In this video, we’ll show you how to work
with Transition Wizard and make your own transition effects. For a start, let’s create a simple 3D transition. While on the Transitions tab, click Create
own transitions – that’s the green plus icon at the bottom. The program will open Transition Wizard in
a new window. Start working on the first transition in your
personal collection. On the Slide tab you can set the duration
of each slide and the transition between them. The A slide is the starting slide before the
transition, and the B slide is the final slide after the transition. To create a transition, you should set the
animation for these two slides. By default, the first slide fades into the second one. Let’s try making a more interesting 3D transition. Choose the starting slide and switch to the Animation tab. Click Keyframe #2 and set Opacity at 100%. Now make the layer smaller and add a 60°
3D rotation. Position the keyframe on the time slider. Add Keyframe #3 to move the layer up until
it disappears beyond the slide frame. Click Play to see the result. Save your custom transition to the program library. Later you can easily edit the chosen transition
or delete it. Find your new transition effect under My transitions
and apply it to a pair of slides. Try your hand at making a transition effect
with some clipart. In this case we’ll create the falling leaves transition. Click Add Layer and insert the chosen clipart. Move to the Animation tab. While working with Keyframe #1, change the
layer size and place it on the slide. Our leaves will be falling from the upper
left corner. Add new keyframes, each time changing the
position of the layer and its size. The more keyframes you add, the smoother your
transition will be. Make sure the leaves become completely invisible
in the last keyframe. Preview the transition you’ve made and add
it to your slideshow. Finally, let’s create a stylish transition
based on a glowing background. Add a new layer to the slide and switch on
Glow mode. Stretch the image so it covers the whole slide. On the Animation tab you can make the layer move. Choose Keyframe #1, increase the layer size
and move it to the left. Set its opacity at 0% so the layer will gradually
appear on the slide. Add Keyframe #2 and set the opacity at 50%
slightly dragging the layer to the right. Repeat these actions until your glowing layer
becomes 100% visible and moves closer to the slide center. Add the last keyframe to make the layer transparent again. Click Play to make sure your transition works as it should. Apply it to the chosen slides and enjoy the result. Create awesome transition effects with Transition
Wizard in SmartSHOW 3D!