An industrial wood chipper capable of
reducing whole trees to dust in a matter of seconds. Just imagine what it could do to a body. Here come the girls. No time to
imagine what they can do. There’s a dangerous escape coming up.
Appropriately enough the magician has a solid pine box in the shape of a coffin
headed straight toward the wood chippers 1000rpm blades. You can probably guess what he’s got in
mind. We know this guy is pretty twisted. Under no circumstances should you
attempt anything you’re about to see. Sure enough he heads straight for the
coffin. Let’s hope he’s not headed to an early grave. His assistants are all too eager to help
seal him inside the pine box. Maybe he’s not so easy to work for. The lid goes into place and the teeth
continue to grind. The magician sticks his hands through two
hand holes. The lid is fastened with screws as his hands are secured with a
pair of regulation police handcuffs. Which will make his escape from the
coffin even more difficult. I don’t even want to think about what’s
going to happen next. The grinding teeth of that wood chipper
are less than 30 feet away. Do you think the magician plans to
escape before he and the box are ground into garden mulch? The box is in motion cruising down the
conveyor and directly at the spinning blades. Less than 10 feet to go and he
is still trapped inside. This is too dangerous. His hands are free but someone better
let him out. This is one continuous camera shot the
box isn’t stopping. It’s being sucked into the steel jaws. I can’t bear to watch. The chipper is turning the coffin and
its occupant into shreds. So long masked man. I didn’t even get a
chance to thank him for all the laughs. But wait who’s this? Can it be? The masked
magician! He stared death in the face and won again. Nice work. So how does the magician escape the
coffin and the handcuffs before it’s fed into the grinding blades of the 220
horsepower wood chipper? There’s a secret but this is still a very
dangerous trick. Again do not try this at home. Failure would
result in a horrifying death. This is a real wood chipper and the pine
coffin is actually being reduced to tiny flakes of wood. But the masked magician knows he’ll make
it out in time. The assistants use real screws to fasten
the lid in place the handcuffs on the other hand aren’t so real. That’s why he’s confident he’ll escape
before is chopped to pieces. The handcuffs are rigged open with the
slightest pressure. Here’s another look. A quick snap of the
wrists and he’s out. The truth shall set you free. And so will phony cuffs. Not very sporting of them but then again
he’s got to minimize the danger. The magician is free of the handcuffs
but still headed for certain doom. But he’s not worried since the coffin has a
secret trapdoor along one side. This secret panel allows him an instant
escape. Once his hands are free all he has to do
is flip open the door and jump out of the box. A thin pad breaks his fall only seconds
before the box is chewed to shreds. A soft landing, safe and sound. And here’s the secret to why we never
see his escape. Beneath the conveyor belt is a mirror
that reflects the ground. We never see anyone walk in front of the
mirror like this. So the illusion is very convincing. When
you look closely from this angle you can see the mirror vibrating as the coffin
enters the chipper. Of course you’re so distracted by the
destruction we don’t even bother to notice. And now for the magician’s escape route.
He crawls from the crash mats across the ground and along the backside of the
chipper. While we’re looking at the shooting
shards of wood he’s making his way into the cab of the
truck. The driver’s door is open and ready for
his arrival from the front seat. It’s just a short hop in the back of the
truck. A black curtain hides the magician until it’s time for him to make his
appearance. He sneaks out and strikes a pose. Offering relief to those who feared the