Oooh my gosh- Hey guys, welcome to another
episode of RossDraws and welcome back to Milo Month. This whole month is
dedicated to this boy- First we turned him into a Gundam, made an anime series, then we drew him a girlfriend Maybe I could paint like an epic
landscape for a movie, TV show, video game, and we could be the main characters. What do you think, buddy? Alright buddy,
so we need a reference photo for our epic landscape and you can choose to go
anywhere you want in the world. Where should we go? A dog park? You
can choose to go anywhere, like Hawaii, the heavens, maybe the Eye of Sauron.. are you sure you want to know the dog park? Alright, let’s go to the dog park Milo! Oh my god! Aah! Woah! Look at this jacket, Milo! Wow, we’re outside! Sit! Down Down, down. Good boy! Down Good boy! Here you go, buddy! Milo, come here! We got it! Yeah Woah! We’re back! I didn’t get to keep my jacket So we’re back from the dog park and this is what we shot- We got me, and Milo, and
we’re looking up at something super cool, the sun.. a great foundation for an epic
landscape. Let’s jump right into it! Isolated us in two separate layers. This
is like the sky of opportunity: maybe this world is on fire an evil Milo- it turns out looking like a cat lol, or maybe this beautiful land of
clouds? Castle in the distance- Ooo, I love that I’m not really sure about what direction
I’m going to commit t,o so I’m just gonna experiment around and see what we can
come up with. Hey guys, welcome back and here’s the
progress of our epic landscape so far- this is where we started, we were at a dog
park and slowly but surely I’m putting us into this beautiful epic world. We’re
not in the right attire, I feel like we need to mellow in and match the
environment a little more. Let’s change our outfits, I’m thinking
post-apocalyptic streetwear. Let’s do it. I have like a cool collar Nice! Like a spikey kinda hair, like that Nice. And we need an emblem, like X! We’re edgy! For Milo, let’s add like a samurai sword. Oh snap, this is looking way cooler.
We’re looking a little pedestrian and now we feel like part of this world. Maybe there’s like a flying unicorn I also don’t know how to draw a unicorn We have a narrative, we have a mood, so I’m just gonna keep working on it I’ll check
back soon. Hey guys, welcome back and here’s the
progress of our epic landscape so far. This has gone a very long way from our
dog park piece. I’m kind of going for this epic, calm dreamscape and we’re just
kind of enjoying the moment with them. So I want to talk about the scale of the
environment ’cause that’s so important to me and it can really make or break your
piece. But if you want to make the landscape even more epic, we’ll reduce- lol oh my god we’re so small, aaaaaaaaaa- This is pushing the contrast and gives your
character more of like an epic world to look forward to. If I want my character
to look more bigger, to contrast Milo, I would make my head really small like that- oh my gosh What if
Milo was like, super tiny? lol Milo, you’re a mouse! Oh my gosh, now this
looks like a 2020 remake of Clifford! By adjusting the scale, you can really
transform that impact you want the audience to feel. So I’m just gonna
commit to this scale — I think looking great so far — I’m just gonna finish it
and check back soon. Hey guys! It’s color dodge time! Ah man, here we go- Oh? Ah! Something’s happening! For honor! [SCREAMING] Hey guys, welcome back and I hope you
enjoyed the episode. Milo, would did you think? That’s the a nicest thing he’s ever
said. Next week is the epic finale of Milo Month, I’m bringing in a
professional artist to draw Milo! I wonder who it is? My debut
feature-length book comes out in 16 weeks!
It’s either 16 or 17, maybe 18. Next time I check in I’m gonna make sure that I
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