Alright, so we literally do not know anything that’s about to happen. Yeah, well.
That’s the story of your life, the whole show. It really is. That is, that’s my show. But we did give everyone one of these pieces of paper. Everyone, go ahead and take out the pieces of paper that you should have right now. We have a full sheet of paper. Take ’em out. Everyone got one of these on the way in. You’ll see there’s some varying numbers, there are some colors, there’s a little instructional thing right here that says to go ahead and add me on social media before this begins, and if you would have done that, you would have seen this. It’s a photograph of my crew. We travel all around the world together. We do all these shows, and they wanted to be here today, but we’re out on tour right now. They couldn’t make it. But they wanted to say hi to you, Rachael. There they are, there’s my crew, everyone. (applause) On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Adam Trent Magic. Rachael, I’m gonna have you go ahead and hold on to that board for just a moment. That’ll be important later. Everyone, we’re gonna make a series of choices …
They call me the easel. (laughter) Everyone, go ahead and choose your favorite number or your favorite color. In my case, I will choose, I’ll choose number two. That’s my favorite number. Go ahead and tear out whatever your favorite number or color is right now. It does not have to be a perfect tear. In fact, look how imperfect that is, but that’s okay ’cause speed is more important than accuracy. Tear, tear, tear, tear, tear, tear. When you’re done say, “Adam I’m done.” Adam I’m done. Great, go ahead and crumple it into a small little paper ball around itself, okay? Small little paper ball around itself. So we should have a little paper ball that has your favorite number or your favorite color on the outside. Yes? I like how we all repeated outside there. We have a remaining sheet of paper, go ahead and crumple that up into a ball as well. Try to keep one of the numbers on the outside. Just do this kind of impulsively. In my case it looks like number six ended up on the outside. Crumple that into a small little ball. Try to make it the same size. So, now you have two little paper balls, one with your favorite number, one with a random number. When you’re done with that, say, “Adam, I’m finished everything.” Adam, I’m finished everything. We’re gonna collect a sample of these paper balls from the audience in the most fun way possible. Emeril, I’m gonna have you help me with this. Go ahead and put those on. There’s not gonna be any wolf showin’ up, is there? No, this is gonna … Emeril, I’m gonna have you go ahead and put that on. You may have to swap the Santa hat out. Put that on. Alright, so here’s what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna run around this. All of you throw those paper balls into our helmets. Emeril, the goal is to see which one of us can get more in our helmet, you or I. Which side are you taking? You run around in front.
I’m taking this side right here.
Okay. I’ll take this side over here. Are we ready everyone? Yeah! Throw all the balls, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Okay, okay, everybody go. Okay, I think we’re done. I think we’re done.
Okay. I think we’re done. Emeril take ’em out … Oh no!
Oh, Emeril. Emeril, go ahead and dump ’em in mine. We’re gonna combine the two. Okay.
Dump ’em in here. We’re gonna combine the two. Fantastic. I thought it was a contest. If you’re gonna dump them into one. I think you won.
Can I get rid of this? Yeah, you can put that down. Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at this. This right here represents a sample of our choices, of our ability to hit a moving target. Take a look over here. We have five clear cups right here. I’m gonna give all of our balls a little shuffle. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. I’m gonna give give ’em a little dump over the cups. Did we get one in each? A couple. Oh, we got several in each. Look at this. We’re gonna use the first one that made it inside each one, so we’ll take out the extras here. We got one in each. We got two here, let’s see. We even got three in this one. Is there now one in each? Yeah. There’s now one in each. Alright, everyone go ahead and call out these numbers nice and loud. Get a nice shot of that. Call ’em out, starting on the left. That is a green number … Five.
Five. Next number. Three. Next number. Zero. Next one. Four. Four. And finally. Five. Five. Five, three, zero, four, five. A number that we’ve created together as a group that is unique to us. Five, three, zero, four, five. In the very beginning of this, I asked you all to add me on social media. Some of you did, a lot of you probably didn’t, but that’s okay because we printed out a picture of it right here to make sure it did not change. I said there’s a lot of things people don’t notice in a magic show, and the stage hands are certainly one of them, which is kinda unique, because take a look at their hands. Take a look at their hands.
Shut up! Five, three, zero, four, five. A perfect match. (applause) There’s still things that we’re not noticing about this, Rachael. For example, five, three, zero, four, five, it’s five, three, zero, four, five, but a lot of people don’t notice that numbers can be looked at one of two ways. For example, if I do this with the numbers, watch what happens with the numbers. The numbers can actually become letters. The letters actually spell shoes.
Shoes. A lot of people don’t notice, the stage hands are actually wearing shoes. They don’t notice those shoes are colors. They don’t notice if I take these colors, and I line these colors up …
Shut the door. Right here with this. Ladies and gentlemen. (applause) That’s impossible, ladies and gentlemen.