So you have the tricks, but what about the little things in this video I’m going to be covering the top 5 accessories that every magician should have Now not a lot of these are magic related These are things that I use that help me perform a little better number 5 is this O’Keeffe’s working hands. This is a Hand cream for people that use their hands a lot. It’s actually made for Like people who have dry or cracked split hands, but this is great if their fingers are dry You don’t need much all you have to do is open it up, and that’s all I do is I just dab a little bit on my fingers And I’m ready to go this stuff will last you Years definitely recommend this O’Keeffe’s working hands the next one are sharpies Every magician should have a Sharpie whether you’re doing an ambitious card routine, or you just need something to be written down Sharpies are a must. They do sell these in the 24 packs And I definitely recommend that you get those because they’re like a lifetime supply definitely get your Sharpie before they disappear Number three is a card guard or a card clip my favorite. One is the Joe Porper card clip I keep it always on my working deck these things are such a lifesaver and they Extend the life of your deck of cards the next one business cards Every magician should have a business card whether it has your email or your phone number or your website or all three? I have some more tips on Business cards and other ways to get gigs in this video if you’d like to go and check that out but definitely go get a business card and the last one number one is a close-up mat if you are a Close-up worker or a magician that just needs a nice practice surface Close-up mat is a must the ones that I use are from Patrick’s magical mats you Have a review video those so go check those out for more information Because of matt is great because it allows you to have a working Surface and not ruin your cards on a dusty old table And I mean talk about portability this thing to go everywhere with you, and it goes with you wherever you go So you always are ready to go those are my top 5 favorite? accessories if you like what you see and you want to see more hit the subscribe button down below also Comment below and tell me what accessories you think a magician has to have see you next time