When it comes to deck boxes for Magic The Gathering There’s a surprising diversity of choice. Many different companies make many different kinds of deck box. But by far the largest producer of these is Ultra Pro. I’d like to examine only Ultra Pro deck boxes today, with such a wide variety, some are better than others, sometimes by a lot. There’s a few really impressive deck boxes that Ultra Pro makes, and one really bad one. Let’s take a look. This is the standard Deck Box by Ultra Pro, you know this box already, you own this box already. It holds one deck of sleeved cards with sideboard. It’s a tight fit and there’s not a lot
of room for extra cards such as tokens. Average retail price is about three to
four dollars. These are Side Loading Ultra Pro
deck boxes, on average they cost about the same as, same as the top loading boxes, sometimes a little more depending on
your store but they hold, more and it is a little easier to access
your cards. these Side Loaders hold about 85 sleeved
cards, which means you can put in your deck
and sideboard as well as tokens. People who double sleeve can fit a
standard deck plus sideboard something you can’t
do with the Top Loaders. These are sealed with velcro and on rare
occasions the glue holding it disintegrates leaving you with the broken box, this is
rare, however. People usually enjoy buying
artwork that reflects their interests but I would like to point out
that the art easily scratches off and fades away. These boxes are still
fine for holding cards, but as you can see the exterior now
looks more beat up than it really is because the artwork has faded or been scratched off. Maybe this doesn’t
bother you and maybe this hasn’t happened to your specific boxes but it is something that happens to most
of the boxes and I’m just not a fan of the eventual
damaged look that it gives my deck boxes. Solid colors offered by Ultra Pro don’t
scratch or fade, so I usually prefer those. Also the Top Loading boxes have a
tendency to get stretched out if you packed them too tight. This image
isn’t the best but the deck box on the left is more
bulbous than its newer counterpart on the right. This was the result of me packing it too tight with cards. Again, it still works
fine in that it is just a box, but be advised this can happen. So why bother with anything else a box
is a box is a box right? This is the Pro-Dual deck box and I cannot recommended it enough. The
large size holds 180 cards which is more than
enough room for two sleeved decks plus side board plus
token plus a little breathing room. Double
sleeved decks fit with sideboard and token as well again it holds two decks. The best part is
the price which is often only a dollar or two more
than the standard Ultra Pro Top Loader so I always say to
myself when I’m about to buy a Top Loader that for just a few dollars more oftentimes
only one or two dollars more depending on your store I can get a Pro-Dual instead. You know what else is great
about these? if you only put one deck inside than the
second compartment can be used to store dice, tokens and other such things the dice and
tokens will not be displaced if the box is shaken or turned about in your
backpack. They get held securely in the compartment
and I just love having such easy access to them during a tournament.
Now here’s something Ultra Pro does that can
be a little confusing, and also a little frustrating. They offer a slightly smaller Pro-Dual
deck that only holds 120 cards. I do not like this smaller version. First
of all your store probably sells it for about the same price, so you’re not saving any money and
second, 120 card capacity means I can’t fit a standard deck with
sideboard in each compartment. Let’s talk artwork in
colors. As of now these only come in basic colors
like red and blue, green et cetera. They printed a
special City of Brass one in limited numbers to celebrate Modern Masters but there’s no other artwork options
available, at least not yet. While this may soon change I don’t mind
it much. Artwork, as we saw fades and scratches off easily. Put your Planeswalkers in your
deck, not on it. What about a premium deck box? Well, you might be pointed in the
direction of the Ultra Pro Mana Flip box. This is an expensive item, often costing over fifteen dollars for
single box. I’m not a fan of the design but maybe
you like the way it looks. Even if the design appeals to and the price doesn’t bother you there’s
a critical error with this box and that’s the latch, the magnetic latch. A magnetic latch is a bad idea because
just a little shake and your cards go flying. I’d hate for my deck to end up on my floor or all over the
inside of my backpack or trunk or, man, imagine popped open my you’re walking down the
street and went flying all over the pavement. Also I find getting my deck into and out
of these to be very difficult and awkward. It isn’t real
leather, its faux leather and it only holds 100 cards. I understand wanting a fancy looking deck
box possibly for something special like your
pimped out EDH deck but this isn’t what I’d get. I’ll show you
what deluxe Ultra Pro box i’d get in just a moment
but first let’s take a quick look at a great budget
alternative for EDH players. This is the Ultra Pro Pro-Deck box and if you think having one line of boxes
called Pro Dual Deck boxes and another called Pro-Deck boxes is confusing, well you’re not alone. But this is a great box for EDH
players it holds well over a hundred cards, which
means you can put your sleeved EDH deck in here and still have room for
tons, and I do mean tons of tokens and other such
additional cards. this box will hold a double sleeved EDH deck, no velcro to come loose. And, isn’t gonna open on accident. Best
of all, it costs about 5 bucks. Now watch out there’s an older, slightly
smaller version that holds exactly 100 cards. I don’t think there’s
too many of these floating around anymore. Ultra Pro seems to have favored the hundred
plus model, but do be aware they originally made
these smaller. The smaller still holds an EDH deck but
not much else. Again these both only come basic colours. Alright, so what do I recommend for the
player who wants a deluxe box? This. The Ultra Pro Satin Tower. I love this thing, hard exterior that separates into three
smaller sections, the bottom holds a handful of dice and
counters which is awesome. The top doubles as a separate
compartment for your sideboard. or other things. Best of all, it holds over a hundred cards, meaning you can put
a double sleeved EDH deck inside. How much does it cost? 10 dollars on average. I’ve seen it for a little less and a
little more but basically the Satin Tower costs you 10 bucks. I love this thing, the price is right the
compartments are fabulous, the hard shell looks nice,
feels great, it’s not gonna open accidentally,
It’ll hold a double sleeved EDH deck. It’s just a fabulous deluxe box. I cannot recommend
it enough Once again, Ultra Pro does like to
confuse its customers so they also offer a deluxe tower that looks nothing like this one, and does not function like
it all. If you want this tower you’re looking
for the Satin Tower by Ultra Pro. Once again, Ultra Pro only offers these in basic
colors: no illustrations, no Planeswalkers, you’re getting red, white, blue, green, black. I cannot recommend the Satin Tower enough for a deluxe deck box. The price is right, the quality is amazing. There’s still dozens of different deck boxes out there there’s not enough time to review them all but I’m happy to try. Out of the Ultra Pro lineup that we
looked at today I’m a big fan of both the Pro-Dual deck
box and the Ultra Pro Satin Tower. I dislike strongly the Ultra Pro Mana Flip box with the fake leather, the high-price and the terrible magnetic
seal. Top Loaders, Side Loaders are fine a Side
Loader for me is preferable to the Top Loader because it holds a few more cards, but
considering the fabulous Pro-Dual deck box is often just a dollar or two more and honestly, I have seen them at about the
same price. I just don’t see why I would buy a Top
Loader when I could get the Pro-Dual instead.
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