For me this is like what’s your million pics, you know, it was like unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything disclose so good It was absolutely immaculate eyes Hi, what’s your name? Okay, let me try again well welcome to America’s Got Talent anyway Oh my god My god, well people died in a building ways suicide victim to blame. Oh my gosh Fire choose a name I Say ball Suicide victim to blame Whoa I’m shakin and what’s under the board don’t even ask I Just gets to random name Who’s here I’m telling this over? Behind me That is you should go away go away now, that’s crazy Oh You guys you can yes. All right. Thank you very much. You’re welcome Now think about bar magic as opposed to regular magic is the fact that I don’t use big props. I don’t I can’t afford them And That’s all I have dad’s of the world, right now think about Magic that happens too close to your face is that it has to be performed exquisitely. Okay. So now is that work correctly back? But honestly, I just do not like part tricks because But I’m a beautiful six-year-old son and I want to do something to you miss now be well. Well that my little boy likes let’s hear The other side Thank you Perfect. I’m gonna take this ball put it right about here. I want you to hold that ball real tight for me Thank you without ball there in that ball. They were gonna go abracadabra Open up and Let me mention the assault you too and good things Because cuz I am ghetto Good Thank you not my name though That is the name Wow Thank you Do you want to play with her? She likes you To play with you see dust unlike being rejected That’s not here Carrie Don’t go to cage It’s 900 pounds of sand I think saddens me worse than water Very Hi You want to tell us who you are, please Mandy mutant and where your problem London Eye Mandy hold you There’s just have seen a few summers and leave it there sighs. That’s a good answer Solution to please summers Mandy this what you do full-time. Yeah Have you nearly had that opportunity where you had that break to be quite honest? Not really cuz my family don’t even really know who I am. So no, no Don’t know who you are. No, they’re always confused when I come home, but you know, I Keep trying I look good luck. Thank you very much Okay, now I’m gonna show you something that is a little bit um Extraordinary, okay, whatever I write or draw on this plant Becomes a reality I Was hoping I’d be a bit older when the melons dropped Now I’m completely a Psychiatric psychotic and some people do actually call me a witch and David I’m being very drawn to you Can you feel me stroking your aura? You will in a minute nowadays it I’m gonna try and read you man. I want you to think of somebody David that you’re very very attracted to Who is it David that you’re very very attracted to That’s interesting Alicia I’m being drawn to you and I want you to think of something you like to do most days All right. Here we go all Right. What what you thinking of food? She’s brilliant is going over The position dear I want you to think of a number between one and five thousand making it really hard for me All right. Here we go Simon. Are you thinking? Okay, this would be it What number you think you know seven seven seven That is uncanny Would you be so kind as to join me on stage To sit on that stool Tonight, yes, sir. Anytime take it out Look at it. Okay. I’m gonna make a prediction of what it is and Remember it? Okay Just the same time fix you’re very attracted to Simon and I don’t blame you with that lovely jawline Alicia you like food And Your number was seven. Seven seven. Was that right Simon? Yes, that’s there seven seven zero Oh, maybe I’ve got that one wrong, but let’s move on Perfect now a man, what was the card it was the four of spades the forest was it’s not the free. Oh It was a pool, so we were spied missing then everybody Okay, well look here it is Is really good I see Oh Oh She okay Show me down hit the ground. We would like to try the blank boat trick one more time It’s not America’s Got perfection, this is America’s Got Talent no one can do this. I mean, it’s okay It’s okay And I think just picking up on what Ken said I don’t think there’s ever been a sinner on any of our competitions who’s been. No, perfect It still doesn’t make them not amazing. You make some human and as you but they stick with the Consequences on this a slightly worse than falling off peed Whereas you nearly broke in there and the fact that your lady blind makes this incredible Music suspense afire Your name is Jackie you I remember and you’re from South Korea, yes, does this mean a lot to you? Yes, I believe that I can make my own American dream come true. So oh man So you remember last time Simon Lee didn’t like you yeah, maybe this time I make you surprised Yeah Let’s do it Okay, I love is laughs. Thank you so much. Oh, I guess you started. All right Okay today I bring a special egg. That looks like Howie Let’s start, I’m gonna show you some amazing hard magic with this ball. Is there anything inside no nothing Okay, and this is all different. All right. Yeah Okay, and just please pick any card you win any card is okay this way Yes, like here, okay, and please sign your name on the face of the car Face it. Okay and Heidi, okay Please attach the sticker get at the back over the sign come you want me to stick them on? Yes, okay And let’s talk. I Put the car in the middle of the deck like this and try to find your car But when you watch car tricks when you imagine that the magician can move the chosen car to the top Or to the power, but today I’m gonna try something different Okay, if you look under the pole, there’s a card in it and it is signed the car Oh my gosh Okay, I’ll show you once again I put the card in the middle of the deck like this and shuffle them Like this, but there it is under the buda game Okay once again I put the card in the mirror and shuffle them like this and shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle them again But that it is on the pole game is amazing Sign the car Putting the last time I put the card in the middle that that is good Okay, only one car left but watch this card it changed you to sign the card, oh my god The rustic in rustic is to the poor I Like flowers because they remind me of how beautiful life is But also very fragile and that’s why every second counts In the grand scheme of things life happens in a blink of an eye. So for the next few moments Don’t blink You I’ll show you all something interesting with a pack of playing cards I’m just gonna Let’s say we use this one. I’ve got a Sharpie in my pocket. Just sign your name right on the face of the card Thank you. We’ve got the face of the card with Christie signature on it, too But I’m gonna change the back if you watch it happens on the count of three, that’s one. That’s two Please take a look at it make sure it is exactly what it seems to be. That’s my damn card Now I do have a bone to pick with you so we did say that my routine wasn’t nearly as Dynamic, and the truth of the matter is I’ve kind of taken it to art And in fact, I brought a special magic wand here. Oh My god what I want you guys to do is keep your eyes in the card, but also keep your eyes on the hammer as the part completely vanishes but for your safety I Want you to move down to the other side of the table. Do you only regret the other side? Yeah, but you guys just mind just sliding down just a door. Laughs this is gonna be interesting when the card vanishes people always ask Where in the world? Could it be Here on the table. If you don’t mind, sir, go ahead and examine it open it up and tell me is that your signature? I take it back Hello, what’s your name? My name is Henry Richardson. Where you from Henry Richardson, I’m from Brooklyn, New York And how old are you son? I’m 15 years old 15 years old Yeah, and what are you doing here on America’s Got Talent? I’m gonna be doing some magic How does it 15 year old get into magic I actually started getting interested in it by watching America’s Got Talent really Yeah, as a little kid me and my dad you just watch every episode every week What is the dream the dream is for us in front of as many people as possible and hopefully make you guys all happy today Wow show us the magic young man great. Thanks so much Let’s see, uh Mel could you help me out with this. Yeah. All I want you to do is say stop Stop right there. Yeah, great. And can I also get your signature? Yeah. Thank you Beautiful when I’m wrong B is with the be Great I’ll take that and if you’d hold your hand out for me I’ll give you your sign card so you can place your other hand right on top isolating your card from me now I’m gonna need a cartoon. Yeah Now with my card here and your card there let’s try something maybe I can get my card to travel to your hand and Yours – mine take a peek Oh my gosh Exit my hand did not move We’re wearing a little souvenir for you it has your name on it you can put that away for now There’s more Simon I brought a little something for you. It’s a notepad of mine from school now I’m supposed to take notes in it, but I usually just doodle Simon if you’d hold out one of your hands and sandwich your other hand right on top lift up to only one page. All right Got one Ryo I’m gonna take that from you now do me a favor and just imagine whatever image you just saw Floating in the air written on a small little slip of paper Alright, I’ve got it. Right. What I want to try to do is take that self of paper and actually throw it into Mel’s signed and selected card that you’ve been holding on to this entire time, correct? Yeah and Simon What image were you thinking of a selfie ball? Hold it right from the top melt right on the top I want you to tear that in half tear it in half. Seriously these you’re gonna find in between the layers of cardstock Something that you might recognize why Simon’s soccer ball Just calm it all down the base That’s a bit more stable No Now tell me what’s about to happen I’ll go underwater the lid will be closed and padlocked Shut a chain will be wraps around my neck My hands will be handcuffed on the outside of the box the lock around my neck and the handcuffs I’ll be attempting to pick using a lockpick but the last lock the one that keeps the lid closed and that one’s a little different So I’m gonna invite Anton deck on stage. If you would please can we have a round of applause? Here on the table. I have a glance it contains 20 keys. None of these keys Will open that lock now, we don’t have time to go through all 20 so take 3 or 4 of random try them in the log when you’ve tried them drop them in the glass, please I Have one more key. This is the one that opens the lock Would you try that in the lock now, please as he’s doing that would you put up all the keys in the glass? Yes, would you take the key out and put it in the glass with the 20? They don’t like that. Yes Now put your hand on top and shake up the keys The last law is like trying to find a needle in a haystack Thank you, sir. I get ladies and gentleman judges out and down Now tell me what should we be looking out for it it’s a period of time or what I’m gonna try and do it in a minute and a half People start getting up around the minute 40 minute 50 under water holding my breath then then we’re starting to have problems If I start floating and I pass out then you get me out Okay, got it, good luck, thank you Oh, I mean this is actually feel sick already, yeah These the acts that actually carry their role I Feel really anxious Forty-five My go-to so I look at the time How many many cities day oh my god Two minutes now Okay You can either go no don’t you’re not doing it Don’t live to nil Rizzo Good evenin welcome back hitting any we loved what you did last time and I thought it was very dangerous and Simon he goes. It’s not dangerous enough Can you do something with crocodiles and I think he’s just trying to be flippant and funny and I’m looking behind you Are those alligators or crocodiles? What are those? Yeah alligators alligators. Have you ever worked with these before? Never? Just doing it because Simon suggested it. Yes. This was a challenge and I accept the challenge Well, I respect that and they look happy that I mean, they really look happy because they’re looking at a buffet Who are you working with here? She’s my fiance. She’s Maya my fiancee and are you happy about this? Not so much I’m very nervous but I have faith in you Just for the record whatever happened Simon this was your idea I didn’t think they were gonna do it the longer we talk I’m getting more nervous. Okay, I’m shutting up go do it good Thank you very much. Thank you They release it And they look hungry, I mean, you know, these are like dining huge oh My god Should be ashamed of your spelling. Oh My gosh Why would you listen This guy is absolutely I’m afraid – literally And who you piece my name is annalisa nuke I’m 21 years old and I’m from Sarasota, Florida, okay Tell me about you, please. I am a female daredevil. I come from a long line of Daredevils you might actually remember my dad Bellona I Decided I want to do something bigger and better Tonight I’m going to be doing a bigger explosion than I ever have before I’ll be climbing into a 3 foot by 6 foot box with six sticks of dynamite Everybody needs to understand. Nobody is allowed to go on the box except JP There’s only the Hat and you’ll determine when it’s safe to go. Why would anyone I’d be a little crazy to not be scared of this act with an explosion this size. Any number of things could go wrong I’m a paramedic got it If I don’t exhale at exactly the right moment My lungs could implode the results could be deadly once that door closes. There’s no stopping this I’m scared All campers out this year. She’s getting engaged in a coffin Your father looks worried Now he’s making her in make it hot Cymatics pretty Oh No, Oh No She looks devastated she’s moving a leg She’s good Let’s do some magic tonight we’re going on a journey deep into the unknown I’ll do tricks. So this evening that’s gonna be gone some amazement. Come on In takes a breath moments of pure fantasy Now since the first audition went out people have been saying is she single Simon And I am actually single by choice That makes builders go Wow, then I stopped shaking their ladder You were thinking of somebody very very famous weren’t you I was was it Sir Elton John No Oh, was it Michael Jackson was it yeah Michael Jackson Our team and illusion Oh My god No