hey how are you doing good and who are
you – I am Kayden Bart rocket and I’m Brooklyn Nicole rocket and how old are
you I am 10 years old and I’m 8 they have the same last name so you’re
obviously a couple she’s my sister so what will the – have you been doing
for us today I am going to be doing magic magic and your sister is your
assistant yes ah willingly I got him so you kind of have to sometimes he makes
me really as you put the goods depends okay all right I wish you good luck
can’t wait to see it thank you Lola Padilla mom’s Eric yo vas a hacer
Grande soluciones Grande soluciones interasante
pues cuando ghiras LS tener studio we ship it level dad I miss you what all right best of luck thank you can I
come down in join you you can today I’m going to show you something
with my two favorite things magic amazing using my three favorite
books my first favorite author is corn Davis
mathemagical Amanda could you look through the book and see if each page is
different their story my second favorite author is zinnia
black from magical faraway tree Alicia could you look through the book
and see if each page is different okay my third favorite author is David
Walliams midnight will be a pleasure while still doing that Simon could you
pick up my box and put it on the floor for me please where very bossy down here yeah I can’t lift
it David you want to go in hell I live free
car left – trying together problem to me to you
to me it won’t lift oh wait one minute could you sit back down for me please
go sit down go sit on no you as well zhuzi charger welcome back Simon I want to show you a card trick
basic card I’m still a bit scared after that give me five seconds as you can see
all the cards are different yeah Cameron I’m going to turn them face down and I
want you to touch the back of any card all right that one thank you I want you
to look at your card remember and don’t let anyone else see I won’t okay
now Simon you’re the boss I want you to pick any book either and band
Alicia or David’s malicious base Alicia’s book has about 600 pages could
you name a number between one and six hundred it’s 70 70 Alicia could you turn
your books page 77 for me please and check if all the words are different yes
all the words are different now could you pick any word and tell us
what it is kettle kettle remember Sam you could have picked any book and
Alicia you could have chosen any word but you chose kettle here see this
buckboard before the show tonight I wrote a void on the board watch
No Simon meters apart what was your card
it’s the four diamonds Papa Massey is everything for me – basic
do shoe it has a depth to their use which easy jimy no silly cap comes up is
upon the couch is also a Pepita know what chair you know what towel to
reposition Alonzo Bodden Madonna comes a chip on ICI oneof the tref pyramid of
Aetna or Kovac load my parachute everypony no Jia you Jia Jia
she used a cursor see Cyrano de tráfico mama was a VOD rakia but not imagine what the tradition
jaffna pop-locking oh no yeah they pull it up is Lapeer don’t you accommodate know take after won’t slap for
semi-autonomy did you wish ups in it don’t work is oh I see well she cottage
at war on the poor yen so get this typically do you see the PC pony a car
pull over up at sushi then the cab Oh – aluva
the sumo party – no faded oh yeah in circa Buitoni
Becky with optimism hello what’s your name my name is Henry
Richardson where you from Henry Richardson I’m from Brooklyn New York
and how old are you son I’m 15 years old 15 years old yeah and what are you doing
here on America’s Got Talent I’m gonna be doing some magic how does
it 15 you’re all get into magic I actually started getting interested in
it by watching America’s Got Talent really yeah as a little kid me and my
dad used to watch every episode every week what is the dream the dream is for
us in front of as many people as possible and hopefully make you guys all
happy today Wow show us the magic young man great thanks so much let’s see ya
know could you help me out with this yeah all I want you to do is say stop
stop right there yeah great and can I also get your signature yeah thank you beautiful oh my name wrong B is with the
be great I’ll take that and if you’d hold your hand out for me
I’ll give you your sign card so you can place your other hand right on top
isolating your card from me now I’m gonna need a card – yeah now with my
card here and your card there let’s try something maybe I can get my card to
travel to your hand and yours – mine take a peek
oh my gosh exit my hand did not move we’re wearing a little souvenir for you
it has your name on it you can put that away for now there’s more Simon I
brought a little something for you it’s a notepad of mine from school now I’m
supposed to take notes in it but I usually just doodle Simon if you’d hold
out one of your hands and sandwich your other hand right on top lift up to only
one page all right got one Leo I’m gonna take that from you now do me a favor and
just imagine whatever image you just saw floating in the air written on a small
little slip of paper all right I’ve got it right what I want to try to do is
take that self of paper and actually throw it into Mel’s signed and selected
card that you’ve been holding onto this entire time correct yeah and Simon what
image were you thinking of a selfie ball hold it right from the top milk right on
the top I want you to tear that in half tear it in half seriously these you’re
gonna find in between the layers of cardstock something that you might
recognize why Simon’s soccer ball