– Yo, yo, yo guys! What’s going on?
Alex Pandrea here. Welcome back to another video. This week’s video, I’m super excited. Because I’m in LA with my friends, with a whole bunch of magicians. We’re gonna take you
through my trip here in LA. Hanging out with friends,
signing some decks, and just having a good time. Also, I just filmed a video
with my boy, Chris Ramsey. And that is up on his channel right now. So if you go to his channel,
you see a tutorial from myself. So that’s it guys, hope
you enjoy this video. Thanks for stopping by,
thanks for watching, and we’ll see. Whoa. (laughs) Hit that subscribe button on Wes. I’ll leave everybody’s links below. See ya. (playful jazz music) (moves into chill hip hop music) – So I think, yeah. We are done. – Just finished signing
all those decks of cards. – It was hard work guys. I mean, I had to sit here. – Watch me. – Watch and make sure
that everything is good. – I had Alex sing for
me while I was doing it. So technically, it was
a lot of work for him. – I made sure that all the signatures, they’re all nice and
centered and are on the deck. (laughing) That was my job. So, if you want these
decks, link is down below www.houseofplayingcards.com This is all there is. So, they’re gonna go quick. We were talking about one of
my favorite moves in magic. (whistles)
The flip stick. – I like that subtlety right there. That was beautiful.
– You like the subtlety. – Oh yeah. Please teach us that subtlety. – I’ve gotten a lot of things
free and upgrades on airplanes and things like that from the flip stick. And this is not even a joke.
– Wow. – Let me go through the flip stick move, just in case you guys don’t know. It’s the coolest thing. So, the way that this works, is you’re just going to flip it. The stick, you’re going to flip the stick. (laughs) A magician from Holland came up with this. His name was Flip, I believe. And this is all you’re gonna do. I’ll take you behind the scenes. You’re gonna hold the pen just like this. You can either do it with
your right, or with your left. I’m comfortable doing it with the left. But, sometimes I have a watch and it hits. And it makes a little bit of sound. So, if I do that, maybe
do it with the right. You’re going to grab the tips. One end and the other. And with your middle
finger of the left hand, you’re going to curl, just curl it in. And what that’s going to
do is that’s going to make the pen go from here to here. Alright? From here to here. Now, doing it just with this hand is not going to look as good. Because the obvious thing is, where is the pen? Must be, maybe behind the hand. So, that’s why your
holding it with both hands. You’re going to do it as
an up and down motion. I like to come up, and
as I come up I do this. And both hands mimic each other. Now the great thing about
having that second hand there, is that the pen kind of
goes off of the thumb, and makes it go faster, alright? So instead of doing it
just off of this hand, where you need to strengthen this finger, you want to do it with the thumb, so that it goes off of here. So, you’re holding it
here, and you come up, you do this, and then you stop. Boom. Alright? So that’s how I kind of like to do it. You can do it right hand also. I guess you can’t do it left handed. You can do it right handed, or you can do it left handed, like this. I try to do both. Because if the audience
is more there, let’s make pretend this pile of nicely signed Shin Lim decks is my audience. And I go, “Hey audience, watch this.” I’m going to sort of rotate
a little bit, like this. And then do the move. Alright? If I feel like there’s
more audience on this side, I’ll just tilt a little bit here, do the move. So, here. And then slow motion, boom. And now, I can sort of open up my hands. We can get into the subtleties right now. But, this is how you want to palm it. Middle finger is curled,
first finger is like this, and thumb is out. So, if I were to do it for Natsu here. I can see that Shin and Natsu,
they are more to this side. So, I would not do it this way. That would be obvious, right? Natsu, he could see, look he doesn’t even
care ’cause he sees it. But, watch this. Natsu, check this out. Boom!
– Whoa! – See? Now he’s just freaking out. He’s just freaking out. So, let me show you the subtleties. Let’s go around the front
for the subtleties of this. I think this is really important. And we were joking around about this. But, this is more or less true. Here’s one subtlety. I swear to god, this is
what I do, and it’s great. (Natsu laughing) I used to do it as a joke. But, now it became like a serious thing. So, I do this. I come and I like, mends my right palm, and it’s
just a little thing like, yeah like here, and then I just… Like, where did it go?
(laughs) Which is weird to do.
(laughs) But, I’m telling you. Wow. It gets my left hand
to drop down naturally as I maybe do this. People laugh, haha okay. But then, what it does it
ends up in this position where my left hand is here. I can just go to my back pocket and say, “Look, I have one in my back pocket. “Stay in your seats, I got more.” So, I do literally like this. Hey, do you know why they
call it magic markers? – No. – Because now you see it, now you don’t. (laughs) This is all very bad magic
patter, don’t do this, okay? We start over with a real pen. – Can I see the pen, please?
– Yes. – Alright, watch.
This is a weird pen. Just do this, it’s gone. Don’t worry, I’ve got another
one in my back pocket. You can check it out. Be careful it’s sharp. That’s why they call it a sharpie. Oh man.
So good. You see, you’ve got it right there. Maybe you should audition
for some shows now. – I think there’s a “Got
Talent” show somewhere. Perhaps. – Does he have talent,
ladies and gentlemen? Hit that like button
if you like this video. Subscribe if you… It’s not the end of the video, nevermind. There’s more to come, let’s go. (playful jazz music) Okay, we are here in Los Angeles. (laughing)
What are you laughing at? What is so funny? That I setup my camera and
that I just want to talk to it? – The clip prior, that is what
I’m laughing at, I’m sorry. – We’re in LA.
We’re at a jam. We’re at Byron’s jam.
– Exactly – This is actually his
boba tea shop. Which… – It’s really good.
– It’s really good. It’s got… He didn’t like the tapioca. But, you gotta get it.
– I dislike tapioca. – We are here. I love places that do… Thanks. I love places that do jams like this. I lived in New York all
my life and there was very few places that you could
go and meet with magicians and jam on stuff like that. I think that’s really important. If you are in a city that
has somewhat of a community, if you get to link up with friends, message people that live in your city, on instagram if you see the magicians, then get together and
create something like this. It’s so good to meet the people, to learn, share ideas, et cetera. Alright, we’re gonna go check
out the action right now. Let’s go. (playful jazz music) (moves into chill hip hop music) – [ALEX] Holy, what the hell? (laughs loudly) – He did it on the first take. Alex took like 20,000 takes for me. What the hell? – [Alex] Got it! Shin, I will see you this
footage for a good price. What do you think? – I’ll give you a couple of NOCs. How about that? – That’s a good deal. That’s a good deal. (laughing) So, my new buddy over here, told me a really funny story. – My wife has this
love/hate relationship with the way that Alex Pandrea gives instructional videos or tutorials. Particularly when he starts
of with that yo, yo, yo. And when he’s getting into details and he starts going with the boom. And you follow up with a boom. Boom, boom, boom, boom. (laughs) My wife can point out his voice, like the moment she hears
the beginning of the video. (laughs) (playful jazz music) – Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. (laughs) – Oh my god! She ruins every shot. (laughs) It’s midnight in Pa…
Why is this not focusing? It’s midnight in Pasadena, and we are going to celebrate
something, with Patrick… – [Indigo] That we can’t talk about. – And with Rodney, and with Nick. And that’s about it. – We have like no energy in this video, everyone is like dead.
(laughs) – Hey what’s up everyone! It’s your girl, Indigo. Here to bring all the energy and we are… (chill hip hop music)