Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to a new series called “Unlicensed Showcase” where I showcase unlicensed games. This episode showcases Magic Carpet 1001, a shooter that was made by NTDEC. This is also known as Aladdin III, Harry Potter, Harry Tour and various other names. (See BootlegGamesWiki for more info). This was also on the Caltron 6-in-1 and the Asder 20-in-1. Let’s go! Now, one thing I should tell you is that the power-ups are completely randomized. What does that mean? This means that you may or may not get a single ‘P’ power-up or you may or not get a TON of hearts. The power-up you get depends on the randomizer, so it’s the luck of the draw here. The ‘P’ power-up upgrades your level by 1. Note that you can only have 5 levels max. The ‘S’ power-up speeds you up. For some reason, in the hacks of Magic Carpet 1001, you are slower than normal. The ‘S’ and ‘P’ power-ups are important to get in the first level of this game. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a level 1 shot. The heart power-up lets you take a couple of hits (either by shot or by collision). Colliding with bosses still 1 hit kill you, though. See that formation? That generally means that there’s a power-up if you destroy the whole formation. See what I mean? The enemies in this game do make some sense since it is mostly in an Arabian setting. Birds, bees, caped mosquitoes and ninjas are in the 1st level. Birds and bees are also in the 2nd level, but bats are in the 2nd level too. Other various enemies are in this game’s 4 levels. The hit detection isn’t too great, but it’s alright. At least it works. The controls aren’t too bad, either. You go at a fast pace (without the ‘S’ power-up) in Magic Carpet 1001. You shoot with the A button and move with the control pad. A level 5 shot can destroy bosses within SECONDS. You can shoot two 3-shot spreadshots with a level 5 shot. This takes out enemies at a much easier and faster rate than a level 1 shot for sure. Now, I was lucky enough here to get enough ‘P’ power-ups to get my shot to level 5. Sometimes you may get unlucky. Look at how quick I can take down this boss with a level 5 shot – it takes like 2 seconds here! I’m reloading the save state just to show you how merciless the randomizer can be. There is one item which actually isn’t randomized – the lamp. The lamp is in level 4 (the last level). The lamp gives you a TON of health and it’s always carried by a certain enemy in level 4. In fact, certain enemy formations always carry some type of power-up. What it is, though, depends on the randomizer. The extra life icon gives you an extra life (as if that wasn’t obvious enough). However, if the number of lives is 10 or greater, the numbers change to an Arabian-face symbol. Considering you start with 6 lives, that shouldn’t be too hard to reach (assuming that the randomizer cooperates, that is). The graphics aren’t too bad. I mean, they’re not great, but they’re not bad. You die in 1 hit unless you have at least 1 heart in your possession. (Colliding with bosses is always a 1-hit kill). Your shot gets downgraded by 1 level each time you die, so if you had a level 5 shot and then died, you will have a level 4 shot. Note that you do respawn exactly where you died (which is a good thing in Magic Carpet 1001 and the hacks of said game). Harry Tour starts with 8 lives by default. I believe it also starts with a level 4 shot too. Harry Tour has awful music, though (compared to Magic Carpet 1001’s average but fine music). Seriously, who decided to make the music awful in that hack? Tone deaf incompetent idiots or something? I will show off the hack, but not for long, because the music is ear-bleeding in that hack. I also managed to get 3 1UPs (in this part of the showcase) in the span of 10 seconds. I think there’s like maybe 3 soundtracks TOTAL in Magic Carpet 1001. Notice how, in this part of the showcase, I didn’t get a SINGLE ‘P’ power-up. The randomizer can be merciless like that. Fortunately, the 1st boss is easy to defeat. I can see how this would also be called Aladdin III (because of its mostly-Arabian setting). I mean, you have the lamp power-up in level 4 and the character does kind of look like Aladdin. The character also rides on a magic carpet throughout Magic Carpet 1001 (duh). I mean, Harry Potter/Harry Tour also makes sense, because Harry Potter rides on his broom shooting stuff. The theme in those hacks is implied to be Hogwarts. Overall, Magic Carpet 1001 is average but enjoyable (like Mag Max). I just got 3 1UPs IN A ROW just a second ago. That’s the randomizer for you. Time to die in 2-3 seconds, 1st boss! I hope you enjoy this video. Thanks for watching this unlicensed showcase.