what is up everybody and welcome back to the channel for today’s edition of weird item bowling we’ve got lots of cool different items to pull with five rounds here we go so last time we did this Cassie lost and had to run a 5k but then recently I lost a different challenge and I also have to run a 5k GI Joe you haven’t seen the GI Joe lately in a weird item video but what I was saying is for this game whoever loses has to run the 5k in a pink tutu how was the suggestion from Leah our friend that runs the Josh and Cassie fan page Instagram and so we thought it was a pretty funny idea and we’re gonna do it space number three with the GI Joe here we go this poor GI Joe was used in weird item basketball trick shot force with Caleb not that long ago and he lost a leg and some pants so sorry sorry Joe served the country well but you’re not over yet one way to go Kathy is up what are you doing okay that’s these guys ooh play-doh spot number two nice play-doh you can mold it into whatever shape you want whatever you think is gonna knock over the most pins see ya oh shut up oh my god for the win Cassie get a five one two five I am starting out a little bit behind leave a comment right now who do you think is going to win Josh or Cassie leave right now oh no opponents choice Oh for what do you what are you giving me most because I don’t want to use it the fidgets spinner interesting okay see what you got with this fidget Center see it was a good finish dinner with us if you still like but it’s been here sooner we can get them struggling warehouse.com I don’t know I got a ninja star friend oh yeah oh wow come on charging up charging up charging up charging up charging up back up still doing the the jig mini basketball okay pretty easy one really oh my gosh I’m gonna have to run the 5k and have pink tutu no it just can be really embarrassing if you miss probably the easiest object we have today from the closest spot so I’m just trying to put some pressure on you but a split right down the middle interesting decision I was kind of hoping that I would hit them and they read part waters and hit bo3 so there are teams I need something big I’m down by 10 points you ready for that – – come on pinata let’s go what are you gonna do with that I don’t know how far do I need plus any clothes I need clothes I need a one not that heavy I actually think I anyway I think I’m gonna tire right here not quite right but I needed that that was good 10 to 13 you get nervous for my comeback not at all still doing my dance all right oh boy hat toss not what I needed how far there was like a fleeting moment at the beginning of this video that I thought maybe I’d win this time all right if somehow you hit those pins with that hat from space number 6 I will give you 1 million dollars and all wear the tutu in the 5k okay Oh time you got some distance yeah Oh caskets a Z over this round nervous come back time baby come back come back ha juggling Club yes from I don’t even care whatever it is I’m getting some pins breathe I don’t know if you guys know but I’ve been known to throw these somewhat accurately can we just take a second and just remind like can we show the audience the difference between what this is and what that’s true these are not bowling pins no no I get all 10 pins down in this round you got to give this video a thumbs up you guys got to give it a thumbs up duel right now oh yes I feel it thank you guys you’re downcast did can of beans hey you were good with soda last time from how far three let’s see it we went with black beans are you going with the roll technique it did all right oh one oh gosh don’t make a mess so what you get three so what is the score now 22 16 you’re down by four down by four final round everybody I’m a little nervous this could still be anybody’s game if I was to roll on something like that I am glad that someone rolled on it because frankly it makes a good thumbnail but I wishing it was not me in the final round you’ve gotta be thank you felony not good Oh men also this would be an interesting item for a will it juggle episode never mind don’t comment that no way no no no I cannot believe I missed twice in a row just needs five oh no way this is garbage okay no way okay what are you doing no you just go to the bowling ball what a lame ending no it’s a great ending because I’m gonna win all right let’s see it I hope you somehow bro whoa are you nervous number two for all the marbles one two three that’s today’s video everybody it looks like I will be running a 5k while wearing a pink tutu subscribe to the Hill folk song about that once we do it later this month we love you guys make sure you subscribe click that Bell notifications so you know when we post we do Instagram shoutouts every single video here are those to people today thank you for following us just think you following us it’s hard a-port and drug the job on Instagram we’ve got videos every Monday every Wednesday every Saturday every Wednesday we break the world record next Monday is going to be a Willie juggle episode let’s go to the beach