Science and imagination are combined here. Welcome to “Trick and True.” I’m Jun Hyunmoo, the Chairman of Imagination Academy. I’m Left Chief Researcher Kim Junhyeon. I’m Right Chief Researcher Lee Eungyeol. We’ve officially become a regular program. – I didn’t know this would happen. / – You didn’t? This program was in the spotlight, but there are so many great programs out there. This must’ve been the best out of all of them. We’ve become a regular program. What a great compliment. (Please stop now) After the pilot program was aired, if you searched #TrickAndTrue or #Plastic, you would’ve found many people making holes. 39 million out of 50 million Korean citizens did it. That many. I heard that rumor. – I almost believed it. / – You shouldn’t. It isn’t true. I saw some people who got wet by doing it wrong. There were a lot. They were quite upset. You must poke it well. Let me introduce our fellow researchers. There are many of them here today. We have Kim Jongmin and INFINITE’s Sungkyu, Sungyeol, Red Velvet’s Irene and Wendy, and Tony An. We also have Peppertones’ Lee Jangwon, Shin Jaepyung, TWICE’s Jeongyeon, Jihyo, and Sana, Moon Jiae, and SHINee’s Onew. Welcome. Nice to meet you all. (Welcome to Imagination Academy) How do you feel, TWICE? Are you confident, Sana? I don’t know if I’ll answer correctly, but I think I’ll be able to imagine well today. Don’t just imagine. You must talk too, okay? We have two people here who went to KAIST. During the last program, they said, “That’s just how it works.” You’ve lowered the psychological barrier to KAIST. How do you feel today? Ah… Um… Hey. They can’t even speak. Rather than being part of the program, it was fun feeling like we were watching a performance. Then please pay for what you watch. Think of this as your last chance given by KBS. – Please do a good job. / – Alright. Onew, beside them, is a smart, sexy man. We look forward to seeing how you do today as well. I’m looking forward to this so much that if I really enjoy it, I’ll pay for the performance. – Alright. / – The admission fee. Lee Eungyeol is in charge of the stage management. Shouldn’t you strategize with the magicians? Yes, I will go backstage to do so. Please do so. I’ll get going then. Please give him a round of applause. If you can do it too, it’s science, if not, it’s magic. We’ll begin now. Trick and True. Which of them will go perform? (Scientist? Magician?) (The extraordinary world of science and magic) (Shocked) This has to be magic. This is science. (Reveal the truth) If you can do it too, it’s science, if not, it’s magic. (Kim Seondal’s mysterious ice) I will pour the same amount of water. (One is heavier than the other?) When something combines with water, it freezes… – Then it’s science. / – It’s science. Then what’s the answer? (Troublemaker son’s fire trick) (Sparks even after being dipped in water?) (Freely imagine wacky things) The secret garden. (Special rose that changes colors) (The mystery that mesmerizes us) It’s so amazing. It’s so amazing. Is it a trick? Or true? (It begins now) Here are the first performers. We have one magician and one scientist here. Please come on out. (Welcoming a magician and a scientist) Please introduce yourself to us. Hello. Science is always fun. (Science instructor) I’m Jang Poong. (Jang Poong?) My real name is Jang Seonggyu. – Same as mine. / – Yes. I’m magician Lee Yeongwu, who’s working under the nickname Alt. – Nice to meet you. / – Nice to meet you. Tell us what you’ve prepared for us today. You all know Kim Seondal, right? The scam artist who sold the Daedonggang. This is about the mysterious water he told us about. The mysterious water. Water is mysterious and I think we are supposed to guess whether it is a scientific phenomenon or magic. Could you please tell us if you have experience with water that’s mysterious? I think there is greasy water. – Greasy water? / – It’s slippery? – Yes. It’s slippery. / – Right. It might just be my imagination, but if I pour another type of water in that bottle, it also tastes greasy. Maybe you didn’t wash the bottle well enough. I don’t know about the taste, but I’ve had hard water. – Hard water? / – Yes. My mother loves water, and water from the deep sea, water from the deep sea, middle sea and upper sea are all of different hardness. (Really?) – You can feel it, too? / – Yes. I’ve tried all kinds of water since I was young. When you taste it, can you tell if it’s deep sea water? Yes, I feel, “This is hard. This is softer than the other.” I can tell the difference. I’ve tasted really expensive water. When I was abroad, a fan gave me a water bottle this big. I had never seen that brand before. In the letter, it was written that it cost about $30 per bottle. – Per bottle? / – Yes, it was this big. I saved it and tasted it later. There wasn’t much difference in taste, but only felt expensive. Kim Seondal’s mysterious water. (Who will be first?) Will Jang Sunggyu perform it? (A science experiment?) Or will Magician Lee Yeongwu perform it? If the mask comes off and it’s Jang Sunggyu, it’s science. If it’s Lee Yeongwu, it’s magic. If you can do it too, it’s science, if not, it’s magic. Trick and True begins now. Trick and True! (High expectations) The first Trick and True. Kim Seondal’s mysterious water. (Water store) You must pay close attention. You never know how life will turn out. Who knew I’d become a respectable store owner? Since the Daedonggang incident, after years of repentance, he has opened his own water store. He’s dreaming of living a clean life. Oh gee… (He has decided to be a nice guy now) Kim Seondal! I heard you’ve turned over a new leaf. (Friend, comedian Im Jonghyeok) Turns out it was true. I’m trying to be good now, but all I know how to do is sell water. That’s true. Old habits die hard. What did you just say? (Why I oughta!) Nothing. (Don’t be angry) That’s Lee Jonghyeok’s trademark. Why are there so many types of water here? I’ve collected these from all over the world. Let’s see. Look at this. This is clean water from the Alps. Look at this one. (That sounds expensive) This is deep sea water from 3000 feet below. This is all pure water. (I’m the deep sea water expert) What is that sparkly water in the back? You know a thing about water. Look. This is the best kind of water. It’s mysterious water. It’s 100% pure water with no additives. Do you know how much this costs? (Pure water?) It costs $1,000. What? $1,000? ($1,000 per bottle?) Yes. Is it made of gold? How could water cost $1,000? It’s true. (You don’t know a thing) It’s expensive because it’s special and mysterious. Hold on. It looks like you don’t believe me. I will show you. (Use your imagination as you watch) Watch carefully. Even with just a pinch of salt, following trends is what men do. What are you, a chef? You’ve gone crazy. (He’s become Chef Kim?) – Forget it. / – You’re too excited. (Lots and lots) You don’t see this every day. Pay attention and enjoy. There. Oh my. Don’t be so cheap. (That’s it?) What are you trying to show with that? Cheap? Cheap? This is worth more than what you make all day. (Since it’s so special…) Oh gee… Pour ordinary water in a different bowl. There. I’m done. Change so he will be speechless. Hurry and transform. (He places the bowls on ice) This should be here. Oh, that’s right. (Focused) It won’t cover it fully. What are you trying to show me? It’s expensive, so it freezes at LTE speed. It freezes faster. (Faster than regular water?) You’ll be quite shocked when I unveil this. What? – Let me see. / – Let’s see… Is it frozen? Oh no. (Is it really frozen?) Are you kidding me? I’m not. Hold on. Hold on. (Did he make a mistake?) I knew it. You can’t fool me. Water like that doesn’t exist. No, it’s strange. Just wait. Wait. (He covers it up again) I will show you for real this time. I said this costs $1,000 per bottle, right? It’s expensive and it’s heavier than ordinary water. You want me to hold it? See? Isn’t it heavier? Isn’t this only worth 10 cents? No. It costs $1,000. I don’t believe you. You don’t know anything. Let me spin it so the water isn’t surprised. Let me pour this little by little. Fill it up to the top. (He pours it little by little) Yes. Like this. There. Once more. You must fill it up to the top. You can’t pour it all at once. Now I must pour ordinary water. Wait. Just a moment. Let’s use new water. New water? Alright. (Okay) You seem a bit taken aback. Come on. I have great instincts. (I have a gut feeling) No. Which type of water? Alright. Use this. Alright. So suspicious. I will pour the same amount. There. Check them. You’ve poured the same amount. Let’s see. Where’s the scale? I’ll weigh them. Remember. On my right is the mysterious water. On my left is the ordinary water. If I place them both on the scale… There. (If he places both on the scale) I’ll let go now. One, two, three. Oh my. Did you see? What? It was the same amount of water. – Right. / – What? I got it. (Is this science? Or magic?) You rigged the scale in advance, didn’t you? Why do you doubt me so? (He’s suspicious of the scale) Alright then. I will switch the two. Let’s see. I’ll take them both and switch the two. (He switches the bottles…) – Okay. / – Watch carefully. – This is the mysterious water. / – Mysterious water. Right. One, two, three. Oh my. Did you see? Do you believe me now? (Scale tips to red) What? All you did was switch sides. But the mysterious water is heavier? This is unbelievable. – I got it. / – What now? You poured a bit more water in the red bottle. Right? Oh gee. Oh gee. (He poured more in the red bottle?) Alright. Watch this then. I will pour ordinary water until the scale becomes level. – How’s that? / – What? The scale is level, but water levels are different. You said water is heavy. Would you like to see it up close? See? Is it the same amount or not? Open your eyes wide and watch. Watch carefully. The amounts differ. Shall I weigh them again? I will weigh them again. (What’s going on?) See? Isn’t this amazing? (The scale is level) Let me show you something else. Hold on a minute. Blue ice is made of ordinary water. Red ice is made with the mysterious water. Ice differs when it’s made with mysterious water. I will place ice made by ordinary water in water. Watch carefully. Ice floats in water (It floats) and it is as light as you are. That isn’t so amazing. (Floating) It’s not amazing, you say? Then… Ice made by mysterious water. There. There. There. What? How could this be? Does it have a coin inside? (Pure ice sinks?) Ice just sank in water. It’s ridiculous. Does it have a coin inside? If you’re doubtful, watch this. (A secret weapon) Then you’ll believe. You failed that last time. Watch carefully. (Water in ice) On the right is the mysterious water. On the left is ordinary water. You remember, right? Let’s see how special this mysterious water is. See for yourself. (What changes are there?) Should I show you? – This is ordinary water. / – Yes. (No change) This is mysterious water. Don’t do any tricks. Tricks? What are you talking about? It’s frozen. (Mysterious water froze) What do you think? I made this ice right before your eyes. It sank in water. (Ice slowly sinks) Do you believe me now? How much does this cost? (Can this be true?) $1,000 per bottle. That’s how much it costs now, but it may be $10,000 later… (His old habit returns) Or it may end up costing $100,000. No way. I will go get $1,000 now. Just wait. Don’t be late. (Researchers can’t believe their eyes) Kim Seondal’s mysterious water. Is it science or magic? Trick and True. It sank, right? (Ice sank) This is the water that costs $1,000 per bottle. We all saw that, right? It seems the conman set the price. (Doubting price) Yes. (And?) That’s all. Can you tell if this is a trick or true? I think it’s a trick or it’s a material with new characteristics. (Or magic) He sprinkled salt, right? Yes. You graduated from KAIST. What happens when you sprinkle salt on ice? – It becomes salty. / – Salty? When you add salt to ice it melts slower. No, no. It melts faster. If you add salt to ice and then mix it fast, it becomes ice cream. It freezes faster. That’s not salt. It must be pieces of dry ice. He added more salt on one side. He sprinkled more ice only on one side? It just froze the top only. But his hands would get burned if he touched dry ice… He wouldn’t be able to stay calm like this. Maybe he’s in pain. It’s not dye, but it’s blood? It’s dye. I’ve seen this magic trick before. A magician poured water in a cup and poured it on me. – It didn’t come out? / – It didn’t. – Because it was frozen? / – Yes. Then it’s the same magic. (Instant water to ice trick) (Problem solved) He added some kind of powder. What he added might not be salt. Then what powder was that? Magic powder? Magic powder? This is so embarrassing. Magic powder? Why don’t you call it enchanted powder? (Speechless) Magic powder. Can I use the KAIST lifeline? I don’t think they’ll be much help. It’s like using a phone lifeline that no one answers. not answering is better than getting wrong information. Is water with more minerals different from ordinary water? It changes if there are a lot of impurities. (High expectations) – They don’t know. / – They don’t know. Don’t rely on each other and just answer on your own. Did you hear that? He just said, “It tastes different.” Because of the country of origin… Maybe it has lime powder in it. I heard a lot about that. But could it weigh more because of lime powder? Wouldn’t its mass be different? That kind of makes sense. (It’s heavier due to powder) Water is special. (Finally, a KAIST-like answer?) When it freezes, it increases in volume and floats. So it’s that theory? It’s heaviest when it’s 4 degrees. – What is? / – Water. Water is the heaviest when it’s 4 degrees? That’s when it tastes the best. The specific gravity is high. – Please define specific gravity. / – It’s… (High expectations) (Hahahaha) You were close to being KAIST-like. – You were so close. / – We were all focused. Isn’t it weight to volume? What’s the ratio? (Help me out, buddy) (I don’t know either) Weight to volume. Your school hasn’t contacted you yet? We don’t use specific gravity… Alright then. – I got it. / – You did? (Tony is sure he’s right) The mysterious water is mineral water. Mineral water? Since it contains a lot of iron, it could be heavier than ordinary water. Is iron literally that iron? Well, it contains iron and it’s up to him to sell it at a higher price. Does water with iron freeze at a lower temperature? I think so. You’re still asking them? (It’s not our major) It could be this. Remember the heating pads that you snap and it suddenly turns solid? (Aha) So this isn’t ice. He tricked us by making it solid. So it wasn’t ice? – What about the click? / – Salt. – So it wasn’t necessarily water. / – It wasn’t. So it’s not ice. (Conclusion is that it wasn’t water) He tricked us by saying it’s water, so it’s magic. It is magic. It’s magic if he turned it solid. He kept pouring little by little. I think that’s why it weighed differently. He poured ordinary water at once. So water is heavier when it’s poured little by little? I think it could differ in volume. Maybe it fills up differently. That’s why you pour little by little at funerals. So it’s heavier. Do you think it’s a trick? Or true? Is it science or magic? Half and half. Raise your hand if you think it’s science. (8 people say science) It’s magic. Trick. (6 people say magic) Kim Gyeongdeok, TWICE, Eunjae. You guys can’t seem to make up your mind, so I will give you another critical hint. Please watch carefully. (Critical hint revealed) Since you are all so doubtful… I will give you a special chance to taste it. – We can taste it? / – I’m not going to. Raise your hand if you’d like to taste it. Let’s see… So many people are raising their hands. Wait. Since you’re the host… I don’t need special treatment. Come on. Jun Hyunmoo. (He asked for it) It’s okay to drink it. It’s my dream to live a long life. It’s alright. Drink up. Are you done? He really drank it. How does it taste? Does it taste heavy? It’s not salt water. – Is it sweet? / – Slightly. Very slightly. It’s slightly sweet. I will give just one of you another chance. I will give you a chance. Okay. (Water sommelier Sana) Here you go, Sana. Let’s see if you buy this or not after drinking. It looks like an ad since she’s using two hands. How does it taste? It doesn’t taste good. It doesn’t? It’s like carbonated water without carbonation. Yucky water. Is it hard or not? It’s not hard. But it’s deeper than mid-level water. I’ll let one more person taste it. Just one more person. – Sungkyu, would you like to try it? / – Sure. That must cost about $20. It’s not liquor. (He drinks it all at once) He just gulped it down. I don’t think I should have. I should’ve savored the taste. It feels… I know why you said it’s sweet, but it’s not that sweet. Right? It’s not extremely sweet. It’s not sugar water. At all. Have you come to your conclusion now? I don’t know what to think after I’ve tasted it. Wait. I’m sorry. (Sungyeol has thought of something) You remembered something? You saw a ghost? I just thought of something. (Surprised) He’s the idol version of Kim Jongmin. That’s oxygenated water. (Oxygenated water?) Oxygenated water? I just tasted it. I tried oxygenated water in Japan. Right? – That’s the taste. / – Right? Unbelievable! – I know what you’re talking about. / – Yeah. Tell us. We bought it once because it improves your skin. It only comes out in small bottles since it’s good for hangovers. So we drank a little at a time. But they said it’s more effective than water. But it tastes just like water. But it must be different from water. It might be heavier. (Oxygenated water may be heavier) How much was it? It was expensive. Then is it science? (He’s sure it’s science) Yes, it’s science. It’s science. Oxygenated water is heavier? Isn’t it lighter? Water” the ingredients? Let’s hurry and find out. Please make your final decision. It’s science. 1, 2, 3! (Time for the final decision) You said it’s science because of your experience. It’s magic. One, two, three. Sana, you answered magic, right? Why do you think it’s magic? I learned it in school. (Sana chose magic) They are the same flowers. They complimented one of the flowers and badmouthed the other. That flower became ugly. I saw that. So they put a spell on the water? They said to one water that it’s good and expensive… You’re expensive… You’re heavy… – Expensive. / – That’s just imagining things. Then let’s see the result. Kim Seondal, is this a trick? Or true? (Oh!) There we go again. A blackout. Here is the result. I can’t see anything either. One, two, three. He’s the scientist. (First Trick & True – Kim Seondal’s mysterious water) What I’m curious about is that I drank that water. Is it okay to drink it? (Everyone’s curiosity) It is used when making atomic bombs. What? It’s an important material when making an atomic bomb. – If it’s used in that… / – Is it safe to drink ? It’s okay to drink in small dosages. That’s why he gave us a little bit. – Is it radioactive? / – I drank it all at once. If 90% of the water in your body (Not radioactive) became this, then you could die. If you drink a lot of this water, you might be dizzy, but you drank only a little, so you’ll be fine. Ordinary water is H20, light water. But a neutron is added to hydrogen and becomes heavier than hydrogen, so it’s called heavy water or deuterium oxide. In the news, they usually talk about light water… Yes, that’s right. That’s ordinary water that we know of. Hard water is this, deuterium oxide. If you use a lot of deuterium oxide, you make a lot of plutonium. Plutonium is the base material for an atomic bomb. More than 80% of nuclear power plants use light water. Only four nuclear power plants in Korea use deuterium oxide. It is a material used in making atomic bombs. Let’s learn more about it through this video. It looks like ordinary water that has no smell or color but a liter of this water costs $1,000. It’s true. Its molecular formula is D20, not H20. Its official name is deuterium oxide. Its Korean name translates to “heavy water.” It’s water, but it’s heavy. It actually contains heavier hydrogen, so it’s 1.2 times heavier. It doesn’t look any different on the outside, but it is surprisingly hard to get deuterium oxide. The ratio of it being contained naturally in water is only 1 out of 6400. That is why the price of a glass of deuterium oxide could buy 440 500ml bottles of water. The history of deuterium oxide is quite dramatic. The atomic bomb played a critical role in ending World War II. It’s because heavy water was the key ingredient. The German Nazis were out to find heavy water to make atomic bombs and the Allied Powers were out to stop them throughout World War II. The story of the Norwegian heavy water event was even made into a movie. Heavy water has another surprising ability. It turns into ice above zero degrees. The refrigeration storage room is kept at 1.5 degrees. We poured ordinary water and heavy water in two glasses and observed them. A little later. We could see a clear change in the heavy water. The surface began to freeze slowly and then froze completely a little later. It overturned the common notion that water freezes at 0 degrees. Heavy water freezes at 3.8 degrees. This water can be made into ice without a freezer. Sungkyu, you have great instincts, so why don’t you choose an ice cube that you think is heavy water. Just by looking at them? Yes. Then dunk it in water. – I think… / – Which one? (Picks without hesitation) – The one in the middle. / – Which one is that? Heavy water. (He’s sure it’s heavy water ice) Why don’t you see if it floats? It should sink, right? If it’s heavy water ice. (Ice sinks) – You do have great instincts. / – Yes. Why don’t you choose another one? – Sungkyu? / – Heavy water. – It feels heavy? / – Yes. (He decides right away) You’ve been possessed. (Sink) Bravo. Didn’t he push down the ice? You’re shocked, too, right? I didn’t know I could guess this well. Heavy water again. – There’s one left? / – Yes. One. There’s one left? (Will he get the last one right too?) If you get this right, you’re truly skilled. If he gets it right, he’s an ice expert. – This one. / – This one is heavy water? Yes. If this sinks, I’ll acknowledge your skill. (Failed) It shrank. This is your last chance. Which one is heavy water? Can you edit this last one? No. It’ll be aired in full. Alright. He should choose regular ice and eat it. Since he has a great sense for it. (Tony’s suggestion) If he chooses heavy water ice, that’s an luxury. Is it regular water? – It’s regular water. / – Regular water? I will give you one chance to change your mind. That’s regular water? Alright. Is it light water? It tastes like heavy water. Then the rest must float. (Floating) It’s heavy water. It’s okay to eat it. – When else would you be able to? / – How could you? Magician Lee Yeongwu prepared magic with water. We learned interesting things about heavy water. We can imagine something more interesting with magic. No way… Will it freeze? It’s just flowing down. There’s nothing special so far. (A little later) What? What is it? (Ta-da) Please come this way. (Amazing) Is this heavy water ice? (The water turned to ice in a flash) (Amazing magic that’s hard to believe) How did that happen? (It’s magic) You heard them guessing whether it’s science or not. Is there someone you think is an excellent researcher? – Sana. / – Sana. I was surprised she could distinguish different water. The fact that she described water as tasting hard sounded very scientific yet a bit non-scientific. What are you talking about? Just the fact that she could describe it like that… She described heavy water as tasting a bit hard, but does it actually taste a bit hard? Water… Isn’t ice… So it’s nonsense? Yes. Hard? Why did you choose her then? I was touched. This has been Science teacher Jang Seonggyu. Thank you. Thank you. Here’s the second performance of Trick and True. The second Trick and True. A scientist and a magician. Please come on out. (Chemistry teacher Shin Min) Here they are again. (Magician Lee Junhyeong) We have a handsome scientist and a magician. You prepared something that may be science or magic. Could you please introduce it to us? In what we’ve prepared today, our troublemaker son comes out again. Again? (We know him) It’s a story of a son who likes to play with fire. Alright. Has anyone here been punished for playing with fire? You’re talking about actual fire, right? What else is there? Are you talking about the fire in your heart? (No way) Please tell us. Not a story of firing up someone’s heart. I have so many experiences like that. Those experiences are fun too. Alright. (Disappointed) A story of a troublemaker son’s fire trick. If you can do it too, it’s science, if not, it’s magic. Trick and True. (Second Trick and True begins now) Trick and True. Troublemaker son’s fire trick. (Fire trick?) I’m home. Wait a minute. (Lee Junhyeong, Shin Min) Is it a special day today? Many interesting things are here. (Who will it be?) What pranks should I pull today? You’re home, son. I’m home. You didn’t cause any trouble at school, did you? No, no, no. Today is dad’s birthday. Have you decided what present to give him? Oh, a birthday present… Think about what gift to get him. I’m going to my room, alright? Alright. Birthday present… (What should I get him?) Birthday present… (He’s looking for pranks to pull) Birthday present… Wait a minute. What’s this? This is the sparkler firecracker that you use during fireworks festivals. This looks like fun. Wait a minute… Let’s… (He causes trouble again) Light it up. It’s burning beautifully. (He lights them up) (Dancing around) By the way… Unbelievable! (Oh no) You never listen to me! (He always gets yelled at) I told you not to do that! What am I going to do with you? You drive me crazy. I warned you! Stop it for real this time. – Okay… / – I’m so tired of this. (Sullen) She’s in her early 20s. Let’s drink some grape juice. Have they all changed? Grape juice? (Opaque cup) He’s pouring it into a tumbler, not a transparent cup. Wait. Grape juice should be mixed with sparkling water. Sparkling water. (Sparkling water) It’s sparkling water and grape juice. Wait. What else would be fun? He’ll rub them on his clothes. Keep an eye on what he does. My hands are all dirty. Oh gee. Let me wipe my hands off. Wet wipe. (What is he up to?) I should clean the firecrackers, too. Wipe. (Wet wipe with alcohol) He created static then wiped it with water. Keep an eye on him. If it’s wet, it won’t burn. Wait. I should wrap this up. (Wrapping paper) I hope dad likes it. (He wraps it with wrapping paper) No way. There. Should I light this on fire? It’s a gift. No, I shouldn’t. No. Just once? (Should I light it or not?) No, I shouldn’t. He’s gone crazy. Forget it. Let’s just do it. He’s crazy. (He lights up the firecrackers) Yeah! This is fun. You’re behaving well, right? (Door opens) (Son is surprised) I’ll be out soon. Just wait. (He put it in grape juice) Sure, sure. – What? / – Huh? Sure, sure. Sure, sure. (The fire didn’t go out!) It didn’t go out. It went into the grape juice. (He puts it in again) It didn’t go out. What? (They’re still burning!) It didn’t go out. How strange. Why don’t I prepare dad’s gift? Wait a minute. Dad, why are you sitting over there? My dad’s name is Kim Junhyeon. Come home, dad. Hurry. (Me?) What are you doing over there, dad? – Come here. / – I never gave birth to a son like you. I’ve been waiting for you. I saw what you prepared for my gift. Hurry and come, I’ll give you a present. – Come here, dad. / – Alright, son. I’ll give you your favorite coffee. Alright. Oh gee. I prefer coke rather than coffee. No. You like coffee. (He pours coffee in an opaque cup) Did you add syrup? You’re face is half its size. It’s so small now. You must be stressed, dad. I should give you vitamins, too. I will add this to your coffee. You’re adding vitamins to coffee? That’s how you’re supposed to drink it. You want me to put it in myself? Yes. Put it in. Drink up. What are you doing? Drink up. It’s a gift from me. You have to drink it. It’s bubbling. Who needs a son, right? (Slurp) That doesn’t seem like you. Drink some more. Dad. (Is this a penalty?) Did I lose in a game or something? I prepared a birthday present for you. Hold on. Hold this, dad. I will show you something amazing. (He rubs the firecracker on his head and clothes) He’s rubbing it. Wait. Hold on. Static? Static? What did you eat, dad? You smell like pork. What did you eat? It’s not what I ate, that’s the smell of my skin. You smell like meat. Mom won’t like that. I should spray this. (Perfume) Your mom likes the smell of meat. I’ll spray this so that you won’t smell anymore. That smells great. Dad. (He sprays perfume on his stinky dad) – I’m the best, right? / – Sure. But the real present isn’t that. Just wait, okay? It’s real perfume. You’re going to wrap it? Let me wrap it. (He’s wrapping the firecrackers again) Now. Here. There we go. There we go. (Wow! How fun) Happy birthday. (Dad is having fun, too) Mom. Mom. It’s mom. (Mom comes in) What’s going on here? What’s going on here? (Son puts firecracker in coffee) Oh, come on! You’re not a child. How could you play with fire at home? Don’t hit me so hard. We’re acting. Suyeon. Why did you hit me so hard? Oh, come on! I haven’t seen you in so long. (It’s still burning) I didn’t get caught. It won’t go out. Oh gee. The troublemaker son’s fire trick. Is it science or magic? Trick and True. He put sparks in the drink, but it didn’t die. Sungkyu, you have great instincts today. What do you think? I’ve seen it on TV. You know the Olympic torch? The fire doesn’t go off with water. The flame is alive even on a rainy day. That’s true. I think the Olympic torch is lit with gas. With lighter fluid. That’s what I know. What I found out recently is that we do the Olympic torch every year at the Comedy Festival. Because we rehearse it so many times, it was out of gas. Once we refilled it, the fire lit up very well. So it doesn’t work without gas? Exactly. Then that’s all. I give up. I don’t know the exact principle but that’s how it was. Think about whether a torch is put out when you run in the rain. – Oil. / – Does it go out or not? The torch… – It doesn’t get put out. / – That could be a hint. Maybe they covered it with grease. So water slipped off the torch. Water slips off? Because it doesn’t mix with oil? Alright. Girl group members are too embarrassed to hold their heads up. The reason he added sparkling water and fizzy vitamins is that he tried to make bubbles. Maybe when the firecracker with alcohol on it is inserted in the bubbles… Oh! When it’s put in the bubbles while covered in alcohol, it doesn’t get wet? Water moves aside like this? No, that’s not it. I think the sparks can remain burning within the bubbles. That’s why the fire doesn’t go out. What he did the most is make static. He kept rubbing it on his head and on his clothes. I think the answer is in that. (It was to make static) – Static? / – Yes. It used a characteristic of static we don’t know about. I think it’s simple science. I think it’s science that used static. I think there’s static… (What Onew noticed!) I think what he wrapped the firecracker with seems like a secret material. (Wrapping paper) He kept wrapping the firecrackers with wrapping paper. Maybe within the wrapping paper, it is a vacuum. Wrapping paper created a vacuum state? Yes. Wait. The fire can’t burn in the vacuum state. It doesn’t burn without oxygen. Right. I was mistaken. He knows many scientific terms, but he’s not making much sense. He talked about mass before. I do think a lot in many different areas. – Please think it all the way through. / – Okay. I think what Onew said makes sense. So you think it’s science? Yes, because fire needs oxygen to burn. The wrapping paper stops the sparks from getting wet and that’s why it can continue to burn. Water can’t go in just since it’s wrapped with plastic? There are things that you can block and not. I think I’ve got it now. The front part burns and the plastic adheres to it. It adheres to the firecracker. And there’s space in the back so oxygen can go in. So it blocks off water, but lets oxygen through? Maybe that’s how it works? He’s convincing. Maybe it’s because he’s handsome. I think fire isn’t exactly the opposite of water. It’s called oxidation. If there is a flammable object, (3 things needed) oxygen in the atmosphere, and the temperature is hot enough, fire can occur. Regardless of water? Water contains hydrogen and oxygen, so I think it could help cause fire. That’s right. It seems Kim Jongmin understands what you just said. Could you please explain to us what he said? When there’s fire, it takes a long time to put it out with water. So that’s why the sparks aren’t put out. It’s just taking a long time to put out the sparks? – Right. / – It’s just taking time? It’s taking time. Why do you think it takes a long time to put it out? You should tell us why. It’s really hot. So why is it very hot? Sparks are pushing it away. – Pushing water away? / – Yes, because they are sparks. (LOL) Kim Jongmin. He’s wearing a mask and he laughed out loud. (Laughter behind the mask) (Embarrassed) Excuse me. Please stop. He must’ve coughed. (I’m sorry, Jongmin) Lee Jangwon. I expect a lot from you. You look like a scientist. I am gathering all the scientific knowledge in my head, but I can’t believe that a burning stick is still burning after it was dipped in liquid. This is magic. (I’m sure of it) This is magic. It doesn’t make sense, no matter how much knowledge you put together? Yes. It seems he poured (Opposite opinion from Jaepyung) liquid in the tumbler (He kept using an opaque cup) but he must’ve used his hands. (It was a trick cup) In the cup? I think the liquid was poured into a hidden wall within the cup. That’s my conclusion. He either poured liquid somewhere else or had a way to not pour it into the cup? – We can’t see inside. / – Exactly. I think Tony got an idea. I did. What he just said made me realize this is magic. – There are two compartments. / – Two compartments? There’s a wall within the cup. He poured liquid in one compartment and the other is empty. So depending on where he pours liquid, fire remains. We will give you one more critical hint. Here’s a hint. Here’s a hint. (Let me look more closely…) This is a bottle of water. Water. No way. (Just water, not coffee or juice) To see whether this is really water or not, I’ll ask Hyunmoo to taste it. It’s Kim Seondal. That’s heavy water. (Kidding) Just drink a glass. Tell us whether it’s really water. How does it taste? It’s a bit sweet. (Kidding) It’s heavy water. You brought heavy water again? It’s water. It’s just water. (Not heavy water) – It’s definitely water, right? / – Yes. Then I will pour water into this tank. It’s just water with no additives. I will put the sparks in clear water this time. There’s water in this tank, right? – Just water. / – You confirmed it? There’s no doubt. I will cover it up again. (Why is he covering it up?) (He rubs firecrackers again…) That’s the trick. That’s the trick? It’s the static… (Suspicious of the static!) (Perfume) He’s covering it in alcohol… I rubbed it, sprayed perfume, and I’ll wrap it with wrapping paper. (Wrapping paper) He’s wrapping it tight so that oxygen doesn’t go in. Doesn’t it need oxygen to burn? He’s wrapping it so oxygen is trapped inside. He’s wrapping it so that oxygen is trapped inside? (He continues to wrap) Now I’m done. I will light it up. (He lights up the firecracker) I will now put it in the tank. Water? (What will happen?) I heard it go out. – I heard it. / – The fire went out. (It’s still burning) What? (They can’t believe what they’re seeing) I heard it go out. Unbelievable. One more time. Watch carefully. I’ll put it deep in water. It’s smoking. Is it out? (Sparks are still burning) It’s the matter of time. It’s a matter of time? Is Jongmin right? Now that I’ve watched the hint what Kim Jongmin said earlier makes sense. What do you mean? I think it’s all about timing. Timing? The fire will eventually go out, but he takes it out right before that. That’s why the fire is still burning. That’s what you meant earlier, right? Right. Or maybe all of this has been one big trick. Maybe that’s heavy water. (Suspicious it’s heavy water) Maybe it can make fire like an atomic bomb. It doesn’t go out underwater. Like you can make a bomb with heavy water? But Hyunmoo drank too much of that. I do feel heavier. A liter of heavy water costs $1,000. He poured about 3 liters into the tank. ($3,000 worth) We can spend $3,000. For the program. So you think it’s heavy water? I think the researchers have come to their conclusion. Please raise your hand if you think it’s science. It’s science. One, two, three. It’s science. Red Velvet, Onew, Peppertones think it’s science. (It’s science) INFINITE, Kim Jongmin… Who thinks it’s magic? Magic. One, two, three. Tony, Jeongyeon, Sana. Moon Jiae. (It’s magic) Alright. Is it Magician Lee Junhyeong behind this mask? or is it Shin Min? (If it’s Shin Min, it’s science!) Let’s find out. Is it trick or true? (Is it science? Or magic?) The lights went out again. Here is the person who played the son today. (Second Trick & True: Troublemaker son’s fire trick) (True) It was science. It’s Shin Min. – It was confusing. / – It was. Even if it’s science, I’m want to know how it works. Right? Don’t you want to know how it was possible? The fire didn’t go out under water. What is the principle behind it? This was an experiment using a combustion reaction. Shin Jaepyung said it earlier. (KAIST) For combustion, it needs an object to burn, oxygen, and a high temperature. This is science that anyone can do with those three things. It’s science. But I still feel that if an object gets wet, fire should go out, no matter how much oxygen there is. Right. But by wrapping it with wrapping paper it temporarily protects the sparks from water. The important thing is firecrackers have what’s called an oxidizing agent. An oxidizing agent is what provides oxygen. It continues to provide oxygen to the sparks. So as long as there is oxygen an a hot temperature, it can continue to burn. You talked about the combustion reaction earlier. Let’s watch the video for details. Sparks that continue to burn in liquid. What’s the scientific secret behind it? – It really doesn’t go out. / – You’re right. Three conditions to keep the fire going. An inflammable object, oxygen, and temperature above the ignition point. Usually, when fire is put in water, it goes out because those three elements aren’t met. But we can easily make sparks that burn in water. The secret is in the wrapping paper. The wrapping paper protects the burning object, keeps the temperature high, and concentrates oxygen. That is why sparks continue to burn even in water. That’s amazing. Concentrates oxygen. Then what about using oilpaper, a paper cup, and vaseline instead of wrapping paper? When the firecracker is wrapped in oilpaper, sparks continue to burn. We can play with fire underwater from now on. Even by wrapping it with a small paper cup, or even just putting on vaseline can keep the sparks alive. (All successful) That’s amazing. Sparks in the deep sea. Yes, I’ve seen that. This is underwater welding, which creates sparks that continue to burn underwater using the same principle. Welding is possible underwater. It is usually used in installing and repairing ship or underwater structures. The difference between normal and underwater welding is coating with paraffin. Paraffin blocks off water, protects the welding area, and the sparks can continue to burn underwater. Who would like to try this? Come out and try it yourself. See if it goes out. Onew. (He runs out as if waiting to be called) Onew is smart. – Here’s wrapping paper. / – I will light it. (Firecracker has been wrapped with wrapping paper) I have to wait until the sparks go inside the wrapping paper, right? Yes. Right. It doesn’t matter which angle the firecracker goes in? It doesn’t matter. I will put it in at a 30-degree angle. Do it however you want. It’s boiling. Wow. That’s amazing. Put it in deeper. Don’t be timid. Put it in deep. Deep! Be a man. (It still burns brightly) Be a man and put it in longer. Don’t take it out so soon. Be a man and put it in longer. Does this have anything to do with being a man? No. (Not at all) It’s bubbling. That’s amazing. It continues to burn. (It’s science… What are they doing?) I’ll be a man and try many. – Four of them at once? / – Let’s go. (Jangwon trying) (Four firecrackers at once) Oh, wow. That’s a big spark. It’s burning a lot bigger. (The size of the sparks are greatly different) This is manly. I’ll put them underwater. Go ahead. Be a man. Here I go. Bubble, bubble, bubble. (Sparks are continuing to burn?) Only one of them is burning. (Failure?) (Did it go out because I wasn’t manly enough?) But they are still smoking. Really? They are burning again. (It’s still smoking?) (Take a look at extinct fire again) That’s amazing. (Wow, that’s amazing) (Coughing) (Let’s be manly next time…) That was great. Could you choose the excellent researcher? Shin Jaepyung was the one who answered it correctly, but I think Onew’s idea was great. (Second performance: Excellent researcher Onew) Onew has become the second excellent researcher. Thank you. (True) You’ve watched two performances so far. Have you gotten the hang of it now? This was my concern before I got here. I worried about answering too quickly. You don’t have to worry about that. I really had no need to be concerned. What do you think, Red Velvet? It seems to be a trick, then it seems to be true. No, this is a trick. No, it’s true. It’s so confusing. (It’s hard to guess) That’s the charm of our program. – I think so. / – You’re enjoying it. (Aha!) It’s not fun if it’s too easy. Here are today’s final Trick and True performers. Come on out please. (Scientist) (Magician) They are the girl group of our program. (Last time, they got popular on social media afterward) (Trick & True’s official girl group!) Hello. I’m Yoon Hwayoung, a science teacher at Deokso High School. Hello. I’m magician Yu Hyeri. They’re not Davichi. They look alike, right? (They do look alike) You got popular after you were on our show last time? After I was on this show last time people began to notice me on the street. Really? And I received a fan letter for the first time. You got a letter from a fan? I wrote him back. (Wow) What did it say? What I remember most is (We want to know what it said!) “Magician Hyeri is magic to me.” (We shouldn’t have asked…) That’s what he wrote. (We’re so embarrassed) I’m so embarrassed. (Now she’s embarrassed) What about you, Ms. Yoon? (Yoon is just as popular) I didn’t get a fan letter. But there’s a popular saying at school. What is it? If a student didn’t bring his textbook to school, he would say, “The disappearing textbook.” Alright. Our last Trick & True. Please tell us what it’s about. There’s a beautiful woman. (Oh my god) It’s true. (What are you two doing?) It’s about a secret garden. Since we have two beautiful women here, it’s about a beautiful woman and a secret garden. You give and get a lot of flower gifts, right? We have so many idols here. (Idols get flowers often) My mother loves flowers. So she has many plants at home. She likes all kinds of flowers. So I’ve given her carnations. To your mother? Because she’s my mom. – Everyone does that. / – Because she’s my mom. I don’t know why you just said that. We don’t even talk about that at pubs. It was such a trivial story that I’m perplexed. What about you, Kim Jongmin? – Flowers? / – You get a lot of them these days, right? I wasn’t going to say this, but… (I should reveal it) I did an event before. For the woman I was dating at the time. I made a path of flower petals. (Flower path event) Flower path. (Respect) (I love you) (The door opens and you walk in) How did it go? We had an argument that day. (There’s a sad legend behind the flower path) Why do people always fight when they do an event? (We hope you only walk on a flower path from now on) Alright. Who will come out (Who will be behind the mask?) and act in this performance? If you can do it, it’s science. If not, it’s magic. Trick & True. (If it’s Yu Hyeri, it’s magic) (Join us in guessing the answer) Trick and True. Secret garden. If it’s for the customers’ joy T&T Flower Garden will make any kind of bouquet. What kind of customers will there be today? The flowers smell good. (She comes to work early) Customers should be coming now. (Already suspicious) (First, turn around the “Open” sign) She’s starting to act up today, too. (It’s the same as the Chuseok episode) (She’s about to start off a great day) (She gets a phone call!) I got a call. Hello. This is T&T Garden. Do you sell blue roses? Blue roses? (Blue?) My mom is very sick. She says she’ll get better if she sees a blue rose. (No blue roses to be found) But I can’t find any. Then I will do my best to help you out. Thank you very much. Okay. – She’s nice. / – What should I do? Oh, I got it. I know what to do. Let’s see… Where did it go? Oh yes. Let me turn on the light. (Looking under the table) Which flower… (She looks around the store) I will use this purple rose. (Purple rose?) She probably wanted a deeply blue rose. I’ll leave this purple rose here. (Puts it in the vase) Blue paint… It must be drawing paint. And then add alum. Alum? And… I thought she meant rice and soup. That’s not what she meant. Alum is used to dye nails. – Let me cover this up. / – She’s covering it. (Then we can’t see) The key is to put salt water in a sprayer. Should I add some more? She’s making it with salt. They keep using salt. Shake it well. She’s spilling it. Oh, beautiful rose. (Did she do that on purpose?) She spilled some. (She sprays salt water on top) Good, good, good, good. Spray salt water. (Repeatedly spray salt water) – There. / – That’s it? I will dry you off now. She’s drying her own hair. (She dries the rose thoroughly) (She dries it again!) It should be changed now. Anything to satisfy the customer. (What’s the result?) What? As long as the flower will satisfy the customer… We’ll make any flower for you. (Unbelievable) How beautiful. Unbelievable. Yes, ma’am. (She calls up the customer) I have a blue rose for you. You must give it to your mother within an hour. An hour? Alright. – I’ll be right there. / – Okay. I’ve solved one case. (She wraps it up) What’s going on here? Sech Kies. I love you. Sech Kies are the best. (Comedian Park Soyoung) Sechs Kies are so handsome. I want to go to their concert. (Why them?) – Hello. / – Hello. What kind of flowers are you looking for? I want yellow roses, the symbol of Sechs Kies. What? Excuse me. We don’t have any yellow roses. What about other colors? What about this? You are so ridiculous. Sechs Kies are all about yellow. (Stubborn) I don’t want any other colors. Give me yellow roses. Why are we talking about Sechs Kies while Tony is here? I just love Sechs Kies. – Hold on. There is a way. / – Alright. Alright. – Could you please wait a moment? / – Sure. (I’m thirsty) I’m thirsty. He’s very uncomfortable. (Pretending not to know) She turned on the light again. Does turning the lights on mean something? What about this one? (She picks an orange one) That’s orange. Orange is Shinhwa. (She only cares about yellow) What are you doing? (Wait a minute) Wait. Just wait. (Both of them are incorrigible) (She grabs a bouquet of orange roses) I’ll place them here. Where’s the yellow paint? Here it is. What are you doing? If you’re just putting in yellow paint, I would’ve done it myself at home. (She isn’t patient) Why would I have come here? Just wait a moment, ma’am. (She adds yellow paint) Shouldn’t she just go home? I know. I’ll wait a bit. Just wait. Salt. (She’s changed her attitude) They can hear us. This is a new type of performance. (Is she Avatar?) This is the secret garden. Add alum. She adds alum and covers it up again. She’s covering it up again. (With a black curtain!) Where’s the white powder? It’s used to keep off snakes. Where is the salt water I sprayed earlier? Here it is. Salt water. (Next is spraying salt water!) – Salt water? / – Paint, alum, and salt water. – I’ll spray some on you too. / – What are you doing? Let’s spray salt water. Good, good, good, good. (Thoroughly!) Then let me dry them off. (It’s the same as before…) Dry, dry, dry. Dry, dry, dry. (Next is the hair dryer) Could you repeat after me? Dry, dry, dry. Dry, dry, dry. (Unwillingly) Dry faster. Dry, dry, dry. – Dry, dry, dry. / – Yes. Dry, dry, dry. Yes. There we go. (What’s the result?) What? (Yellow roses for the fan!) Here are your yellow roses. They were orange, but now they’re yellow. Here you go. Here you go. (Happy) I’m so excited. They’re yellow now, not orange. The flowers are pretty, but she can’t wrap them well. (Crumple crumple) I will wrap them for you. Yellow roses. (Magic that makes it look like garbage?) – Here you go. / – Thank you. I will give these to Sechs Kies. Your pleasure is mine. A secret garden that changes the colors of flowers. Is it science? Or magic? Trick & True. Please turn off the light. Turn off the light. The light. Excuse me. Please turn off the light. The light. Oh gee. (She’s frustrating) – How do I turn off the light? / – Oh, the light. She’s laughing behind the mask, too. She’s laughing, too. What do you all think? (Is the clumsiness just an act?) It really seems like magic. Is it okay to answer correctly right away? Please do. No one has ever done so. (Confident) – Is it okay? / – Yes. I used to grow plants, and one of them was called “Lantana.” It changes colors depending on their environment. – Right. / – Lantana? Yes, there is. (Jongmin doesn’t know) I looked very closely. (She changed the environment) She asked to turn off the lights. The lights and hair dryer warmed it up. There is a rose like that that changes colors. I think I got it right. That makes sense. Sungyeol. Purple became blue and orange became yellow. – This is science. / – Why? Alum powder is like bleach. And she heated it up, like we do when we dye our hair. We heat our hair when we bleach and dye it. When they used to dye their nails with garden balsam it didn’t work unless alum was added. (Must-have item) – Really? / – You didn’t know? Then you tie it with thread and plastic. (We know that) So if it stays red on your nails when the first snow falls, you’ll find true love. The three of you are telepathic with each other. Why are you pretending you don’t know? (Come on, Tony) I’m upset by the Sechs Kies fan. I’m sorry. He has a grudge. I’m at a loss for words. (Let’s get back to alum again) So if you add alum? I think water changed the color of the rose because of alum. I think it had some kind of effect. Please tell us what you think, Sana. Yes, Sana. You said if you compliment a flower, it really does become pretty. So did she keep saying, “Turn blue, turn blue”? You’re yellow, you’re yellow.” (Chanting the spell?) I think it’s science. (Sana votes for science!) The reason is because when you drink, people say you shouldn’t go to a sauna. (What is she talking about?) It’s dangerous. She kept adding heat. That looks like a curtain, but it dawned on me that the curtain and the paper under the curtain are black. Oh! Then she used a hair dryer. Adding more heat to the flowers. (Even the hair dryer!) So why did you talk about alcohol and going to a sauna? If you drink and go into a sauna, the alcohol in your body will circulate more. It’s dangerous. It heats up. So it changed colors quickly. (What an imagination!) Like the alcohol taking effect? The flowers absorbed water faster. (It feels different when Hyunmoo says it) I got it. What? It’s a special flower. It changes color when you say a specific word. Go talk to Sana. It’s like a spell. Is it a smart flower? It must be an electronic good. This is product placement then. It’s sold out. I think it’s a new item. Then Tony’s fantasy could come true. Yeah. It may not be Korean. (The spell may not be Korean?) There may be a spell with a similar nuance. A spell? Maybe Sechs Kies was the spell. – Oh, Sechs Kies. / – Our Sechs Kies. Sechs Kies. Sechs Kies. Now I’m upset again. He’s turned yellow. (Didn’t help him out at all) (Is it the light? Or CGI?) Maybe this is too ridiculous. When we look into something bright and then look somewhere else, we see leftover images. Leftover images. Maybe it’s an optical illusion. It looks blue to us, but she wrapped them up quickly. (No way) That could be true. There are four lights, but two of them are facing the other way. Maybe two of them are shining different color lights. Maybe that makes us think the flowers changed colors. That’s why she hid them so quickly. She hid them quickly. That’s why she hid them so quickly. (More guesses…) Alright. We will give you a critical hint in order to help you out. (Hint revealed) Hello. Nice to meet you. The Sechs Kies fan is back. (There she is again!) Would you like more yellow flowers? – No thanks. / – Why? (She likes another group) You don’t need yellow flowers? I don’t need any yellow flowers. I am going to meet H.O.T today. Oh my. H.O.T? Why are you all applauding? I heard that Tony will be on Trick & True. I think he will be so cute. Don’t you think? So please give me a white rose, the symbol of H.O.T. A white rose. What color? White? I’m sorry, but I don’t have any white roses. You made me yellow roses before. (Today’s journal) Make me white roses this time. You said you like Sechs Kies and now… H.O.T. I like H.O.T. (Stubborn) She has a temper. There is a way. Hold on please. (A slight reprimand) Okay. I will use this. (She picks pink roses) (High expectations) She turns on the lights again. (Will it work this time as well?) I will place the flowers here. Here it is. Isn’t that bleach? Why are you putting that in? I’ll add bleach. – Really? / – Where is that? Oh yes! Let me add oxygenated water. It’s really like she’s bleaching hair. The water has changed colors already. – I’ll cover them up now. / – She’s covering them up. Shouldn’t the color be changing right now? No, heat must be added. Oh, heat. (Right) And salt water. I don’t know this step is about. (She sprays salt water thoroughly) What is it? It doesn’t seem to be working. Bleaching isn’t that easy. Oh no. Is it working or not? (Anxious) Just hold on a moment. Wait. (She calms her down first) (She uses a hair dryer again!) Dry, dry, dry. Repeat after me. Dry, dry, dry. Dry, dry, dry. Dry, dry, dry. Dry, dry, dry. (She’ll do anything she’s told to do) Dry, dry, dry. She put in a different powder this time, right? It’s not working. Did it work? Let me spray it once more. If the flowers really absorb water, it’s science. When it doesn’t work right away, she does it again. You have to bleach your hair many times to really remove the color. Really? Several times? (Really?) There’s yellow left, so you must do it several times. Oh, forget it. I think this is enough. They were definitely pink before. Now they’re white. Ma’am. (She can even bleach flowers?) Here are your white roses. (In a daze) Yes! Just wait, Tony. I’m over here. Where are you going? (She can’t find the exit) The secret garden where colors of flowers change. Is it science or magic? Trick & True. (Changing the process) Did you change your mind after watching the hint? Did it help? (White roses are ready!) – It’s even harder. / – It’s harder to decide. She sprayed salt water on the stems. Doesn’t the osmotic pressure apply right away? I swell up right away when I eat salty instant noodles. I absorb it and swell up right away. It works right away. Some people add salt into a steam iron in order to make it heat up faster. (Influencing heat?) So maybe spraying salt water and then adding heat can change the colors faster. So who thinks it’s science? – I think it’s science. / – Me too. Onew, you think it’s science now? Yes. Who thinks it’s magic? One, two, three. Shin Jaepyung, Jihyo, and Wendy. Even if she sprayed salt water on the flowers, I’m sure salt water got on the leaves, too. Then the leaves must’ve changed (Leaves stayed green) colors too, at least a little. So the fact that only the petals changed colors means it’s magic. Onew, why did you change your mind after the hint? I think the powder she added speeded up the change. So she added heat so the change would happen faster. I hope it’s science, but I’m not sure. – This is science. / – Why is it science? There wasn’t any time for her to switch something. She covered the flowers with a curtain. Oh, there was time? You changed your mind easily. Maybe they dyed the roses beforehand. Maybe the roses used to be blue, but were dyed purple. Then she removed the dye while spraying water. (He’s a genius?) Then it’s just a trick. Yes. It’s magic. Wait. Jeongyeon found out something very important. Jeongyeon, what is it? Nobody knew at first, so I watched their reactions. – The panelists? / – Yes. The magicians were nonchalant, but the scientists were quite surprised. Maybe the reason they were surprised was because the magician took out flowers from her pocket. (No way) How could they do such a shameless thing? Then she’s a magician. That’s why everyone was surprised. How could they go this far? (Even if it’s a TV program) How could it be so simple? If you combine our thoughts they made an optical illusion with lighting to partially blind us and she nonchalantly switched the flowers. (Hands are faster than our eyes?) Nonchalantly. Isn’t that too old-fashioned? If it’s old-fashioned, they do this. “Hold on. What’s that over there?” That’s old-fashioned. That often happened at street markets in the past. She pretended to turn on the lights (At first) and had to put her hand under the table. Right then. – In here? / – Yes. That isn’t it. This is better though, right? White flowers were under the table? And she took them out from here? Then everyone can see it. How could she do that in such a short period of time? Or maybe… The flowers were originally blue, yellow and white. We talked about that already. Someone said that already. – Who did? / – He did. (You are my destiny) You could say they’re twins. Trick and True. Is she a scientist or a magician? (The identity of the florist) Let’s see! (Third Trick & True – The Secret Garden – Trick) It was magic. This was it. (Shocking) But how could this be magic? There is a person who developed these special roses that you saw in the secret garden who exports a million flowers every year. We’ve have a video with him. Paju of Gyeonggi Province. Among these beautiful, colorful roses… (A man holding flowers?) Oh my. Hello. I’m Rose Magician Lim Juwan. Today’s star is Lim Juwan. What exactly are these? These roses were specially treated and they change colors. He developed various products and exports a million roses every year. In 2009, he surpassed $500,000 in exports! Could you please tell us the secret? I can’t do that. My business depends on it. This is all I can tell you! These magical roses are loved overseas as well. Oh my god! Jongmin, you should’ve used these roses for your event. This was magic (Trick and True) that no one can mimic. You’ve seen all three performances. What did you think? This is really trick and true. (Just like the title) It’s interesting when it’s a trick, and it’s amazing when it’s true. It was amazing and interesting the whole day. As I look at this rose, I have an event prepared , so all I need is a girlfriend. (Blushing) – It’s so amazing. / – Isn’t it? I’m usually only mesmerized by science, but I’m already mesmerized by this. I see. The entertainment program where science and magic meet. Trick and True. Continuing as long as your curiosity doesn’t dry up. Trick and True! (“TT” by TWICE)