Professor, because I’ll be there. That’s right! I am so freaking excited for the chance to play paper Pauper at a GP that I will be attending: Santa Clara, Indianapolis, and London, and playing in the Sunday Pauper double-up events. I’ll also just be hanging out at the GP, getting side games and meeting fans. So, I really do hope to see you there; come on up and say hi! Now these events will wisely, very wisely, yes! Be using ‘Magic Online’ legality. I’ll have links of interest to all of you for Pauper resources in this video’s description. But, if you’re curious about ‘Magic Online’ Pauper legality, just go to the official Magic search engine of Wizards of the Coast, ‘Gatherer’ and… I’m sorry, what? Oh… oh… Wow, really? Haha, that is embarrassing. I’ve just been told that despite Pauper leagues being a mainstay of ‘Magic Online’ for years, that Gatherer does not include info about Pauper legality. Ok, Scryfall! A free, independent search engine that is vastly superior to Gatherer anyway, Scryfall, look it up, there. Look it up, there. Scryfall ev-just use it for everything. It’s so good! It is so exciting seeing Pauper finally come to Magic in paper After all of this, there were so many stores tweeting out about their large and successful Pauper events. Heck, Card Kingdom in Seattle, Washington if you’re in, Seattle, Washington, sponsor of this channel Card Kingdom holds a major paper Pauper event at their newly renamed mocks Mox Boarding House, Seattle, once a month. Huge prizes, huge turnout, the next events from the time of this video going live are December 30th and February 3rd. So, if you’re in the area put a pot paper Pauper deck together and come on by and play! Come on StarCity Games! Don’t let Channel Fireball beat you to the punch!
You gonna take that from them? They already have all GP’s! So why don’t you throw the first Pauper open? Just once! Just do it once! And you’ll have more excitement and eyeballs on the screen watching that stream to watch your pros and grinders play in the most affordable, competitive format for this great game. Oh, and Wizards the Coast? For the love of the gods of Theros and Amonket, update Gatherer to have popper legality. Come on. I’ll see you in January with some paper Pauper cards out in front. And this video is brought to you by my, and many other people’s local games store, Card Kingdom. A brick-and-mortar pillar of this community. As well as the Patreon support of viewers such as you. These are the people that keep Tolarian Community College going, and growing strong. So thank you!