– Let me get this straight. You were in the boxing ring
when a ghost magician showed up and stole the Book
of Dark Magic? – Don’t forget the part
where he had no head. – Right. – He’s a real ghost
who haunts magicians. See? It’s in “The Complete
History of Magic.” “The Wondrous Wally
was a classic magician “known for his
severed head trick. “It astounded audiences
all over the world. “A rival magician asked for
the secret to his trick, “but Wally said no, a magician
never reveals his tricks. “The rival magician
was furious.” – “That night, when
Wally was performing “his severed head trick,
it went terribly wrong, “and cut off his head for real. “The rival magician had
sabotaged Wally’s trick. “He had killed Wally and
stolen his trick book. “Now Wally is cursed to
be the Headless Magician, “a vengeful ghost who
steals magicians’ tricks “or their heads.” – Oh. All of this talk about
losing my head is giving me a headache. – Oh, don’t worry. We’ll find him and
get our book back. – I did feel like
someone was watching us while we were doing
our tricks outside. – Let’s go. Let’s search for clues here, while you look for
anyone suspicious. Remember, we have
to act natural. – Absolutely. – That’s natural? – Yes, I’m being
naturally hilarious. – Go stand over there. Hi, I’m Akira, and I’m gonna be doing some
tricks for you guys today. – Awesome. – So I know we all text. We all probably love emojis. And here I have a few cards with a ton of
different ones on them. You know, you have
alien, the fire, heart. So one of you guys, or all
of you, can take these cards, choose one emoji that you like, and take out any cards
that have that emoji on it. And obviously, don’t tell me. – You ready? – All right, you’re good to go? Okay. Give me any of the cards
that do not have that emoji. All right. All right, I’m gonna
try to read the cards. Can I see the ones
that do have it? I’ll blend this back together. I’m really feeling
maybe something
representing like love? Almost… Hmm, something red, definitely. Was it, was it the lips? – Yes. – Yeah, awesome.
– All right. – Hi, I’m Walker. – Hello.
– I’m gonna show you a trick. I’ve got this pencil here, and we all know pencils
are pretty sturdy. Here, can you hold that? And could you hold
both ends like that. There you go. And hold tight. And here I’ve got a dollar bill. We know dollar bills are
kind of flimsy, right? They’re paper and they
don’t do anything. But actually, if you don’t know, if you layer something enough,
it actually gets thicker. So right now, already this
dollar bill is stronger because it’s like this. But as you know, a dollar bill
can’t go through anything. Right? But if you really fold it
enough and really hold tight, if you really fold enough, a dollar bill can go
all the way through. – Can I try? – I don’t know how that worked. – Pretty cool, right? Magic. – Cool trick! – Thanks! Have I seen you somewhere? – Nope, never, not once. So how’d you do that trick? – Sorry, a magician never tells. – Maybe one day you’ll
change your mind. – What a strange girl. You see anything? – Everyone looks normal to me. Wait. Is that a floating hat? – Hey, Headless! Stop right there. – Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha! I am the Headless Magician! That was a fun
trick you performed. Hand it over, or
hand over your head. – You must be
headless and brainless if you think we’re
handing over our tricks. – Foolish mortal, you
haven’t seen the last of the Headless Magician! Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha! – He just disappeared. – Good. He is terrifying. – We should look for clues. – Well, the smoke effect
proves that it’s a magician. – Wait. Are those fingerprints? Ghost don’t leave fingerprints. Let’s take a photo
of this for later. Where’s your phone? – In my backpack. Thank you. (gasps) – We need to gather a list
of potential suspects. Then we can match
their fingerprints. You got that phone, Walker? Walker? Walker! Oh no.