– You are a magician. Do you ever do tricks with your dogs? – Oh yeah, I’ve actually used them in, Gracie, so she’s a Chihuahua. She used to be really, really chubby, and you can do anything with her. Put her anywhere and she’ll just stay. – [Kelly] Oh! – She literally just sits
there, she don’t move. (laughs) It’s like when you get
the little Buddha statues. – So a nice guard dog. – [Drew] She looks like a
little puppy Buddha statue. – I don’t have a picture of her or video, but I, instead of using a rabbit, I pulled Gracie out of a top hat. (audience laughs) – Oh my gosh. Do you do that in front of the kids, like when they’ll do readings and stuff. – No, not for the book tour,
but on Property Brothers. Every now and then I’ll do- – You should do it on the book tour. – [Jonathan] I know I should.
– Kids would be like, “What!” – The funny thing too is, oh he’s, “See ya later!” – Oh bye! – [Drew] I wanna pull
him I’m out of a hat. – He is so cute.
– The funny thing too is, I’ll do magic tricks for the dogs and some dogs freak out because they don’t understand where… I can show you one. Do you wanna see one? I can do it. – [Kelly] Okay I want to see one. – Let me see if I can get a reaction out of your little puppy here.
– Okay, here we go. – Look at this. – [Kelly] Here we go. – So if you do a
little… Oh look at this. Oh yum, yum look at this. He’s not interested in the treat, here. – Well he just ate like five things so… – Hold up here together. Alright Paul. Alright here we go. Look
at this, look at this. Oh wow, yum, yum. Watch this. Here we go, ready. Where’d it go? What? – [Kelly] (gasps) wait, where did it go? – And now he gets mad.
– It’s not in my face. – Real mad. No it’s right here. (laughs) – [Kelly] Oh my gosh. – [Kelly] How the hell
did you just do that? – Pull it out of the puppy ear. I actually think this is… – [Kelly] I am so impressed by magic. – It’s actually the same… (audience laughs) When Jonathan… – Meant for human consumption as well. – Okay, okay. – That’s white people stuff. That’s white people stuff. – Hey, don’t put me in with him. – [Wanda] That is so extra. – [Kelly] That is a correction. – Don’t put me in with Jonathan. – Extra! – Correction, that’s
not white people thing. That’s Jonathan and Drew thing. – No, no, no – [Kelly] That’s not a white people thing. – That’s creepy Jonathan thing. – That’s Jonathan thing, okay, okay.