Hey everybody, it’s Anna. Welcome to our
Tuesday card in this week’s Tarot Story. Today we have the Magician. This
is one of two major Arcana cards this week and Major Arcana cards are always
about big life lessons. It’s like we’re integrating some important energy
that helps us today but also can help us in the future, because we’re learning
something new. Yesterday we had the Ace of Wands which was about the
beginning of something, like a passion coming up, an inspiration. But it’s
also a little bit vague usually with the Ace of Wands. You’re not really sure
where you’re going, but you have an idea something new is happening. Well, the
Magician is powerful energy, it’s a powerful manifester. The Magician
points one finger to the sky and one to the ground. I think if this is the
lightning-rod card, like he is pulling energy from heaven and manifesting it
here on earth.He does it based on his clarity. He knows what he wants to do. And his resourcefulness! On this table you can see there is every element of
the Tarot. We have a Cup and, a Pentacle, and a Sword and a Wand – which
means that he’s using his body, his mind, his soul, his heart – all those are coming
together to bring this onto the earth. So this is bringing something new into the
planet. Yesterday if you spent some time nourishing that Ace of Wands
energy, today is the time to say – yes, this is my vision! This is what I’m
gonna happen make happen. And channel that energy through your body. You do it by being clear and by realizing you have this energy within
you, by seeing yourself as the bringer of magic. Whatever you can do today to harness that magic – you might even write an incantation or you might
have a ritual or you might write in your journal and say, “This is
what I’m making happen today.” Whatever it is, you want to evoke that energy and
claim it for yourself. Because this is the beginning. This journey started yesterday – this is where we’re gonna give it some legs. I hope that’s helpful for you today and I’ll see you
tomorrow for our next card. Bye!