The Welcome Wizard is invoked by clicking into the Help group in the Navigation Bar… and choosing the Welcome Wizard item The popup window is a wizard based dialogue. Next Choose a photo by clicking on the magnifying glass button Click in the top box to open a file picker dialogue where you can choose an image file The chosen image is displayed in the wizard You can view the image by clicking on the open button Open the picker again to choose an image from an internet service You can choose google, amazon, dropbox, facebook or a host of others Next The company profile requests that you set a logo, switchboard telephone number, home page and e-mail address Enter your initials as a prefix for generated reference numbers If you want automated e-mails, enter your mail server address and credentials Enter your buffer social network aggregator account and the address of your twitter, facebook and linkedin feeds All of the available TriSys apps are also listed to help you get the apps onto your devices Click Finish to complete the wizard