10 Popular Magic Tricks Revealed Go back to the days when you used to watch
magic shows and come back thinking that magicians really have special powers that defy the scientific
laws applicable to the rest of us! It’s okay, we have all been there. As we have grown up, we have realized that
we have been tricked but how? The explanation behind the fake magic has
always been a distant dream but ahoy there, we have come to your rescue! Presenting to you the secrets behind 10 famous
magic tricks, warning: this might ruin your childhood! Number 10. Metamorphosis
One of the most spectacular magic tricks you have seen is the metamorphosis, tried by many
magicians but the best one was by Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon. As per the trick, Charlotte would put her
husband in a sack and lock him in a chest before leaping on it and hiding herself momentarily
by pulling a curtain. When they removed the curtain, Jonathan was
standing on the chest while Charlotte was locked in the chest. The most amazing thing is that this husband
and wife duo could switch places in just 2 seconds! The trick was the chest which did not have
a back and also the sack had a zip at its base for easy escape. So it was easy for Jonathan to come out and
as he held the curtain, Charlotte got into the chest. Smart move! Number 9. The cut rope
You saw the magician cut a piece of rope into two halves by forming a loop while holding
it in his hand but then he pulls the rope out in its original length. Wow! You were tricked people. The magician already had a separate small
loop hidden in his hand and he cut this one instead of the whole rope. You see the rope was never cut in the first
place so he easily drew it out as a whole and claimed it to be ‘magic’! Number 8. The coin
The magician places a coin on a glass table, covers it with his right hand and places his
left hand under the table. Once he removes his right hand from the table
we see that the coin has ‘magically’ arrived in the other hand. How did the coin pass through the glass table? Simple, it didn’t because there were two
coins! The magician already had a coin hidden in
his left palm, okay but then where did the coin go from the table, the one we all saw? Uhmm the trick was in the magician’s ring
he wore in the right hand that was attached to a magnet. So when the magician puts his hand on the
coin, it sticks to the magnet and ‘disappears’ while the second coin appears from under the
table giving the illusion of magic! Number 7. Phone in a bottle
This one is a relatively new trick but let’s face it, we have all fallen for it! The magician shows someone in the audience
an empty plastic bottle, something like a cola bottle and makes sure that it is not
tampered in any way. Then in a blink of an eye he pushes a phone
into the bottle! How did he do that? Now again this isn’t as tough as it may
look like, the magician needs to be well prepared. The magician wears a finger stall with a small
sharp blade and after showing the audience that the bottle is undamaged, he uses the
blade to secretly cut a long slit on one side of the bottle through which he passes the
phone. That was a child’s play! Number 6. The torn banknote
A dollar cut in half right in front of your eyes and then ‘magically’ it becomes undamaged,
ughhh how did this happen? This famous trick performed by David Copperfield
was just an illusion where a bit of science was used in just the best way! The trick shows a folded dollar passing through
a pencil but when unfolded, it comes out undamaged. Don’t worry the magician isn’t reversing
the laws here, the trick was in the pencil that was cut diagonally in half and was connected
with magnets. So the note could easily pass through it without
getting torn. Easy-peasy! Number 5. The disappearing cup
The magician places a cup on a table, covers it with a handkerchief and when he lifts it,
poof, the cup is gone! No matter how hard we scratched our heads,
the answer to this one was nowhere to be found, right? Uhmm, maybe we can change that now because
the secret is here people! The trick here is two-fold, firstly the handkerchief
has a wire sewn into it so it stays in place and gives the illusion that the glass is still
underneath it even when it isn’t! Secondly, the cup is lowered into a pouch
through a hole in the table. Smart! Number 4. Hand through a glass
Remember that trick where the magician puts his hand through a glass cabinet and gets
a bracelet out? We did see him hiding the action through one
hand but in the end when he removes it, not a scratch on the glass! There definitely is a lot to be impressed
about but alas, nothing in it is magical apart from the brain and technology used! There is a hole in the cabinet but you didn’t
see it because the glass is sliding, that’s the reason for covering it up with the other
hand. The glass slides through a technology controlled
by the magician’s feet, under the cabinet! Glass slides, hole gets near the magician’s
hand, he passes his hand through it, gets the jewel, takes it out and the glass slides
back again. Simple! Number 3. The zig zag girl
The magic trick that gave all of us some jaw dropping moments, yes we are talking about
the zig zag girl! The magician’s assistant enters into a cabinet
with her face, hands and the left foot visible through openings in the front of the cabinet. The magician pushes the midsection to one
side and later when the cabinet is opened, the girl comes out, UNHARMED! It isn’t impossible to achieve and there
isn’t any supernatural power involved. The trick is dependent on the girl’s ability
to maintain an upright posture of the face and legs even in little space. Contortion at its best! Number 2. Chain through the neck
Another famous trick where the magician ties an iron chain around his neck and asks two
people from the audience to pull the ends. You’d think that he’ll be strangled but
no, to our surprise, the chain comes off his neck! Now how can that happen? This is easier than you think! The magician knows a brilliant way to tie
a fake knot. So while you think that the chain is tied
properly, it isn’t and when you pull at the ends, instead of tightening, it just comes
off! Brilliant! Number 1. Sword stabbing
We saw a scary magic trick in Britain’s Got Talent performed by James Moore. Can you believe that his assistants placed
him on the tip of a sword and it passed through his body? But the most shocking thing is that he was
unharmed! How? Well, under his clothes, on his back was a
special construction with a hole in it. When he is placed on the supposedly sharp
sword, the edge fits into the hole in the construction, so no harm done! A similar construction with a sharp edge is
fixed on the magician’s chest which gives the illusion that the sword went through his
body. Now that’s called an illusion, we fell for
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