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can at TPMvideos! Now Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is
home to many hidden secrets that bring the magic alive. In Adventureland there’s a little attraction
called The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Now we’ll get to the physical ride in just
a bit but lets take a look at something thats more of a prop but could arguably be considered
be the real stars of the ride: the spitting camels. So if you didn’t know, in Adventureland
at Magic Kingdom there’s two camels placed at the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride that
quote on quote spit and squirt water at guests. Now these camels are always featured on pretty
much every list and top 10 video about Walt Disney World secrets. What a lot of people don’t realize though
is that they actually have a pretty long history at Walt Disney World that dates back to the
early 90s, long before they even appeared at Magic Kingdom. So today, we’re gonna go through Disney
theme park History and take a look at the journey of the golden spitting camels, which
includes going through some extinct attractions at Disney-MGM studios then we’ll dive right
into the myth surrounding the camels and get to the bottom of everything. So here are the Top 5 secrets and myths of
Magic Kingdom’s Spitting Camels. Number 5- Aladdin’s Royal Caravan
So lets start right back at Disney- MGM studios in the early 90’s. Now as a whole the early 90’s were a pivotal
point in Disney history. From 1989 to 1999 this period was known as
the Disney renaissance period which resurged the production of successful animated films
for the company. Well one of the things the company did to
further promote their films was integrate the newest animated Disney release into rides,
shows and parades at the Disney theme parks. Disney gets a lot of flak now a days with
people saying they’re coping out by using too many IPs, which stands for intellectual
properties if you didn’t know, in the theme parks but Disney was full of IP’s especially
in the 90s. And very little was known about the films
these attractions were based off of since they would open around the same time as a
films release. Well One example of this was a parade called
Aladdin’s Royal Caravan. It opened less than a month after Aladdin
was released in theatres and could be seen along the parade route at Disney-MGM Studios. Thats right, the park currently known as Disney’s
Hollywood Studios used to have parades; ah the good old days. Now, Aladdin’s Royal caravan was actually
quite a fun parade that was designed to represent the Prince Ali scene from the film. Well one of the floats were a pair of camels
and this is where their journey officially begins. In 1992, the camels made their Disney theme
park debut in a parade float. They stood on a platform that was designed
to look like they were being pushed by this group of guys who’s feet weren’t even
touching the ground. Now thats truly Disney magic. The camels were always gold in colour, since
in the song Prince Ali it says he has 75 golden camels, but the MGM camels had a red saddle
cover with gold fringes. Some would classify them as audio animatronics
but their range of motion was very limited to only one movement. Since the beginning of their existence they
were designed to turn their heads and spit water at guests and they were actually already
kinda famous in the 90s. Number 4- Full House
In 1993, an episode of Full House titled the House meets the Mouse part 2 aired. Well Aladdin’s Royal Caravan is shown in
the episode, heavily featuring the spitting camels. Actually in part 1 of the House Meets the
Mouse, the inflatable genie that appears at the beginning of the episode where Michelle
becomes princess for the day is actually the first genie float from the parade. So Danny, Vikki and the kids are watching
Aladdin’s Royal Caravan at Disney-MGM Studios when the camel sprays water at the crowd and
Danny gets hit in the face with camel water. So the spitting camels that are now pretty
well known for unexpectedly spraying guests in Adventureland were once well known for
spraying Danny Tanner along the parade route at Disney MGM Studios. See- they were famous way before you probably
thought, but their existence doesn’t end here. So during the 90’s when Disney created attractions
to market animated films, they would usually debut on both the east and west coasts at
Disney World and Disneyland respectively. Although it was 5 months after the debut at
Disney-MGM Studios, in April of 1993 Disney also opened Aladdin’s Royal Caravan at Disneyland
in California. The Disneyland parade floats were pretty much
the exact same including the camel float, so in total there were originally 4 spitting
camels produced by Disney. After the parade at Disneyland ended in June
of 1994 it seems like the camels disappeared from California but its a different story
for Florida. Number 3- The Soundstage Restaurant
When Aladdin’s Royal Caravan ended its run in August of 1995, the spitting camels found
a new home guarding the entrance outside of the Soundstage restaurant at Disney MGM Studios. Now you might be wondering what is the soundstage
restaurant? Well its an extinct restaurant at the park
in the building where Disney Junior- Live On Stage! is today. It opened with the park in May of 1989 and
was a character dining buffet that served breakfast and lunch. You can see here that the camels pretty much
look the exact same as they did in the parade, expect now they were removed from their base
on the float and they lost the gold tassels on the ends of the saddle cover. Now whats never documented is if they sprayed
water during their time at the Soundstage restaurant. Looking at this short clip you can see the
camel’s head turn sideways, so clearly the heads were mobile but it never shows them
spraying water. And when you take a look at the ground here
it looks completely dry so it might be safe to say that during their time guarding the
soundstage restaurant entrance they did not spray water. Well the restaurant closed in November of
1998 to make way for Bear in the Big Blue House Live, and with the closure of the restaurant,
the camels also disappeared after spending 3 years at the entrance. Now the next time we see the camels at Walt
Disney World, it wouldn’t be until 2001. So from Nov of 1998 until May of 2001 the
camels most likely spent time in storage backstage at one of the theme parks. Number 2- The Magic Carpets of Aladdin
In May of 2001, the Magic Carpets of Aladdin opened in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom
and the spitting camels were relocated to their current home around this attraction. Now the attraction was rumoured in early 2000
which is only a year and a couple months from the closing of the Soundstage restaurant. So they were most likely saved with the intention
of using them for this Aladdin ride or something else themed to Aladdin around the parks. This picture shows the rides construction
as of April 18th, 2001 and right here is where one of the camels would be so its safe to
assume that they weren’t installed until closer to the late May opening of the ride. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin features both
camels, separated in different locations; one faces the spinner directed towards riders,
and the other is located behind the ride’s sign directed towards guests walking down
the path. Over their 2 1/2 years off duty they received
a little makeover with the most notable differences being the red saddle covers painted gold,
the re addition of the original gold tassels and the re introduction of their spitting
water feature. The ride was actually Adventureland’s first
addition since the park opened in Oct of 1971 and although, yes it did add a ride to the
park, it may have not been the best location for a ride since that area in Adventureland
can get pretty backed up on busy days. Now walking through Adventureland from the
hub, there is a chance you’ll get a little wet when you’re approaching that golden
camel. By this point, a lot of people visiting the
park already know about the camel being able to spit water but its really funny watching
people walk by not expecting to get wet. Now while you’re on the magic carpet ride,
if you want to be in the spray zone make sure you’re flying your carpet about mid way
up. If you want to completely avoid the water
then fly your carpet at the highest it can go. Now theres a little rumour and myth surrounding
who the camel choses to spray with water and we’re gonna put this rumour to rest. Number 1- The Cast Member Secret
As we said in the introduction of the video, the camels are usually included on many lists
about Walt Disney World secrets. Specifically that the camels are controlled
by a cast member on the look out for the perfect guests to spray with water. Now around 2013 this rumour started to gain
a lot of steam for some reason. Some people have speculated that theres a
cast member in disguise as a photo pass photographer or theres a cast member positioned near the
ride’s sign controlling it. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but
this secret and rumour isn’t true and is in fact just a myth. The camels aren’t controlled by a cast member
and this is based off accounts from current and former cast members, including cast members
on the Keys to the Kingdom tour at Magic Kingdom. They’re simply just automated camels, like
they were in the parade, that turn their head back and forth at regular intervals spraying
guests on the ride and on the walkway. Also, if you always seem to get sprayed with
water, thats probably because you walk through the camels direct spray paths just at the
right time when its about to spit. If you take a look at the walkway in front
of the camel, you’ll notice isolated wet spots. If it was controlled by a cast member, the
wet spots on the ground would be much more spread out and not concentrated in one spot. Although the cast member myth isn’t true,
the golden spitting camels are still a cool detail of Adventureland. I mean who knew they crossed through so much
Disney theme park history. Camels are known for traveling long distances
in the desert and its safe to safe these camels have definitely traveled miles and miles through
multiple decades at Walt Disney World. So did you know the camels original home wasn’t
at the Magic Kingdom and has it ever sprayed you while you