hi everyone Sloane Rhodes here with your
spiritual guidance for the week of December 8 2019I hope everyone is
doing well today I’m gonna be drawing from the sacred rebels deck by Alana
Fairchild one card for the week of December 8 2019 I did just post a
video for the weekend so if you haven’t seen that yet you can check that out
then just remind you that all of my video readings are available on the
audio podcast you can listen to them as well as watch them here on YouTube ok
drawers are slipping in the world not of the world number 34 it’s under attack shock of the new well okay so we’ve talked a lot about
the last few weekly spiritual guidance videos and then amorphous transformation
change this is another number 734 3 plus 4 equals 7 is kind of slower moving
energy as things shift right and we also have to talk with the new now when I say
slower movement energy it doesn’t necessarily mean that events are slowing
down around you you may have had some you know rather big things occur with
that shock of the new but what the slower movement energy is around the
metamorphosis integrating the changes last week I talked or is it the weekend
energy I can’t remember but there was the end of cups energy and she was
wearing like a an animal skin around her a lion skin and I talked about this idea
of putting on a new coat putting on a new form trying it out so you know I’m
the eight of cups into hitting a journey and undertaking so there has been this
kind of movement towards change right but what often occurs is that things are
changing in our environment in ways that push us into a spiritual journey or a
transformative period and that often is what is the slower movement energy once
again so that we can integrate understand so it kind of said it before
we embark on are sort of a new way of being as I mentioned in that in my last
reading I think it was for the weekend reading so that’s why I talk about the
slower moving energy you may be like what are you talking about everything
that’s been crashing down around me you know we had this talk of the new here
that wasn’t fat that wasn’t slow-moving but what a slower moving is the way in
which you are changing your reactions responses and
way of being in the world and with this card the text of this card
in the world not of the world it is about taking that observer quality
looking at what is going on around you looking at yourself with a little bit of
a gap a little you know creating sort of a spaciousness around it having a more
capacious sort of attitude about life so there’s more movement around everything
I can’t even see this here there’s this cuff swirling energy around here with
all the all of these fish maybe salmon I’m not an expert on fish could be
salmon you know and the swirling energy is kind of what I’m talking about like
don’t get locked into an old way of being or a new way of being you’re in
the sort of metamorphosis is transformation transformational period
here with the number seven that’s what’s changing so slowly singing Li while
events around you may be quite different and again it may have been that
something occurred that kind of shook you to your core or caused you to have
to go deep and as you went deep your heart open your heart opened allowing
more light in you begin to emanate more light out and that slows things down
because everything has to kind of catch up to the lighter energy and you have to
kind of shed the denser energies I hope that makes sense for some of you it will
for others of you you might have an intuitive note I’m talking about
intuitively but not yet a grounded experience of it but you will you know
uh at the right time for you okay so what else do I want to say about this
card it’s you know I I think we’ve talked
about this a lot and a lot of spiritual teachers talked about it the the
awakening here she is awakening to a new life and she’s naked right so she’s not
coming into this new life with her old clothes it’s it’s in a more sort of
vulnerable nascent State so during this week lets us ground it in
the practical during this week looking at the textbook of the card in the world
not of the world do the best you can throughout the week to take a breath
throughout your day or in restore having a response to something or feeling they
need to react to something take a little bit of a break and imagine some air
around the person or the situation you’re in or breeze blowing through so
you don’t get so locked down into the older patterns there’s an opportunity
here to have that observer quality to have it be able to take a step outside
of yourself from let’s say a more expanded sense of who you are
who’s you are and as you do that there are more opportunities to respond
or even to react in ways that feel more fluid less ingrained in older behaviors
patterns all of that shock of the new again this isn’t this isn’t under under
the deck underlying energy so it may be that something has occurred fairly
recently that kind of shook you that changed in your life could have in the
last few months could have been last week I’m guessing it was a little more
about a little longer period than that because we have all that slow-moving
energy that we’ve been all been working with over the last few months here with
these readings so you’re still adjusting that’s okay it’s you know again it’s
about the integration when something new occurs whether it’s actually in our
physical world or just kind of an epiphany with them an awakening a sudden
awakening it’s it breaks down the persona it breaks down our egoic
conditioning of who we think we are or how we think things should be I’m
supposed to be a certain way I’m supposed to live in a certain place and
supposed to look a certain way I supposed to have a certain degree of
health or wealth you know whatever it may be and when we don’t when something
occurs again either within or usually often with a Sukkah then it’s kind of
something in our external it kind of shakes us to our core and we begin to
transform and integrate the new changes out of a place of surrender because we
don’t necessarily have a lot of control ever actually but seemingly whatever the
shock of the new is is often something that seems like we can’t seem to shift
with our will we have to kind of surrender to it and as we surrender
become more accepting that’s the slower movement energy because many off many
times we have resistance to the new which causes a suffering but then we
have to surrender we accept it we can create some space around it witness it
observe it from a little bit of an outsider
outside of ourselves taking a step back outside of yourself to view yourself in
the situation from a more loving place without the egoic attachments agendas
expectations that creates breath around it that creates more of that swirling
energy that it does allow for transformation transformation to happen
more fluidly and more quickly without the resistance but again you can’t rush
it either because integration has to happen regardless and everyone will
integrate new understandings and experiences and energies at their
timeframe that’s just right for their souls growth so anyway I hope that you
find that helpful it’s rather an intense time for many people for most people
actually on some level and keep going back to your heart you know keep
reminding yourself that you love you do your best take a step outside of
yourself with a situation take that breath in practical terms
someone’s triggering you are you feeling a desperate sense of whatever you know
the ego may try to distract you with and I do have that video I’ll put a link
here physical feelings of anxiety lack shame all of that it arises within us
and then we have that course wanting thought structure that goes with it and
then we’re locked in suddenly in a dark place so you can watch that video if
that resonates but taking a step back take some breath take a breath
do your best to detach in little ways or even in big
ways if you can but if you can’t and in the moment afterwards begin to ask some
questions around it begin to remind yourself that you love you no matter
what’s occurring that you’re safe you’re taking care of always as an eternal soul
you know whenever you can to comfort yourself some Rose tea or chamomile tea
rose quartz at your heart chakra hot-water bottle or some kind of warmth
it’s like a blanket all of this can can remind us that we are cared for as we
care for ourselves so anyway I hope that you find it helpful I wish everyone so
much love and kindness war itself and kindness towards others as well and I
will see you on the next video or over at the podcast where you can listen to
all of these recordings rather than having to sit and watch a
video so much love to you all