what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel today we are doing trampoline trickshot course we’ve got the whole
squad here we’re going to do 2 V 2 the teams are going to be the Randall twins
one team me and Chris let’s go one go and then the ladies on another team
since this is trampoline horse we’re gonna spell out jump J UMP instead of
horse me and Chris are gonna go first here we go okay here we go
pay attention bandy okay on this channel you get up to three attempts for your
trick shot in horse but if we get it and I’ll run a test if we get our first or
second than the other teams have to do it their first or second time that’s for
the twins let me hold this – oh my god you i you take flight
what are these guys doing yeah first honestly pretty hard to jump off yeah I
think it’s yeah it doesn’t exactly like totally lifts you up okay let’s see it
oh yeah that’s one try one try he wants to pass because if I miss then it’s my
fault I already know what you’re doing clearly his fault right if we’re gonna
win Jake needs to pick it up that’s that’s a J for you guys see right now
the ladies have to try it here flip the news nice we got that’s good okay okay you
know whispering isn’t that necessary because you’re about to show everyone he
got it ladies are asking for a lowered rim just a reminder Chris staples one take
Jake I’ll take Jake we’re gonna put that
Michelle it’s been it’s been a year and a half though I don’t know if I totally
remember who it was maybe Jake Paul I forget but ladies what
is your confidence level one out of ten bhindi care to comment uh hundred okay
both II don’t know scales work let’s see it you broke my backboard bandy two more
dude a third try for their first letter bandy what Tamia oh okay
J that’s the J for you a J for the twin and me and Chris are clear right me
Chris got nothing every Wednesday on this channel we break or set a world
record its world record Wednesdays so if you’re new we do that every single
instance make sure you subscribe cuz a lot of fun and this Wednesday
Jake Randall is going to try to break the current Guinness world record for
most three-pointers bounced in a minute fire five how you feeling
feel good yeah we got the hoop at 10 feet we can have rebounders
but just one shooter Jake good luck get it one date you good done bro first try I didn’t think I
didn’t think I was gonna hit it honestly I did I knew he was gonna get it that
was perfect guys our squad is tuned up okay back to
the game of horse josh is now on the DL red short like your career I like it
come on Chris Thanks long-long like your time spent on the
bench oh we got twins Leigh using the trampoline ooh I’m incorporating the bro
just give me the ball here you go there you go the only you used to talking the
ball there we go there you go handshake ball hand here let’s go Jeff to do the
exact same combo too just to clarify dribble behind the back 360 okay so scary josh is the wrong angle shut up
don’t open J J’s all-around J and RJ 100k you for the twins back to you oh we
got a great one honestly this one was done his idea kind of just rolled with
it to be a good friend oh my gosh and we lost another
basketball oh we need to go get a bunch of
basketballs because we have four or five basketballs down in the yard now Jenna I
say there’s a zero percent chance of you getting this one you’re not even gonna
get it to me I didn’t get it to me up just like I called it okay okay that’s a
Ju Ju MJ for us get it Chris oh okay first try okay I mean we get a letter
dang it I’m curious what’s happening 1 & 2 oh that’s nice yep Oh first shot of the day
for me I think Oh No oh my gosh first try but you guys
are about to get a letter yeah I’m tired of winning every other games you guys
are done see you later actually stay around we’re gonna pull
another video of this okay bye first try first try
white oh you finally you know what it feels
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love ya bye we’re like mountain goats over here folks
someday I’ll put in stairs