Hi and welcome to my weekly blog. My name is Jon Leland, I’m a digital marketing strategist and this is my 11th week of
video blogging. And my question is a very serious one: is video blogging video
blogging on a weekly basis truly transformational? And I have to tell you
that for me I have really experienced an energy shift. Things have truly changed. For one thing, I’m feeling the muscle, it’s emerging that I have a
practice, that this is something I can do… as imperfectly as I do it. It’s kind of a
valid exploration that I truly think is important. Where I experience the
transformational quality is kind of like where a pebble goes into a pond and
there are ripples that go out. I’ve been very touched by the number of comments
that I’ve gotten from people who say that they are inspired by what I’m doing.
That there’s something about what I’m doing with weekly video blogging that
inspires them. That feels like at least the beginning of a pebble making a
difference creating a transformational change, like those ripples that go out.
I’m really looking for more but the process itself is important whether or not anything
ever happens! It certainly isn’t about getting rich quick or some kind of even
big business goal. Even though I am making offers around trying to help
people. And I’m interested in your input on that. Much more important is really
just the process of doing it week after week, of learning what is it. You know, I am somebody that has a lot to say. I feel like I have knowledge that I
want to share and you know bring forth into the marketplace in order to be
useful. But it isn’t so much about convincing you of the value or trying to
sell you something. It really is an exercise in self-expression and I think
that’s part of what inspires people. That’s the feedback that I’ve been
getting: that just going for it as imperfectly as I do it, the idea that I’m
putting myself out here. Sharing that has created a shift and it isn’t a
linear shift. I like to say that “I open the door and they come in through
the window.” So, my business is doing well, the visibility is obviously a healthy
thing for my business but I think the shift comes from the courage and the
practice of doing it week after week. Especially when I don’t know what I want
to say and that was the case this week to be kind of vulnerable about it. I
took a week off I finished ten that was my challenge. That was my goal and I did
need to take a breath so I did. And then I wanted to come back with this video
but I really didn’t know what I wanted to say. And, in the process of thinking
about it, listening and checking out the comments that were happening on the
other videos, it occurred to me that I wanted to talk about it’s a shift, it’s a
real transformation. So, I want to challenge you to be like “the pebble in
the pond” and really start being a “ripple.” The ripple doesn’t come from thanking
me and I really deeply, authentically appreciate the comments. But I think the real ripples
come from when you pick up the camera and when you start expressing whatever
it is you have that you feel is valuable. Crafting that, honing it and
practicing it and being willing to do it imperfectly. That practice itself, for me
at least, is truly transformational and I invite you to dive in not just
occasionally but with a real weekly practice so that you’re present in the
marketplace. You’re consistent, and people know that they can trust you. And more
and more, you’re learning to have to articulate how you deliver real value.That’s why I think that video blogging is truly transformational especially
when it’s done weekly. I would love to hear your comments. Thanks again for
watching and see you next week!