hold on hold on save those comments that
I know you’re about to say bottle flipping is so 2016 we’ve got something to
settle lately I’ve been crushing it you can go and put a clip of a tissue box
then play this one that was pretty impressive that bottle is so full so we
are trying to decide who is the better bottle flipper in this relationship
Oh determine the winner we are going to play a game of water bottle flip trick
shot horse let’s go so the way this game works usually for
our trick shot horse games who do time we’re just going to do it by attempts
first one to spell a out horse loses starting off pretty basic but with a
mini bottle just a regular flip with a mini bottle shouldn’t take three Tim’s
but three Tim’s first try baby oh yeah what was that okay I still did it better
than you you get an 8 bottle flip up onto the beam see it
oh no that’s not kind it has to live there you go I do not think this would
be allowed no it should be allowed because you have to go over the monkey
bars but in between the monkey bars I’m not saying and the slide saying it’s
not impressive or hard I’m saying you shouldn’t be allowed to be attempting
one shot and accomplish something else and then change your it’s worse
everybody does that ha Cassie’s backup the cheater I just go
just go if I hadn’t told you what I was doing you would have had no idea just go
so just a big bottle onto the sidewalk that seems simple enough but you’re
struggling a little bit there goes I kind of lost track of how
many attempts that was but let’s just see how many it takes me kind of banged
up the bottom there a little bit are you are you complaining that you’re
not gonna be able to do it okay we’ve a comment how many attempts did that take
me leave a comment guess how many attempts it was to Cassie
that means Cassie gets a letter and it is H o 2h I have a stupid idea
okay I’m playing no games this round yeah flip it right at that leaf and it’s
gonna slide down mon Dieu Oh close no oh that was close
okay from behind this line you have to flip it and land it on that rock
climbing rock thing okay okay house necklace oh I meant to do that one see
how cheating that is that’s not how you speak English but I’m not gonna count it
cuz I have sportsmanship yeah but you will combat one I guess that’s I do first try I cannot believe that just
happened I can because I am the bottle flipping champion in this relationship
what are you doing that swing and a milk jug of water okay just because you might
cheat it have to land on its bottom okay let’s see oh I knew that was a good idea
that’s crazy how’d you miss that how did you get it
first try I because I’m the bottle flipping champion of this relationship
there we go there you go okay 72 hours later there you go that was a 21 times 8 that
gives you H Oh are ya see Kevin I think you’ve gotten a little lucky on some of
these things but when it comes down to just true gentleman’s bottle flipping
you just don’t quite match up gentleman’s bottle gentleman swap while
holding yep so we’re gonna do the the cat flip I wasn’t watching with that 3/4 400 most
to tie I would like for the record to show that I’ve never done a cat flip hrs
I guess we had three bottles three sizes ending with the big Papa gotta do all
three in a row will I do this first try will I do this first try I dude you
gotta give this video a thumbs up no way I’d like to say you have a chance
but I’m not a liar out of the night space you just gave me
let’s see it and it’s all over folks
Oh No you got it Cassie’s very determined
though let’s see the big one no no no no you’re the one that kept stopping you
kept running your mouth about how much better you are than I am so we
determined who the true bottle flipping person is and I don’t know if that’s
something to be proud of or not probably not so lame tire anyway thanks for
watching one we’ve got videos every Monday every Wednesday every Saturdays
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let’s go to the beach there you go
you did it I know I got a letter but I still did it