-intro music- (uuhh) OW “Oww… “Yes!” -video game music- -phone ringing- -video game music continues- -phone rings again- “Who keeps calling you?” -sigh- “It’s just my… twin sister.” **Doorbell rings** “Wait, you have a twin?” yeah.. we were separated at birth and her name is *gasps* “Rosalina?” -sexy latin music- *mexican music* “Hahahaha…” “You win!” “You just beat the hardest level in the game!” -gasp,- “I did?” “You’re amazing.” She says “You’re amazing”, -Careless Whisper by George Michael- He says “Oh my God!” “Natalia, don’t cheat! You eat too much!” This takes work! “Take a salad, for you!” -latin music- -ding- – thinking music- “Ricky, my love!” *smooch* “Natalia!” Shhhhh -Latin music- –gasp- “For me?” I’m worth it. -whispers- “This is it” This is it. “Ew!” “What’s this?!” “A coupon? No, no, no! Not for me” -latin music proceeds- -sneaky music- “Ricky Martin on the cover this time on Vogue magazine!” “He’s so cute!” “Oh my gosh, I love him!” (inaudible) “there’s 2 of course.” Ey Dios Mío, I want to live…” -Funny Music- -Latin Music- -Puking Sound- “So, Rosalina, ah How long are you here for?” “I don’t know” “Ok, um, so that’s a really cool one. Do you mind if I see it?” -sarcastically- “Sure” “So, Rosalina, I heard you LOVE Ricky.” -sound of record scratching very dramatic music “Ok Dennis say the lines just like I told you.” Good Evening, I am Tom Daly. Today I have the pleasure in telling you in today’s weather forecast. It’s time to go to the beach! The skies are clear with no clouds in sight.” “Take your family and your dog and everything you have ever loved and everything you know to the beach!” She gasps! “Thank you Ricky.” Kiss sound. “Let’s Go!” Sound of Rain Pouring Upbeat Music “Night, Sister” Shhhhhh. Air sound escaping from air mattress -Cell phone rings- Music -sound of neck cracking- “Oh my God.” RICKY!! (angrily) “Natalia!” -singing Ricky Martins “Livin’ La Vida Loca”- -upbeat music- -sounds of the rainforest- birds, insects, frogs “Oh my goodness, (gasps) oh my goodness!” “Natalia, I’m gonna kill YOU!” -siren sounds with music- -DUN DUN DUN- Rosalina screams -“sexy” music- -in very low voice- “Hey Sister” -gasps- “Oh my God. Who is that?” “Who? That? That’s just my step brother.” -gasps- “Your step brother? WOW!” “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whats that look?” -sexy music- “Ah, sh…” -Latin music until the end-
Thank you for watching, hope you enjoyed it.