I am Joe Marshall with expertvillage.com and
today we are going to unravel the mysteries of telekinesis. For this trick you are actually
going to need to prepare a hookup to your body, in this case I have the invisible elastic
going around this button here, I just have it wrapped around, and I have it running to
the back of the card so that it is connected. And you are going to want to place this card
on the bottom of the pack, so that the thread is at the top running to your button, and
you just flip it over, and you are ready to go. What you are going to do is it is a force,
where you going to force this card on them, you are going to do something called a Hindu
shuffle where you take packets of cards off at the top and when you do it really fast
it looks like you are shuffling them, and when they say stop, you are going to show
them that bottom card the king of hearts, and then you place it down on the deck, since
the threads are still running from the back to the button, you will then turn it around,
so now it is on top, and then you are going to come up underneath it, and then you are
going to hook the thread that is running from the card to the button, you are going to take
it and place it between your two fingers, as you come up you are just going to hold
the deck loosely and you are just going to allow it to raise over the deck and that is
the basic handling of it.