10 Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Magic has played an important role in our
childhood and not many will disagree! Rabbits popping from hats, card tricks and
cutting a lady into two parts, it was all amazing and we waited for the magic show eagerly! We believed it all to be true and as we grew
up, we moved towards more complex magic tricks to satisfy our skeptical minds. It pains us to shatter the illusion but people,
the magicians have been fooling us all this while! You can’t have the Statue of Liberty disappearing;
you know it was a lie. Know the secrets behind many such tricks and
burn in agony! Number 10. Split man trick
If you’ve watched this trick you probably shrieked at the top of your voice! Watching a man cut in half and carrying his
own legs looks like a scene straight out of a horror movie so witnessing it live can creep
you out! Let’s soothe you a bit, he really wasn’t
cut and was just bluffing! This trick worked only because you saw him
from the front, had you seen him from the side you would know that from the knee to
the waist, it was a mannequin! The man was walking on his own legs by bending
them at a strategic angle. Smart we could say! Number 9. Walking on water
We’ve see this trick being performed in the open where a person walks on water, defying
all rules of physics! Isn’t it strange that this trick is always
performed on muddy water? If the magician has some superpowers then
why does he choose to walk on filthy water, he can always use his powers on clear water! Well people, he can’t because he aint walking
on water, rather a clear plastic platform that is not easy to see in muddy water but
that can totally change in see through clear water! We’ve been fooled yet again! Number 8. Disappearing Statue of Liberty
Magically making a 225-ton Statue of Liberty vanish is no easy feat, right? Well guys, it is far easier than you think! Most of you would know that it stands on an
island away from the lights of the city. The only lights that illuminated the statue
at night were from itself. The audience was made to sit in front of two
pillars illuminated with spotlights and from in between them could see the statue. Then a huge screen was placed to hinder their
view for a few minutes and this is when the lights of the statue were switched off. Voila, the statue vanishes! Number 7. The floating man
This is more like a roadside trick; you see “yogis” on the street floating in air,
right? How they managed to pull off this stunt was
beyond us but nevertheless we enjoyed it! Okay, now that man you saw levitating wasn’t
a divine being owning special powers. It was all an illusion with steel structures
providing support from under the person’s baggy clothes and that stick he was holding
as he sat floating above a mat were all hidden tools to support him! You can easily swap places with him! Number 6. Losing your head
Another favorite trick of magicians is… making their head fall off. We’ve all watched that with awe but it kinda
scared us as well! Don’t worry people, he is not a ghost with
a detachable neck, just a clever man pulling wool over your eyes! He just bends his knees and slides his head
down, along with his WHOLE BODY! Oops, but his shoulders didn’t bend, right? That is where the trick is, the man’s jacket
and jeans are held by a metal wire in place, so when his body bends, the clothes still
stay in place giving you the illusion of a falling head! Too easy, aint it! Number 5. Vanishing liquid
Another famous trick that you see often and wonder how any person can turn into a magician! Well, the real magician is the jug from where
you have to pour the liquid into a paper cone. The trick simply is tilt the jug into the
paper cone such that the opening is not visible to the audience. You do that because the jug is sealed at the
opening, no liquid will ever flow out of it! Now you can easily open up the paper cone
you have made and show it purely dry, wow magic! Number 4. Person slicing in half
Another famous trick from magicians around the world is the person slicing trick, we
have all shrieked in fear on watching it! When the magician asks his assistant to climb
into a coffin type box and then slices her in half, we were scared for the poor girl! But it’s time to tell the truth, there were
2 assistants not one and this was possible because the box was deeper than what you perceived! Once the girl is cut in half, you see the
face of one girl but the legs are of another one, totally ALIVE. Remember she wiggles her legs? Number 3. Rabbit in empty hat
Anyone who owns a pet rabbit? You probably know how tough it is to keep
a rabbit in a hat so if you are thinking that the cute fluff ball was hidden in the hat
all the while, you are delightfully wrong! But he didn’t magically pull out a rabbit
from an empty hat, OBVIOUSLY! The rabbit was in a cloth sack hanging from
the table on which the magician places the hat! The skill is to swiftly grab the sack from
under the table and put it in the hat without the audience noticing it! Definitely some credit to the magician for
his slight of hands! Number 2. Horizontal levitation
So how do you think a woman can float in air after the table on which she lay was removed? Pure magic, right? Absolutely wrong! The real trick of this feat was skillfully
hidden in the girl’s flowy clothes and the magician! She lay on a metal platform that was hidden
in her dress, the entire structure was supported by a mechanism which is hooked to the magician. So you never wondered why the magician never
moved during the trick? Oh and then the passing of a huge hula hoop
over the girl to prove that she is not resting on anything or rather to distract you from
the real trick *winks*! Number 1. Underwater chain escape
We’ve all seen this one, a person tied with chains and thrown in a glass tank and locked. Within minutes the person is able to break
free and come up for air! Never found anything fishy here? It is too quick to be legit and uhmmm that’s
exactly the case here, pure bluffing! The trick revolves around fake locks, a bit
of physical strength and clever assistants! Basically when the magician is tied with fake
locks and thrown into water, the assistant tampers with the latches of the glass tank. Then the magician has to use some strength
and come out, easy? Which of these secrets behind famous magic
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